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Year 3/4 - Seal class

Welcome to Seal Class 2019/2020!


Your class teacher is Mrs Startin.

We have Mrs Hazel for support in the mornings and Mrs Boucher will teach sometimes on a Thursday.


Our first topic is:



We look forward to learning about and handling some predatory animals on Monday 16th September!

We have PE on a Wednesday and a Friday. 

This term we have also have extra PE on a Thursday-Project Touchline.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Week: 6.  Monday 21st October

                                      Year 3/4 Spelling Homework.

Every Monday the children in Year 3/4 will be given 10 spellings to learn. They will be tested on the Friday of that week.

Please learn the following ten spellings for a test on: Thursday 24th October.

The spelling pattern (for the last 6 words on the list below) this week is the suffix –tion.


1 Naughty

2 Ordinary

3 Peculiar

4 Possible

5 Question

6 Adoration

7 Admiration

8 Celebration

9 Conversation

10 Imagination

W/C Monday 14th October 2019.


This week we have been working hard again.


In English, we read 'The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs'. Then, we used role-play to act as the Wolf and a Police Officer to discuss whether the Wolf was guilty or not guilty. We studied features of a newspaper report ready and wrote a report on the story.


In topic, we have been designing and drawing an ultimate predator!

We thought carefully about the features of predators that make them effective and we tried to include these in our designs.


In maths, we have been learning about addition and subtraction. The year 3 children have been focusing on adding and subtracting 1s, 10s and 100s and noticing patterns. The year 4 children have been adding and subtracting 1s, 10s, 100s, and 1000s and noticing patterns.



The sheet that will be sent home on Friday 18th October 2019 will be double-sided.

Year 3 have their spellings and 3x tables to learn.

Year 4 have their spellings and 6x tables to learn.


Please remember that it is our Topic Showcase next Thursday 24th October. We will welcome parents into school from 2:15pm to celebrate our learning this half term with you. 

Spelling List - LCWC (Look, Cover, Write, Check) sheet.

Week: 5.  Monday 14th October

                                      Year 3/4 Spelling Homework.

Every Monday the children in Year 3/4 will be given 10 spellings to learn. They will be tested on the Friday of that week.

Please learn the following ten spellings for a test on: Friday 18th October.

The spelling pattern (for the last 5 words on the list below) this week is the suffix –tion.

1 business,

2 certain,

3 decide,

4 consider,

5 important,

6 invention,

7 investigation,

8 injection,

9 creation,

 10 direction.

W/C Monday 7th October 2019

The children have been observing different birds of prey, learning about them and creating beautiful drawings and paintings of them this week in art lessons. We have lots of budding artists in our year 3 / 4 cohort!


It has been fascinating learning about frogs in our science lessons this week.

The children have been busy re-telling the story of Akimbo in English lessons and they have been showing off their writing talents using expanded noun phrases, dialogue and prepositions in their writing.


In maths the children have been continuing to work hard on place value and ordering numbers. The children have all been given their Mathletics log-ins now. Please can children use Mathletics to continue their maths learning out of school?


The children are using Accelerated Reader to support their reading. They have been selecting books from the library based on  the colours that they have been given. after completing some comprehension tasks on the computer. Please continue to read as much as you can and as often as you can at home.

Week: 4.  Monday 7th October

                                      Year 3/4 Spelling Homework.

Every Monday the children in Year 3/4 will be given 10 spellings to learn. They will be tested on the Friday of that week.

Please learn the following ten spellings for a test on: Friday 11th October.

The spelling pattern for the first 7 words this week is the suffix – able

1 comfortable

2 changeable

3 affordable

4 adorable

5 capable

6 believable

7 breathable

8 breath

9 breathe

10 believe

W/C Monday 30th September 2019.


It has been another busy week at St Andrew's this week! The children have been learning all about animal skeletons and muscles. They have been researching raptors, as well as drawing and learning about their food chains. In English lessons the children have been listening to The Akimbo Adventures and following the events in the story which has taken them into the heart of Africa, onto a nature reserve with the wild animals, and introduced them to range of different characters. 


The children have been learning about expanded noun phrases,  fronted adverbials and how to correctly punctuate speech in English lessons. In maths lessons they have been learning more about place value and ordering numbers. Please can all pupils keep learning their time tables! The quicker and more confident their recall of their multiplication facts - the easier other areas of maths will become over the following weeks.


