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Year 3/4 - Dolphin class

Welcome to Dolphin Class 


Dolphin class is taught by Miss Randall this year. If you have any questions or queries then please feel free to email me on and I will try and get back to you as soon as possible.


For more information on our class, please see the 'Meet the Teacher' powerpoint below. 

Curriculum Overview - Spring 1

Autumn 1 Curriculum Information


Welcome to the Dolphin Class page!


This year Dolphin Class will be taught by Miss Randall. Miss Goodwin and Miss Harris will be supporting the learning in our class.


Please feel free to email me at if you have any queries or questions and I will reply as soon as possible.

WB 07/12/20


What an exciting week, I hope you've had a chance to watch our fabulous Christmas video!

We wrote some brilliant persuasive letters in English and continued multiplication and division in maths.

It was D+T week and we designed, made and evaluated Amazon fruit kebabs. They were delicious!

Next week we will not have a spelling test so no spellings have been sent home. There is a TTRockstars battle set up for Year 3’s vs. Year 4’s across the pod so login in to gain some points. 

We also ended our week with a super rendition of Jingle Bells played by Seb.

Our Amazon Fruit Skewers

WB 16/11/20


This week in Dolphins, we have created and written reports on a new species of Amazonian animal in English. The children loved creating their own animals and deciding what it looked like, what it ate and how it moved. In maths, we worked on addition and subtraction and problem solving. We have also been learning about deforestation and its effects, and that buying some Fair Trade products can help. In RE, we created some lovely artwork based on Jesus' baptism by John the Baptist.


Jacob K was our star of the week. He has shown an improved attitude towards his learning and developed his writing stamina.




Spellings for test on Friday 27th November:











Making bird nests

WB: 09/11/20


This week in Dolphins, we have written a non-chronological report on a rainforest animal in English and worked on subtraction with exchanging in maths. We persevered with some challenging questions! In science, we classified animals into groups and have begun to consider how people have impacted on the Amazon rainforest and what we can do to help in terms of buying Fairtrade products if possible. 


We also completed the first multiplication and division quiz. It's great to hear how many children have been practising on TTRockstars or around the house. Starfish will be given to those who continue to try their best.




Freddie was our star of the week! He worked hard to learn his spellings this week and has tried his best with all his learning. Well done!




Spellings for the test on Friday 20th Nov:














Our amazing stone sculptures!

WB: 02/11/20


A super first week back for Dolphins. We have started reading and writing non- chronological reports about animals in English. We had a great time researching about an animal of our choice and found out some very interesting facts. We have continued addition in maths and even worked on some missing number calculations. We have started to think about baptism and the Trinity in RE and have began basketball in PE. In our forest school session, we created animal pictures using natural resources. Can you guess some of our animals below? 



Our star of the week is Dominik! He always has super manners and a great attitude towards his learning. 




Spellings for the test on Friday 13th:












WB 19/10/20


We’ve had a great final week for this half term. We have written diaries as a character from the Explorer describing what it was like crashing in the Amazon. In maths, we have started learning about addition and subtraction. In art, we sketched some great tigers and jaguars. 


As as it is half term, we won’t be setting any spellings this week. Have a good break!


Our star of the week was Amelia. She used excellent reasoning in maths and has been encouraging to others when they need help. 

WB: 12/10/20


It's been a great week! We've been focusing on diary writing in English and have just covered place value (including negative numbers for Year 4) in maths. In science, we learnt about plant life cycles and in geography, researched which plants grow well in the Amazon and why. On Tuesday, we had a great time in the forest schools area completing a scavenger hunt and then making a den or raft like the children in The Explorer book. See the photos below.


Our star of the week was Chloe. She has come into school with an excellent attitude each day and always tries her best. 




Spellings for the test on Friday 23rd October:











13/10/20 Forest Schools

W/B 05/10/20


This week in English, we completed an independent write which was a writing the next chapter of the story The Explorer. In maths, we have continued our work on place value and have been comparing numbers, ordering them and even learnt some Roman numerals. In science, we learnt about how water moved through a plant and did the walking water experiment. We were all very excited to watch the water 'walking' into the next cup.

