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Year 5 - Shark class

Welcome to Shark Class!

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Shark class is taught by Miss Lyndley and Mr Warren this year. Mr Warren will be doing a Thursday. We are also lucky to have Miss Scriven and Mrs Francis in class with us.

On a Tuesday afternoon, the class will be taught by Mrs Rose and Mrs Stone. 


Dates for your diary:  Thursday 21st November - London trip for our next topic of Pharoahs. This will be an amazing chance to see the real Tutankhamun treasures which will be on display at the Saatchi Gallery. We will also visit the Egyptian section of the British Museum. 



This half term our topic is Stargazers  


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This half term our exciting topic is called Stargazers. We will journey up beyond the clouds and the sun to explore space. We will be investigating the planets in our solar system - Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune and their orbital place in relation to the sun. We shall also be looking closely at the celestial body circling the Earth - the moon. We will be learning about the relationship between the moon and the Earth and why night and day occur. We will also be looking at gravity and other forces.

Exploring Earth is one of the greatest adventures mankind has ever undertaken and has endless opportunities for learning. 


Vocabulary that all children should know, understand and use by the end of the topic:

Earth, sun, moon, axis, rotation, day, night, phases of the moon, constellation, star, solar system, shadow, orbit, planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, sphere, revolve, spin, sunrise, sunset, light source.


To start the topic we had an exciting impact day where we all had a turn visiting the amazing planetarium. The children made up some pneumonics to help them learn the order of the planets. They made rocket mice and attempted to fire them as far as possible. They looked at how they could make this a fair test in their groups to see whose went the furthest.

Week beginning 7th October


Spellings to learn for this week are:


attached, communicate,

environment, excellent, interfere





the spelling pattern of the week:  words ending in the sound ‘shus’ with a spelling of –cious:

vicious, precious, conscious, delicious, malicious.


Homework for w/c 7th October


Complete the tasks set on Mathletics

Practise your times tables on TT rockstars


Spellings for week commencing 30th September 2019 - to be tested on Monday 7th


according, apparent, determined, equipment, privilege


ambitious, cautious, fictitious, infectious, nutritious. 


Can you think of any synonyms of these words?

Can you think of a clever way to remember these spellings?


Remember: Next Thursday 10th October is #HelloYellow Day. Letters have been sent home and the letter is also posted on the 'Latest News' section of our website which can be located under the 'Parents' drop down tab. Children can wear something yellow with their uniform (or all yellow) that day! We will be talking about ways to try and stay positive and talk about the importance of being/staying mentally fit and well as well as being/staying physically fit and well.

Week beginning 16th September 2019


In English we explored the meaning of figurative language and looked at a range of poems.

We looked at examples of metaphors, similes, onomatopoeia, hyperbole, personification, and alliteration then the class came up with some of their own linked to the topic. Maybe your child could share some of their ideas of these with you. 


In maths we are looking at pace value of numbers to 100,000 and different ways of representing them. Children need to be able to read the numbers accurately too - something that could be practised at home - for example read this number to me 48,679 - forty eight thousand, six hundred and seventy nine.

Picture 1

Friday 13th September


The children have had a fantastic start to the school year and have settled really well into their new class. We have been impressed at their attitudes and their team work. This first week and a half has been spent getting to know each other. We have looked at the St Andrew's Way and how we can ensure we uphold that. 





Your child has a mathletics account which can be accessed on any internet linked tablet, ipad phone or PC.


Pleae encourage your child to try to earn at least 1000 points each week. 1000 points earns a bronze certificate; four bronzes leads to a silver and four silvers is rewarded with the ultra-rare GOLLLLLLLLLLLLLDD certificate..... if your child earns one of these they get to do the Shark Lucky Dip too as well as getting a special mention in worship!

Starfish system


All children collect stars. These will link to bronze, silver and gold iron-on patches for their school uniform.






P.E  will be on a Monday and Tuesday so please make sure full PE kit is in school for these days. 

The first half of the Autumn term there will be an additional PE based lesson on a Thursday and the children will need their full PE kits for this.

The children are lucky to have Mrs Stone for outdoor P.E. on a Tuesday. Miss Lyndley will take the indoor session on a Monday. 


Year 5 and 6 spelling lists

The Years 5 & 6 English curriculum



St Andrew's Autumn Term Home Learning Activities!

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