The children are still enjoying their tag rugby workshops led by Project Touchline and they have been thinking about ways in which they can demonstrate our school values both on and off of the pitch. It has been wonderful to see their enthusiasm and eagerness to get out there in all weather conditions and work together as a team. 


The children have been working on various pieces of art work linked to their work with Project Touchline. We will be selecting pieces to go on display next Thursday - there is still time to do more at home! The children are working towards their awards: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. 


Remember: Next Thursday 10th October is #HelloYellow Day. Letters have been sent home and the letter is also posted on the 'Latest News' section of our website which can be located under the 'Parents' drop down tab. Children can wear something yellow with their uniform (or all yellow) that day! We will be talking about ways to try and stay positive and talk about the importance of being/staying mentally fit and well as well as being/staying physically fit and well. 

W/C Monday 23/09/19.

Topic, including English:

This week the children have been working  hard on their research skills in IT lessons to record information and fun facts about various predators that they have been interesting in finding out about. In English lessons they planned their own reports on these animals and they thought about the key features of non-chronological reports from last week's learning when they did this. Finally, the children have gone onto write their reports out in neat and have published these in their Cornerstones Topic Books. 


The children have been learning about fossils and are taking part in some science investigations this week to learn more about how water is transported around plants. Photos will be added next week!



The Y3 children have been learning how to + and - 1, 10, 100 from any number. 

The Y4 children have been learning how to + and - 1000 from any number. 

They have been placing numbers on number lines and reasoning why numbers go where they do.


Please can children keep learning their times tables so that they can quickly and confidently recall these facts. Children should know all of their times tables by the end of year 4. 


Project Touchline

The children have been doing really well in Project Touchline Lessons developing both rugby skills and skills in so many different areas at the same time. They have shown perseverance, trust, love and respect for one another in lessons. It has been wonderful seeing them cheer each other on and shake hands with each other in the games that they have played. Today there was a focus on ball skills and they have persevered to try and master some quite tricky challenges. Well done everyone!


Polite reminder:

Please make sure that your child brings in a waterproof coat everyday so that they do not get wet on the playground. 

Please make sure that your child brings in their full PE kit, including spare socks and outside footwear e.g. trainers (no studs) to enable them to take part fully in outdoor PE lessons. We go out in all weathers! 


Thank you!

Finally, the children have been wonderful ambassadors for our school this week and when Mr Andrew from Project Touchline led worship we were so impressed with their behaviour and listening skills that every child was awarded a starfish. There wasn't a single sound - the hall was in complete peace and quiet waiting for worship to begin today. 



Week: 3.  Monday 30th September

                                      Year 3/4 Spelling Homework.

Every Monday the children in Year 3/4 will be given 10 spellings to learn. They will be tested on the Friday of that week.

Please learn the following ten spellings for a test on: Friday 4th October.


The spelling pattern this week is the suffix: -ous.

1 dangerous

2 enormous

3 fabulous


5 famous 

6 various



9 busy

10  believe 


Week: 2.  Monday 23rd September

                                      Year 3/4 Spelling Homework.

Every Monday the children in Year 3/4 will be given 10 spellings to learn. They will be tested on the Friday of that week.

Please learn the following ten spellings for a test on: Friday 27th September

The spelling pattern this week is the suffix: -ly.

1 actual

2 actually

3 accidentally

4 occasionally

5 probably

6 simply

7 finally

8 completely

9 horribly

10 gently

Week: 1.  Monday 16th September

                                      Year 3/4 Spelling Homework.

Every Monday the children in Year 3/4 will be given 10 spellings to learn. They will be tested on the Friday of that week.

Please learn the following ten spellings for a test on: Friday 20th September

1) various

2) group

3) favourite

4) experience

5) different

6) bravely

7) nervously

8) happily

9) enjoyment

10) excitement

W/C Monday 16th September.

What an exciting week it has been! The children have been learning all about predators and prey this week. Ask them to talk to you about producers, consumers (including primary, secondary and tertiary), apex consumers and decomposers. The children thought about different diets that animals and humans have.  They also went onto learning more about the food chain and had fun creating chains deciding what eats what!