Our Star of the Week is Callum for his super attitude towards his independent write and for always presenting his work so neatly. 


Spellings for test on Friday 16th October:











WB 28/09/20


It's been another busy week in Dolphins. We've been carrying on with 'The Explorer' in English and place value in maths.

For geography, we have learnt where rainforests are located in the world and in science we've planted some radish seeds with different amounts of fertilisers- they are already starting to grow! See the picture below. We were all shocked by how much they have shot up since Monday! We also practised painting with watercolours. 


Our Star of the week is Adam. He has made great contributions in class and had a super attitude towards his learning. Well done! smiley




Spellings for the test on Friday 9th October:











WC 21/09/20: 

We had a busy week starting lots of learning in our books. In Maths, we have been focusing on place value and look at numbers up to 1000 in year 3 and numbers up to 10,000 in year 4. In English, we have started to read The Explorer and described the setting and characters using noun phrases. In Science, we looked at the parts of plants and labelled them. We also read Noah's Ark and retold the story in our own words in RE.  


Our Star of the Week this week was Katelyn for consistently showing the St. Andrew's way and using super description in her writing smiley




Please don't forget to bring in the new reading record in on Mondays and Fridays.


Here are this week's spellings for the test on Friday 2nd October:











WB 14/09/20


We've had a great week continuing our work on our book 'Here We Are'. We’ve focused on how we are all different, who we can can trust and what to do if we have worries. The children also thought about what makes them special and drew a picture to represent them...see if you can work out who the picture belongs to below.


We've been enjoying Mathletics and have created some natural collages based on the bible story of Zacchaeus.

Your child will have brought home a new reading record and a book to read at home. Their spellings will be in there too on page 10 for next week. Please enter comments into the diary and we will ask the children to leave them out on their desks on Monday for us to look at. It will be a great opportunity to earn more starfish points!


Our star of the week is Olivia 🙂 She has shown a super attitude towards her learning all week, well done!





Here are the spellings for next weeks test on Friday 25th September:











W/C 07.09.20:


We have had a great first week back at school. The children have all enjoyed getting to know our new class and have done some super learning this week. We have been looking at the book 'Here We Are' and focused our learning on our world, relationships and the environment. The children have written some lovely poems, painted with watercolours, created posters to help save the planet and lots more! 


Well done to all of the children this week for settling back into the 'St Andrew's way'. 


Our Star of the week is Emily smiley She showed an excellent attitude towards all of her learning and had fantastic manners. 

Home Learning Resources. 


With so many offers of resources online our school has now set up a page so that parents/ carers can see all these links in one place. 


Please visit:


As well as this we will still update our class pages weekly with home learning tasks.

If your child produces any work they are proud of and that you are happy for them to share on the class page/ social media please email the class teacher explaining this and we will try to post some of their learning online. 

If you forget any of your passwords/log in details ask your parent to email your class teacher. 























Home Learning Opportunities

Welcome back to home learning Summer 1. We hope you have enjoyed the sunshine over the holiday and are safe and well. 


We know a lot of you are trying to work alongside helping your children with the home learning. We want the home learning to be a really positive experience for yourselves and your children. We do not want to put added pressure on you in these difficult times.


With this in mind we have a suggested plan for you.


Each week your child

MUST- read every day andcomplete either the maths or English learning activity

SHOULD- complete another of the day's suggested activities (could be maths/english/wider curriculum)

COULD - work on any of the other curriculum activities suggested


We hope this puts your minds at rest and you can look forward to the weeks ahead.


Happy learning and as before, please email if you have any queries or would like to send work. 

