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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.


Meet our staff

Mrs Sarah Patterson


Mrs Patterson is our headteacher and Lead Learner. She joined us in April 2017 bringing a range of experience at leadership level spanning 17 years. Mrs Patterson has taught in schools across the south of England and is also a School Evaluation Partner for Dorset schools.

Mrs Laura Lombard

Deputy Headteacher 

Mrs Lombard is deputy head and is a member of the Senior Leadership Team. She holds responsibility for teaching & learning and assessment across the school. Mrs Lombard is our Designated Safeguarding Lead. She is also a Specialist Leader of Education and has worked in schools in London and Dorset.

Mrs Lombard is currently on maternity leave and Mrs Harris (see below) is covering Mrs Lombard's leadership role. 

Mrs Sam Harris

Acting Deputy Headteacher 

Mrs Harris is our acting deputy head, taking over from Mrs Lombard who is now on maternity leave. Mrs Harris has many years' experience as a Senior Leader and Deputy Head in Dorset schools. She has expertise in SEND and Pupil Premium, and is a member of our safeguarding team. Mrs Harris usually works on Wednesdays, Thursday and Fridays. 

Mrs Amy Belcher 

Assistant Headteacher 

Mrs Belcher joined us in September 2017 and teaches Year 1/2 Seahorse class alongside Mrs Boucher. She is our Assistant Head, Pastoral Lead and a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Mrs Belcher is our Pupil Premium Champion and is also our Worship Lead. 

Mrs Joanna Messenger


Mrs Messenger joined St. Andrew's in September 2016 and is our Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo). Mrs Messenger is currently on maternity leave and Mr Spokes is acting SENCo in her absence.  

Mr Adam Spokes


Mr Spokes teaches our Reception Shrimp Class. He is our EYFS Pod Leader and is responsible for maths alongside Miss Randall. He joined St Andrew’s in September 2013.

 Mr Spokes is currently our acting SENCo whilst Mrs Messenger is on maternity leave. 

Mrs Nicki Saunders

Pre-School Lead 

Mrs Saunders joined us in September 2017 and is our pre-school leader. 

Mrs Tracey Sales

Early Years Teacher

Mrs Sales joined us in April 2020. She teaches our Reception Shrimp class alongside Mr Spokes. 

Mrs Jenny Mitchell

Early Years Teacher

Mrs Mitchell joined St Andrew’s in September 2002 and is part of a job share team in Reception Octopus Class. She has responsibility for RE across the school. Mrs Mitchell currently works on Thursdays, Fridays and alternate Mondays. 

Mrs Lucy Rose

Early Years Teacher

Mrs Rose joined us in September 2016 and is the other 'half' of the job share team in Octopus class. Mrs Rose runs and monitors some of our KS1 'nurture' work. Mrs Rose currently works Tuesdays, Wednesdays and alternate Mondays. 

Miss Danielle Roberts

KS1 Pod Lead 

Miss Roberts joined us in September 2018 as Stingray class teacher, and has stuck with Stingrays ever since! She is our KS1 Pod Leader and is responsible for standards and progress within Years 1 and 2. She also leads Science along with Mrs Johnstone. 

Miss Hannah Cook

KS1 Teacher 

Miss Cook started her career at St Andrew's as a Teaching Assistant. After teacher training we were delighted that she chose to return to us! She teaches our Year 1/2 Turtle Class. 

Mrs Lisa Boucher

KS1 teacher 

Mrs Boucher joined St Andrew’s in September 2003 and teaches Y1/2 Seahorse class with Mrs Belcher. She is responsible for Sport and PE across the school. 

Miss Kelly Randall

Lower KS2 Pod Lead 

Miss Randall teaches our Year 3/4 Dolphin Class. She is our Lower KS2 Pod Leader and is responsible for standards and progress within Y3 and Y4. She joined St Andrew’s in September 2014. Miss Randall leads maths across the school, alongside Mr Spokes. 

Mrs Rachel Startin

Year 3/4 teacher 

Mrs Startin joined St Andrew's way back in 1993! She teaches Y3/4 Seals and is responsible for the teaching and learning of music, and also leads Geography. 

Miss Natasha Stewart

Year 3/4 teacher 

We're very excited to welcome Miss Stewart back to St Andrew's in September 2020 after she completed a teacher training placement with us! She teaches our Year 3/4 Penguin Class. 

Mr Dan Cain

Upper KS2 Pod Lead

Mr Cain teaches our Year 6 Swordfish class. He is the Upper KS2 Pod Leader, and is responsible for standards and progress within Y5 and Y6. He joined St Andrew’s in September 2013. Mr Cain also leads English.

Ms Karen Johnstone

Year 5 teacher 

Ms. Karen Johnstone joined St. Andrew’s as an NQT in September 2000. She teaches Year 5 Orca class and is currently responsible for Science alongside Miss Roberts.

Miss Sara Lyndley

Year 5 teacher

Miss Lyndley teaches Year 5 Shark class on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Miss Lyndley currently leads Modern Foreign Languages, and PSRE. 

Mr Paul Warren

Year 5 teacher 

Mr Warren has been part of the team since April 2000; he teaches Y5 on Thursdays and Fridays. Mr Warren has responsibility for computing. 

Miss Amy Moreton

Year 6 teacher  

Miss Moreton joined us in September 2018. She teaches Year 6, Snapper class and leads computing alongside Mr Warren. 


Mrs Susie Stone


This year Mrs Stone is teaching PE to Lower Key Stage Two (Y3 and Y4) 

Admin Team

Mrs Lorraine Lawson

Administrative Officer 

Mrs Jane Easton

Administrative Assistant 

Mrs Sarah Parnell

Administrative Assistant 

Mr Chris Pedder

Hub Business Manager 

Mrs Claire Pearce

Hub HR Administrator

Miss Melanie Brind

Finance Officer

Support Staff

Ms Sally Elsworth


Mrs Kris Hazel

Cover Supervisor 

Mrs Jackie Rose

Cover Supervisor 

Miss Farron Aitken

Teaching assistant

Mrs Lesley Bell

SENSS Teaching assistant 

Mrs Adele Coventry

Teaching assistant 

Mrs Sandra Francis

Pupil Premium Teaching assistant 

Miss Kirsty Goodwin

Speech and Language Teaching assistant 

Miss Gemma Harris 

Teaching assistant 

Mrs Paula Lack

Teaching assistant 

Mrs Meegan Ling

Teaching assistant

Mrs Angie Roberts

Teaching assistant 

Mrs Lisa Tidy

Teaching assistant - pre-school

Mrs Zoe White

Teaching assistant 

Mrs Megan Bowkett

Pre-School Teaching assistant and SENCo

Miss Jolanta Krol

Teaching assistant

Miss Marlena Cuipak

Pre-school assistant

Midday Staff

Mrs Sue Hope

Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs Jane Bintley

Midday Supervisor

Mrs Grace Bishop

Midday Supervisor

Mrs Debbie Newens

Midday Supervisor

After School Care

Mrs Debbie Newens

After School Care Leader

Mrs Rachel Abel

After School Care Assistant 

Sue Hope

After School Care Admin

Breakfast Club

Miss Theresa Clayton 

Maintenance Team

Mr Mark Sorokopud

Site Manager

Mrs Grace Bishop



Mrs Marcia Headon

Chair of Governors

Voluntary Helpers

Mrs J Nicholas

Mrs C Rodari