In English this week the children have been researching various insects including spiders! They have been learning about the key features found in information texts. They practised including these key features when they created a fact page all about spiders!

In maths this week the children have been focusing on 10s, 100s, and 1000s. They have been working hard and sharing what they notice about patterns.


The children continue to enjoy the Project Touchline Worship and lessons that they have been having. The children have also been drawing and painting pictures about the Christian values that they have been using in these lessons.


Well done to everyone who brought in their PE kits and a water bottle this week!

Remember to bring in a healthy snack (fruit or vegetables) for break time.

W/C 09/09/19

We have just finished our first whole week back in school after the summer holiday! We have been busy! This week we have been getting to know each other even better and developing friendships within our new class. In maths, we have spent time establishing basic expectations and explored how we handle the maths manipulatives that help us learn (such as dienes, cuisenaire and numicon). We used the resources to demonstrate our understanding of place value. In English we carried out our first assessed independent writing task using a video clip that was shared across the school. Some children had some very imaginative ideas to create their own stories. 


We are all taking part in the Daily Mile challenge - going out at least twice a week this term, building up to 3x a week in the Spring term until we are going out every day. This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to take part and enjoy the fresh air and improve their well being by being outdoors. The children will have the opportunity to walk, jog or run it.

W/C Monday 8th July

The Native Americans enjoyed sharing stories so this week the children have been working hard drafting, editing and improving their own myths this week. They finished the week by reading these to each other.

We had all had an exciting morning on Tuesday when we visited our new classes. From September we will be mixed class of year 3/4, we will be in: Penguin, Dolphin or Seal Class from September.

Today we had a delicious opportunity to do some food tasting. It is also open after school today. Parents can pop in at 3pm with your children to taste the foods on offer!


In RWI spelling lessons this week we have been learning about the spelling pattern: - ture.  We will have a test on: Monday 15th July 2019.


W/C Monday 1st July  

This week the children have completed their wonderful weaving. Photos to follow soon! In English lessons they have been studying two myths, The Spider Woman and The Boy Who Caught the Sun.  The children went onto plan their own myths.

In maths we have been doing some investigations and collecting data. We then put the data into graphs and wrote about what the data showed us.

Please keep practising your year 3/ 4 words.


Dreamcatchers 1
Dreamcatchers 2
Dreamcatchers 3
Dreamcatchers 4
Dreamcatchers 5
Dreamcatchers 6
Dreamcatchers 7
Dreamcatchers 8
Dreamcatchers 9

Home Learning - set Friday 28th June.

Home Learning - set Friday 28th June. 1 The children will bring this sheet home today.

W/C Monday 24th June 2019


Topic Work:

We have finished our wonderful Dreamcatchers. Please look at the gallery below to see our creations. 



This week we have been predicting what will happen next to Omri and Little Bull in the story, 'The Indian in the Cupboard.' We have been learning about characters' feelings in our Teaching of Reading book: 'Fantastic Mr Fox'.



We are working hard on learning our times tables. We need to keep practising our 3x, 4x and 8x tables. Well done to everyone who has been persevering with these! We have been using Mathletics as much as possible this week and lots of children are improving their scores. Congratulations to all of the children who have won certificates. 


we have been learning about electricity and making circuits in our science lessons this week. We used lightbulbs and buzzers to make our circuits more interesting! 


Sports Day (next week)

Next week will be Sports Day afternoon for LKS2 on Tuesday 3rd July.  We hope to see you there!

Please ensure that all children bring in a named sun hat, a named water bottle, their PE kits with appropriate footwear (plimsoles/ trainers and a spare pair of socks) into school on Tuesday. Also, it might be a good idea to bring some sun-cream  (named) for Sports Day if it is hot!





Road Trip USA! Our Topic Showcase will be on Friday 19th July, 2:30pm.

Road Trip USA! Our Topic Showcase will be on Friday 19th July, 2:30pm.  1 Our Topic Showcase will be on Friday 19th July.

Homework this week... Set: Friday 21st June 2019.

1) We are sending home a maths sheet: 'Multiplying a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number' today for the children to work through. 

2) Children still need to practise their times tables, especially 3x, 4x and 8x, so that they are more confident at recalling these multiplication facts. 

3) Please use Mathletics as much as you can - it is set so that the children need work through questions on time before working on other areas of maths.


Spelling Homework.