Marvellous Mathletics WB 27/04/20

Marvellous Mathletics WB 20/04/20

Charanga Logins

Choose an activity related to our current topic ‘Flow’ (see below) Also see school closure home learning packs

Some of the above activities will need adult supervision. Please choose activities with your parents and select ones that fit in with the current government guidance. Enjoy the activities you choose to do. 😊 


Times tables - remember to practise using Times Tables Rockstars:




The National Curriculum outlines the spelling rules that children will learn in Year 3 and Year 4:

  • Use further prefixes and suffixes and understand how to add them (such as dis– and –sure)
  • Spell further homophones (such as except/accept)
  • Spell words that are often misspelt
  • Use the possessive apostrophe accurately (plurals)
  • Use the first two or three letters of a word to check its spelling in a dictionary


This half term our topic is...


Image result for this week

W/C 09/03/20

We've had another busy week learning more about the River Thames in geography, fractions in maths and writing a newspaper report based on 'This morning I met a whale'. We have also celebrated science week, focusing on plants and in particular how plants transport water. In PE, we have been working on our balances.

WC 02/03/20

This week we have enjoyed celebrating world book day and had some fantastic costumes. We created our own short stories and enjoyed sharing them with each other. In Maths, we have been learning about fractions and explored them using cuisenaire rods. In English, we have been looking at newspapers to write a report next week on Michael discovering a whale in the river Thames. In music, we took part in the windmill challenge and practised our fanfare. 

W/B 24/02/20

We had a super impact day on Monday to start our new topic of 'Flow' with a day of Art and Music with a river and water theme. See some of our creations below. We have been working on 'This morning I met a whale' by Michael Morpurgo in English and began fractions in maths. In Science, we observed evaporation and in Geography, have begun learning some river terms and about the River Thames. In Art, we were very excited to start our new sketchbooks and practiced creating line art (see some of our work below). The children are also enjoying their Lent challenge!

Look out for Friday's letter about the river trip- the more helpers the merrier for this one!













New Barn Field Centre 11/02/20

School Trip!

Remember that it is the school trip on: Tuesday 11th February.

Clothing for the trip:

Children will need to wear old clothing (as they will get messy) and please can they wear layers. The weather is very changeable at the moment and we do not want them to get cold. Please make sure they bring or wear waterproof clothing and warm clothing because they will be outside.

Food & Drink for the trip:

Please make sure they bring at least one named water bottle and a packed lunch. Also, please ensure there is a healthy snack for break time as well. 

If they have a school meal they will be provided with a packed lunch. Remember no nuts!


WC 03/02/20:

The children have been learning about the Vikings as part of their non-fiction work this week. They have identified the features of non-chronological reports. In reading, they have been summarising the main events in the non-fiction text.

The children have started playing harmonies on their brass instruments this week in their music lessons. They accompanied the music teacher (who played the melody). They have been learning about keeping in time and following the conductor. They have been practising their breath control to produce nice notes.


If you would like your child to have music lessons after the 10 week block has finished a letter has been sent home. 

It is important that this is returned by Friday 28th February at the latest please. 


On Friday, we had our NSPCC Number day where we took part in lots of maths activities. We also created some mathematical artwork:

WC 27/01/20

This week we have been amazing authors writing our own Viking stories over the last 2 days. We tried to include super description using expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbial. In maths, we have been focusing on measurement and have been converting between mm, cm, m and km. In our music lesson, we learnt the note E and have improved the sounds we are producing with our instruments. We have also been learning about King Alfred and what made him so ‘great’. 

WC 20/01/20

This week in Dolphin class we have been reading more of ‘The Last Viking’ and have written some great character descriptions of a Viking warrior. In maths, we have continued to learn multiplication and division. We had another music lesson with the Dorset Music Service and learnt how to play the notes C and D. We also had a longest note competition with some very worthy winners; Emily, Joshua and Alannah. In small groups, we researched and presented information about aspects of Viking life. Below is a super poster created by Elizabeth, Sienna and Isla about Viking Gods:

WC 13/01/20: We have produced some super work this week including writing very creative setting descriptions for a Viking story and producing information posters about the Anglo-Saxons. In Maths, we have continued to work on multiplication and division. On Wednesday, we had our first Brass lesson with the Dorset Music Service. These will continue for the next 9 weeks so don't forget to bring your cornet, trumpet or trombone in on every Wednesday. If you want to practice at home, take a look at YouTube 'Dorset music service trumpet' or You Tube 'Dorset music service trombone' to learn how to put it together and hold it properly.

