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St Andrew's CE Primary School

Making a difference; for good, with each other, everyone, in our community

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Year 5 - Shark class

Welcome to Shark Class!

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Shark class is taught by Miss Lyndley and Mr Warren this year. Mr Warren will be teaching Thursdays. We are also lucky to have Miss Scriven and Mrs Francis in class with us.

On a Tuesday afternoon, the class will be taught by Mrs Rose and Mrs Stone. 


Dates for your diary:  

Please now pay any remaining balance for our exciting PGL trip - this can be paid in one lump sum or in installments. The balance should be fully paid please by the 14th February (where possible).

Monday 9th March 2020 to Wednesday 11th March 2020 - Residential at PGL Osmington.

Spring dates allow us to offer the trip at a reduced rate.



This half term our topic is ID 


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This half term our exciting topic is called ID


It's all about 'me' being 'me! 


Who are you?  What makes 

We have things in common with other people but we are all also wonderfully unique. 

From your fingerprints and footprints, to your genes and DNA, everything about you is unique to you. Do you look like your mum or your dad, or even like an aunt or uncle? Why is that? 

This half term we will explore the world of human identity and how our unique features can be used to tell us apart from others or help to solve crime!

What is the best thing about being you? Remember to love being you! Why? Because there's only one you: you're one of a kind!


Fun Fact: 

  • The distance between your elbow and your wrist is roughly equal to the length of your foot!


Weekly spellings will be listed here..

Spellings should be practised at at least five different times of the week rather than once, to ensure thorough learning. 



Spellings for test on Friday 7/02/20:


Year 3/4 spellings: persuade, prejudice


Year 5/6 spellings: peculiar, perhaps, position


Phonic focus - 'p' sound at start, medial and end - pad, pat, map, sap, ape, cape, shape, happy

(plus high frequency: have, that)


Spelling pattern: words containing the letter string 'ough' (when does the sound it makes change?):


                                                 rough, tough, enough, cough, trough


Make sure you know what they all mean and which word classes they are!


You should aim to learn them thoroughly and get over 50% correct.

This term, children who score lower will be expected to do extra work on the ones they have misspelt. 

Weekly Overview



Week beginning 03/02/20


English: In English last week, the children have been developing their own settings and wrote narratives based one of the books we are reading in class. They have been looking at how to create atmosphere in a setting and have been including figurative speech to help them create mood. They have also been looking at how using our senses helps create atmosphere. 

Next, we will be moving on to diary writing. 


Maths: We will be exploring equivalent fractions and moving on to mixed and improper fractions. There will be related homework set on Mathletics and stars will be given for the highest participation scores. 


Science - Biology focus - Evolution and Inheritance. this week we focussed on how we inherit characterisitics from our parents and other ancestors, although we are never exactly the same! Vocabulary that was important was: inherit, inheritance, hereditary, genes, reproduce and offspring. We learnt about Gregor Mendel, who found out inheritance was not just simply mixing characterisitics together and how information was passed down through DNA. The children enjoyed drawing offspring that might result from Mr. Men and Little Miss parents.



Friday 24th January:

Today, children have brought home a letter explaining reading in KS2 as well as a reading record which needs to be filled in. Also, there is a letter asking children to write down their favourite author and book and what they like about the book.  Here's a copy of the letter.

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Great start to the term


What a fantastic first week back! 


We started the week looking at our school vision of making a difference and how we can have an impact on different levels: local, national and even global. The children came up with some excellent ideas on how they can make a difference - for example: tidying up, laying the table and washing up at home; helping others at school, explaining things to someone in a lesson; reducing plastic use, picking up litter, reducing pollution. The children made an excellent start to contemplating this incredibly important vision. 


I am sure you have heard all about our impact day for the start of out topic! Solving the mystery of who trashed Mr Cain's classroom. We had some excellent detective work with children looking at what clues they actually had, theories of who could have done it and how along with some excellent questioning skills and fingerprint taking. 


The year 5s will be becoming a part of a very exciting programme this year with the aim of becoming Global Youth Ambassadors. This links beautifully with our vision of making a difference. We will link with a school in China before the end of the Spring Term which will add a wonderful dimension to the children's thinking and knowledge of the globe. Friday afternoon was spent doing some art related to China - some children made fans, some made Chinese hats, some drew pictures of pandas or vases with cherry blossom in and some had a go at writing Chinese characters. I am really looking forward to delving deeper into this with the children. We will soon have a couple of representatives from the programme visit us to tell us a lot more. Exciting! We were lucky to have Mrs Wright from China with us for a couple of days this week - the children were very excited to learn a bit about China and even learnt how to count to 10 in Chinese.



Overview of this half term


Welcome back. I hope you have all had a wonderful two weeks. 


We will start  the term off by spending the first day back on our school vision and looking at how we can make a difference in the community - from our local community to the global community. 

Wednesday will be the start to our new topic of ID.


For the first 3 weeks in maths we will be looking at multiplication and division:  

Multiply 4-digits by 1-digit, eg 2435 X 3

Multiply 2-digits by 2-digits, eg 36 X 17

Multiply 3-digits by 2-digits, eg 453 X 23

Multiply 4-digits by 2-digits, eg 8765 X 42

Divide 4-digits by 1-digit, eg 5487 ÷ 3

Divide with remainders, eg 3657 ÷ 4


During week 4, will then move on to fractions:

Equivalent fractions

Improper fractions to mixed numbers

Mixed numbers to improper fractions

Number sequences

Compare and order fractions less than 1

Compare and order fractions greater than 1

Add and subtract fractions


Remember you all have Mathletics and TTRockstars accounts which you are hopefully using regularly at home. 


In English we will spend the first 3 weeks looking at narrative writing. We have an exciting story to read alongside this. We will look at descriptive writing, describing characters, setting and atmosphere. We will be incorporating dialogue and figurative language. Editing will continue to be a regular part of English.  

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Picture 2

w/c 7th October



Remember: Next Thursday 10th October is #HelloYellow Day. Letters have been sent home and the letter is also posted on the 'Latest News' section of our website which can be located under the 'Parents' drop down tab. Children can wear something yellow with their uniform (or all yellow) that day! We will be talking about ways to try and stay positive and talk about the importance of being/staying mentally fit and well as well as being/staying physically fit and well.

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Friday 13th September


The children have had a fantastic start to the school year and have settled really well into their new class. We have been impressed at their attitudes and their team work. This first week and a half has been spent getting to know each other. We have looked at the St Andrew's Way and how we can ensure we uphold that. 





Your child has a mathletics account which can be accessed on any internet linked tablet, ipad phone or PC.


Pleae encourage your child to try to earn at least 1000 points each week. 1000 points earns a bronze certificate; four bronzes leads to a silver and four silvers is rewarded with the ultra-rare GOLLLLLLLLLLLLLDD certificate..... if your child earns one of these they get to do the Shark Lucky Dip too as well as getting a special mention in worship!

Starfish system


All children collect stars. These will link to bronze, silver and gold iron-on patches for their school uniform.






P.E  will be on a Tuesday and Friday so please make sure full PE kit is in school for these days. 

The children are lucky to have Mrs Stone for outdoor P.E. on a Tuesday. Miss Lyndley will take the indoor session on a Friday. 


Year 5 and 6 spelling lists

The Years 5 & 6 English curriculum



St Andrew's Autumn Term Home Learning Activities!

Check out this link to the Book Trust's Great Books Guide!