This week the children have been learning about the spelling rule/pattern: Adding the suffix –ous.

Please learn to spell the following words for the Speed Spell test on Monday.

  1. Famous
  2. Enormous
  3. Fabulous
  4. Nervous
  5. Generous

Next week is Mathletics Week! 

W/C Monday 17th June 2019.


This week we have been working hard on our topic 'Road Trip USA!'


We have been studying Native American artwork and we have been practising how to add texture and tone to our sketches by using different shading techniques and adding further line detail. 



We have been learning more about the Iroquois people.We have been learning about the longhouses that they lived in. 



In science lessons we are learning about electricity and circuits this week. 



We have been solving word problems in maths lessons this week. We have been thinking about our learning and about what we needed to do to solve the problems. We are going to be doing more work on multiplication later in the week.


In our English lessons we have been planning and writing our diary entries in role as Omri, from our class story, 'The Indian in the cupboard.'

W/C 10th June 2019


This week was the first week of our new topic, ‘Road Trip USA!’


We started with a memorable experience visiting and naming the different states of America. We started locating the states on a map and thinking about where each one is.



We were learning about the native people of America, the Iroquois. We looked at pictures of the longhouses that they lived in and started to draw pictures of these from our observations.



We started doing further research into the Native Americans and we recorded this in our topic books using headings and sub-headings.



We have been learning to add and subtract using efficient methods, the formal column methods for both.

Vision Week...

 Tuesday 4th June - Friday 7th June 2019 was Vision Week in our school.

Year 3 and Year 4 were learning about the part of our vision that includes 'making a difference for everyone.' 

To celebrate our learning we created a Year 3 display of work linked to our School Vision: 'Make a difference for good; with each other; for everyone; in our community.'


Some of our learning activities included:

Thinking about what the term 'everyone' means.


-  Thinking about how our school vision links to the Bible and Jesus's teaching. 


- Learning about the Baha'i Religion from Debbie, a special guest visitor.

- Thinking about the values that are important to use and asked friends which values they saw in us that we demonstrate.

- The children enjoyed learning about the different temples, virtues and beliefs.

- There were many similarities and links to the Christian religion and to our school vision to 'make a difference for everyone.'

- We did lots of colourful drawings to celebrate differences - we are all different but live in the same world. 


- Designing artwork based on our school vision - ideas from the children's designs will be used to create the canvases in the school entrance.


- Designing artwork based on our school values - ideas from the children's designs will be used to create the canvases in the school entrance. 


- Painting pebbles linked to our school vision and values.

Vision Week #makeadifference for everyone.

Vision Week #makeadifference for everyone. 1

This term's topic is 'Road Trip USA'.


We will be learning all about the USA, the different states and the Indian Tribes.


Our class book is 'The Indian in the Cupboard' and we will be finding out about the native American Iroquois tribe.

W/C Monday 29th May


What an exciting week we've had! 


Our Tooth experiment is still in our classroom and we have been looking carefully at consequences of drinking sugary drinks.


This week we have been exploring the digestive system in animals. We looked carefully at some real organs and learn about the job of each of the main parts of the digestive system. 


We have drawn the human digestive system onto t-shirts and thought about the role and function of the digestive system when we eat and drink things. 


Our English work this week has been based on the amazing story of the Demon Dentist by David Walliams.

We wrote a letter to PC Plank to persuade him to go and arrest Miss Root. Miss Root's behaviour had to be stopped and we felt strongly that PC Plank needed to do something about the situation!


In our maths lessons we have been learning about telling the time. We have been telling the time to the nearest minute.and converting time from analogue to digital.


We have thought about our daily routines and when we do things using am and pm.   


We have been learning about Friendship in worship and thinking about how we can be the best friends that we can be.

W/C Monday 1st April 2019


What a wonderful week we have had!


Talent Show.

Well done to Seal Class and to Dolphin Class who won the Talent Show last week!

All of the classes performed brilliantly. Every single pupil in Seal, Penguin, Dolphin and Whale classes were a credit to themselves, their class and to their teachers. We all enjoyed watching you share your singing and dancing skills. 


Easter Experience.

The children took part in an RE lesson in the church on Wednesday where they learnt all about the Easter story through a range of activities in the church to give them a real 'Easter Experience'. Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers at St. Andrew's Church who ran this event and taught the children so much. 