W/C 05/01/20

We have had a busy and exciting first week back. On Tuesday, we had our vision day and focused on making a difference for everyone. We learnt about diversity, discussed how we are all different and identified our own strengths. We produced some amazing artwork to show our learning (see below). On Wednesday, we had our impact day and started to learn about the Vikings. We made Viking banners, shields, longships and runestones. 


W/C 16/12/19

This week we were busy rehearsing and performing 'Children of the World'. Dolphin's did very well acting as angels,  children from Malawi and China. We were also busy making Christmas cards and calendars for 2020. 


Our Bronze Age Beakers

W/C  Monday 9th December 2019  


This week the children have already been working hard learning their lines in preparation for the Christmas Show and later this week they will begin rehearsals in the hall.


On Tuesday they had a fantastic topic day of lessons linked to the Bronze Age. They have been learning how to make a Beaker Folk Pot out of clay and transferring their designs onto the clay using tools. The children also made bread and butter and they have been getting even more creative by weaving wonderful designs as well.


It has been a very busy day! Photos to follow – watch this space!

WC 18/11/19: 


This week we have been learning about the Bronze Age in topic lessons. Well done to Sienna and Noah for completing extra work at home smiley We built our own models of Stonehenge using paper and then using natural materials. We linked this to Science and used torches to see how the shadow changes when the light source is moved. In English, we have been reading more of Gangsta Granny and focused on pronouns, conjunctions and rich vocabulary in our writing. In Maths, we have been looking at times tables. In year 3, we focused on the 3 times table and in year 4 looked at the 6 and 9 times table. You can continue to practise at home using TTRockstars


In RE, we looked at the Grace prayer and had a go at creating our own. There were lots of thoughtful and reflective ideas, so much so that everyone received a starfish! Some examples are below:


Spellings: Please learn the following ten spellings for a test on: Friday 29th November.

The spelling focus this week is homophones (the first 5 spellings) and then the last 5 are taken from the year 3/4 spelling list:

1) there

2) their

3) they're

4) whether

5) weather

6) naughty

7) promise

8) favourite

9) heart

10) busy

Spellings: Week: 1.  Friday 8th November         

                                                       Year 3/4 Spelling Homework.

Each week the children in Year 3/4 will be given 10 spellings to learn. They will be tested on the following Friday.

Please learn the following ten spellings for a test on: Friday 15th November.

The spelling pattern (for the last 5 words on the list below) this week is the prefix re-.

1 Strength

2 Weight

3 Imagine

4 Interest

5 Exercise

6 Reappear

7 Remove

8 Rebuild

9 Rearrange

10 Rewrite


W/C Monday 4th November 2019.

We hope that you all had a lovely half term. Welcome back - what an exciting first week back it has been!


Our topic this half term is ‘Tribal Tales.’ The children will be learning about life in the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. They have created some fantastic fact files about the Stone Age this week.


The children have been enjoying hearing about the adventures that Ben has been having in Gangsta Granny by David Walliams. In their English lessons they have been learning to: draw inferences about characters, write in paragraphs, use time conjunctions and adverbials, as well as editing and to improving pieces of writing using purple pens.


In science lessons the children have started learning about ‘Light and Dark’. They have talked about different sources of light. Maybe they can tell you about five different sources of light that you have in your home?


We have 10 spellings that will be sent home for the children to learn for their spelling test on Friday 15th November.


On Monday 11th November it is Remembrance Day. We will have a Remembrance worship in school in the morning followed by a 2 minute silence at 11am.


Remember it is Children in Need Day on Friday 15th November.

