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Year 5 - Orca Class


Week 7 October 19th 2020

Mrs. Johnstone will be teaching you from Monday - Thursday.

Mr. Warren will be in class on Friday.


This is our final week of the first half of the Autumn term and it has been a great half term, as we got to know each other and enjoyed a range of learning experiences, which helped showcase the range of strengths and talents there are in Orca class.  


Spelling are below - given out on Friday and tested the following Friday.  

Mathletics assignments have been set for homework focusing on place value.

Orca pupils are also expected to read regularly and make at least three entries in their reading diaries as part of homework, each week.  


Please ensure children have waterproof coats, wellies and wear old, outdoor clothes on Wednesday for when we go to the Nature Garden and take part in Forest School activities.

Take a look at the photos in the gallery of us playing our woodland sound systems, climbing trees and other activities.


Wishing you all a fabulous final Week 7 and a happy half term break!









Orcas Autumn Timetable

Our topic is: Off with Her Head!

Week beginning: 12/10/20


Reading -  we continue to read and respond to 'The Secret of Platform 13' by Eva Ibottson. Well done to those children who are reading it aloud in class. We looked at how to summarise passages this week.


English - we wrote our non-chronological reports that explored: What sort of man would behead his wife and why? We tried to use fronted adverbials and relative clauses in our reports, to add detail from our notes.  


Maths - we focused on negative numbers and learnt about the importance of including the zero, when jumping up and down on a number line and when finding differences between negative and positive numbers. We also discussed different scenarios when we would use negative numbers and knowing what the zero boundary means e.g. freezing point of water and sea-level.


Science -  the circulatory system continued - we focused on the functions (role) of the heart, blood and blood vessels - and created some raps to explain our learning, using the 'lub, dub' double beat sound as our main rhythm. This sound is created when the valves of the heart snap shut. Ask your child if you want to learn more! 


For more information of the key learning expectations for this topic, view the knowledge organiser and glossary below.


RE - revisiting the creation story. 


History - learning about King Henry VIII's 'great matter' and building our understanding of why he had six wives. Was he driven by his overriding desire to have a son and heir to the throne?


PE -  we went to the MUGA on Monday and applied our netball skills in modified games, using the netball goal posts, which we can set up independently now. On Tuesday, on the field, we used our batting, bowling and fielding skills in modified games,  


Art - portraits skills.

Science Documents

Useful Websites:



TT Rockstars:

Mash: (user/password as TTR)

 Accelerated Reader:






Dates for your diary:


We hope to arrange a week of exciting and diverse day trips in the Spring Term 2021.

Subtraction Posters

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