Easter Egg Hunt. 

Today, Friday, the children have been on an Easter Egg Hunt and have won various goodies after finding ten hidden eggs around the school building.  We hope that they enjoy their treats. 


Playlist Topic Showcase Afternoon. 

Thank you to all of the families who came along and supported our Playlist Topic Showcase afternoon. 

The children all sang their talent show song entries and shared their Playlist Topic books that were filled with all their learning from this term. Some of their learning has included:

- Music-inspired artwork that they created after studying work by Kandinksy and Klee. 

- Science work on 'Sound' and the science behind how we hear things. 

- Leaflets about their favourite singers and pop stars.

- English work on 'The Bear and the Piano' as well as many more lessons...


We would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter Holiday. 

From the Year 3/4 Pod smiley





W/C Monday 25th March 2019

On Monday Year 3 & 4 started thinking about their favourite popstars or pop groups. Then they did some further research in their IT lessons and made notes so that they could spend the rest of the week planning and drafting their own information leaflets on their favourite musicians.

Then, on Tuesday afternoon Year 3 went over to Dorchester for their swimming lessons. We are all impressed at how they are trying their best, showing perseverance and improving each week.


On Wednesday afternoon we all had a wonderful time throughout the school. We all mixed classes to decorate crosses for an RE project being run by local churches. The children were kind and caring to one another and helped each other and shared resources. It was a lovely afternoon filled with creativity and friendship between the classes.


This week Year 3 Seal Class have been making special Mothering Sunday Cards. 


Finally, on Friday the Year 3 & 4 Pod are looking forward to the eagerly anticipated Talent Show that is taking place at 10am! The children have been creating their own class songs with their own individual lyrics to perform to the lucky Orca Class! The children have all worked hard on this and we’ll have to wait and see which class will become the lucky winners of this competition.


After school the children will be having a fantastic disco kindly arranged by our school’s PTA. We are all very grateful to the volunteers who put so much time and effort into providing wonderful opportunities for the children in our school.

Enjoy your weekend!


Next Week:

  • Wednesday afternoon - ‘The Easter Experience’ at St Andrew’s Church - Please ensure your child brings a named water bottle to take with them.
  • Friday 2pm – Topic Showcase - a chance for you to come in and see what your child has been learning about this half term.

Our topic is: Playlist.

Our topic is: Playlist. 1
Our topic is: Playlist. 2
Our topic is: Playlist. 3



The children will be learning about different styles of music, creating music-inspired art (after studying the abstract work by Klee and Kandinsky).


In science they will be learning about sound - how it is made and how people hear.


The children will also study the story, ‘The Bear and the Piano’ and they will learn more about narrative from this text. 


In English and topic lessons the children will go onto studying song song lyrics as well as practising their year 3/4 spellings and grammar skills.


The next topic showcase will be on Friday 5th April from 2pm.


National Expectations for Year 3 in English



The National Curriculum outlines the spelling rules that children will learn inYear 3 and Year 4:

  • Use further prefixes and suffixes and understand how to add them (such as dis– and –sure)
  • Spell further homophones (such as except/accept)
  • Spell words that are often misspelt
  • Use the possessive apostrophe accurately (plurals)
  • Use the first two or three letters of a word to check its spelling in a dictionary




PE: Children will need their PE kits on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for outdoor PE. 

Reading: We encourage children to read a wide variety of fiction genres, as well as non-fiction. Your support at home can make a crucial difference to your child's reading progress, which in turn often has a significant effect on the quality of their writing. Encourage your child to answer questions about the text, try to predict what happens next, write a book review.......

Spelling: We will be continuing the 'Read Write Inc Spelling' programme so please check your Read Write Inc log book and practice the spellings!


Time tables: The government expectation is that nearly all children will be fluent in all times tables up to 12 x 12 by the end of their next school year (Year 4). Regular class work on the 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10 and 11 times tables this year would ideally be supplemented by quizzing and activities at home. Links to some suggestions are below. Topmarks has links to a wide variety of computer-based education resources and games.




Time links for this week:


Bitesize time game (3 different levels)


Mathsframe (includes word problems, lots of levels)


Bang on time (nearest 5 minutes) 


Class clock


Whole hours (easy)


Youtube learn about time



Optional Home Learning