In RE, we created artwork to represent Jesus being baptised:

Week: 6.  Monday 21st October

                                      Year 3/4 Spelling Homework.

Every Monday the children in Year 3/4 will be given 10 spellings to learn. They will be tested on the Friday of that week.

Please learn the following ten spellings for a test on: Thursday 24th October.

The spelling pattern (for the last 6 words on the list below) this week is the suffix –tion.


1 Naughty

2 Ordinary

3 Peculiar

4 Possible

5 Question

6 Adoration

7 Admiration

8 Celebration

9 Conversation

10 Imagination

Please remember that it is our Topic Showcase next Thursday 24th October. We will welcome parents into school from 2:15pm to celebrate our learning this half term with you. 

WC: 14/10/19

These are our highlights from the week: 

Isla: "I have enjoyed writing about the True Story of the 3 Little Pigs."

Dominik: "I have liked maths when we did the missing numbers."

Lily: "I have enjoyed adding and subtracting 1000s."

Jocee-Jo: "I enjoyed when we painted our ultimate predator."

Romani: "I liked doing handwriting."

Evie: "I enjoyed doing my handwriting because it was really fun."


This week we have been reading 'The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs'. We used role-play to act as the Wolf and a Police Officer to discuss whether the Wolf was guilty or not guilty. We have looked at features of a newspaper report ready to write a report on the Wolf next week. In topic, we have been designing and drawing the ultimate predator. We have thought about the features of animals that make them the most effective predators and tried to include them on our design. In maths, we have started learning about addition and subtraction. The year 3 children have been focusing on adding and subtracting 1s, 10s and 100s and noticing patterns. The year 4 children have been adding and subtracting 1s, 10s, 100s, and 1000s and noticing patterns. Here is some of our work: 


We acted in role as a Police Officer and the Wolf to find out if he was guilty or not guilty:

Week: 5.  Monday 14th October

                                      Year 3/4 Spelling Homework.

Every Monday the children in Year 3/4 will be given 10 spellings to learn. They will be tested on the Friday of that week.

Please learn the following ten spellings for a test on: Friday 18th October.

The spelling pattern (for the last 5 words on the list below) this week is the suffix –tion.

1 business,

2 certain,

3 decide,

4 consider,

5 important,

6 invention,

7 investigation,

8 injection,

9 creation,

 10 direction.

Spelling List - LCWC (Look, Cover, Write, Check) sheet.

W/C 07/10/19:

This week we have been retelling the story of Akimbo and the elephants in literacy. We also enjoyed researching about different aquatic predators and then presenting our information to the rest of the class. In Maths, we have focused on place value in year 3 and rounding in year 4. We also learnt about Roman numerals. 


These are our highlights of the week:

"I have enjoyed writing the story about Akimbo." Callum

"I liked rounding in maths to the nearest 1000." Alannah

"I have enjoyed Project Touchline when we played 'Catch the flag'." Elizabeth

"I enjoyed writing what happened to Adam and Eve when they ate the apple in RE." Emily

"I enjoyed doing handwriting this week especially when we practised the spellings." Annie-Maye

"I liked reading and acting out Danny the Champion of the World in Teaching of Reading." Sienna

"I have enjoyed Science and learning about orcas." Seb 



Week: 4.  Monday 7th October

                                      Year 3/4 Spelling Homework.

Every Monday the children in Year 3/4 will be given 10 spellings to learn. They will be tested on the Friday of that week.

Please learn the following ten spellings for a test on: Friday 11th October.

The spelling pattern for the first 7 words this week is the suffix – able

1 comfortable

2 changeable

3 affordable

4 adorable

5 capable

6 believable

7 breathable

8 breath

9 breathe

10 believe

W/C 30/09/19


It has been another busy week at St Andrew's this week! The children have been learning all about animal skeletons and muscles. In English lessons the children have been listening to The Akimbo Adventures and following the events in the story which has taken them into the heart of Africa, onto a nature reserve with the wild animals, and introduced them to range of different characters. 


The children have been learning about expanded noun phrases,  fronted adverbials and how to correctly punctuate speech in English lessons. In maths lessons they have been learning more about place value and ordering numbers. Please can all pupils keep learning their time tables! The quicker and more confident their recall of their multiplication facts - the easier other areas of maths will become over the following weeks.


The children are still enjoying their tag rugby workshops led by Project Touchline and they have been thinking about ways in which they can demonstrate our school values both on and off of the pitch. It has been wonderful to see their enthusiasm and eagerness to get out there in all weather conditions and work together as a team. The children have been working on various pieces of art work linked to their work with Project Touchline. We will be selecting pieces to go on display next Thursday - there is still time to do more at home! The children are working towards their awards: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. 


Remember: Next Thursday 10th October is #HelloYellow Day. Letters have been sent home and the letter is also posted on the 'Latest News' section of our website which can be located under the 'Parents' drop down tab. Children can wear something yellow with their uniform (or all yellow) that day! We will be talking about ways to try and stay positive and talk about the importance of being/staying mentally fit and well as well as being/staying physically fit and well. 

Week: 3.  Monday 30th September

                                      Year 3/4 Spelling Homework.

Every Monday the children in Year 3/4 will be given 10 spellings to learn. They will be tested on the Friday of that week.

Please learn the following ten spellings for a test on: Friday 4th October.


The spelling pattern this week is the suffix: -ous.

1 dangerous

2 enormous

3 fabulous


5 famous 

6 various



9 busy

10  believe 

WC 23/09/19:

This week the children have been working hard on their research skills to record information and fun facts about various predators that they have been interesting in finding out about. In English, they planned their own reports on these animals and included the key features of non-chronological reports. Finally, the children have gone onto write their reports out in neat and have published these in their Cornerstones Books. The children have also been learning about fossils and predatory plants. They were shocked to see videos of Venus fly traps and Pitcher plants in action.  

In Maths, the Y3 children have been learning how to + and - 1, 10, 100 from any number and the Y4 children have been learning how to + and - 1000 from any number. They have also been placing numbers on number lines and reasoning why numbers go where they do.


Please can children keep learning their times tables so that they can quickly and confidently recall these facts. Children should know all of their times tables by the end of year 4.


Week: 2.  Monday 23rd September

                                      Year 3/4 Spelling Homework.

Every Monday the children in Year 3/4 will be given 10 spellings to learn. They will be tested on the Friday of that week.

Please learn the following ten spellings for a test on: Friday 27th September

The spelling pattern this week is the suffix: -ly.

1 actual

2 actually

3 accidentally

4 occasionally

5 probably

6 simply

7 finally

8 completely

9 horribly

10 gently

W/C 16/09/19

We have had a busy week in Dolphin class and the week all kicked off with our amazing animal visitors. We loved learning about them and getting the chance to handle some of them including a royal python, gecko, hognose snake, praying mantis. In literacy, we have started looking at non-fiction features and researching predators ready to write our own fact files next week. In maths, we have been look at place value and using manipulatives to represent numbers in different ways. Here are some photos of our animal visit:   

Week: 1.  Monday 16th September

                                      Year 3/4 Spelling Homework.

Every Monday the children in Year 3/4 will be given 10 spellings to learn. They will be tested on the Friday of that week.

Please learn the following ten spellings for a test on: Friday 20th September

1) various

2) group

3) favourite

4) experience

5) different

6) bravely

7) nervously

8) happily

9) enjoyment

10) excitement

W/C 09/09/19

We have had a busy week of getting to know each other even better and building relationships as a class. In maths, we have spent time establishing basic expectations and explored how we handle the maths manipulatives that help us learn (such as dienes, cuisenaire and numicon). The resources were explored whilst demonstrating our place value knowledge. In Literacy, we spent time exploring our vision and what #makeadifference means to us.  We carried out our first assessed independent writing task using a video clip that was shared across the school. Some children had some very imaginative ideas to create their own stories. We also retold an exciting adventure story about Spy Fox. 

Topic Showcase

W/C 08/07/19

We've had an extremely exciting week, with the children meeting their new Year 5 teachers. They all enjoyed spending time with their new teachers and their new class. Dolphin class have also been working hard this week by writing their own Myth and Legend story, including a Legend which they designed. In maths, we have been developing our problem solving skills by completing a range of problems from Nrich. The class have worked extremely well with a different partner each day to solve the problems using perseverance and reasoning.

This week the children have been learning about the spelling rule/pattern: adding the prefix ir- and il-

Please learn to spell the following words for the Speed Spell test on Monday.

  1. Irrelevant
  2. Irresponsible
  3. Irregular
  4. Irresistible
  5. Illegible
  6. Illogical 


W/C 24/06/19

It has been another busy week in Dolphin class with Mathletics and end of year assessments. I am very pleased to say that our class made it onto the leaderboard for the top 50 classes in the UK, at number 23!


We have also created dreamcatchers after learning more about the native Americans. Here are some of our creations:

This week the children have been learning about the spelling rule/pattern: zhun sound spelt -sion

Please learn to spell the following words for the Speed Spell test on Monday.
1.    Invasion
2.    Explosion
3.    Division
4.    Collision
5.    Confusion
6.    Decision

W/C 17/06/19

We have been practising our sketching and shading and we created this Iroquois artwork:

We also had our amazing trip to WOEC (Weymouth Outdoor Education Centre) where we used lots of perseverance to do climbing, tunnelling, orienteering and team challenges.


'I like the tunnelling because we got to go in the ball pit and follow lots of footprints.' Sophie

'I liked the tunnelling because we got to wear headtorches and it was like exploring a real cave.' Thomas

'I liked the cave in the middle of the wolf tunnelling.' Charlotte

'The indoor climbing was my favourite because I liked the game shark attack.' James

'I liked the orienteering because it was fun finding different animals and using the map.' Indie


Here are some photos of us in action: 

W/C 10/06/19: 

This week we started our topic 'Road Trip USA!'. In Literacy, we began reading 'The Indian in the cupboard' and enjoyed describing the Indian using expanded noun phrases. In Maths, we have been learning about different measures and converting between different units e.g. litres to millilitres. In topic, we had a hunt around the school to find 14 states of America and collect tickets. We also learnt about the Iroquois including what they looked like, how they lived and what their houses looked like. We then designed our own longhouses and made them using natural materials. See below: 

WC 03/06/19:

We have kicked off Summer 2 with a 'Vision week.' Our vision is that we work to be; making a difference for good, with each other, everyone, in our community. The children have also been focused on our 3 core values which underpin our vision: love, trust and perseverance. We started by exploring the bible story Cain and Abel and thought about the importance of including everyone. The children have been very creative and have created wonderful art pieces inspired by our Values and Vision. Here are some of the pieces of work that we created: 

W/C 13/05/19

This week the children have been learning about the spelling rule/pattern: adding the prefix mis-

Please learn to spell the following words for the Speed Spell test on Monday.

  1. Misbehave
  2. Misplace
  3. Mislead
  4. Misspell
  5. Misprint
  6. Misunderstand


The children have been extremely excited to become news reporters in English this week. They have begun to create a newspaper article warning people about the DEMON DENTIST! In maths, we have been learning all about money. We began by converting pounds into pence, rounding and comparing money and then finished with money problems. We have had an amazing amount of junk modeling items to help make our digestive system models. We hope you are available to come to our showcase on Friday 24th May at 2pm, to have a look at them. 


W/C Monday 6th May


This week we have been continuing to read Demon Dentist and made predictions of what will happen to Alfie when he is trying to catch the infamous 'tooth snatcher.' We acted out our predictions in groups and then planned and wrote the next chapter. In maths, we have been learning about fractions which included fractions of numbers, equivalent fractions and amounts of money. In cornerstones, we have learnt body parts in French and created a poster about the importance of personal hygiene. 



Here are some of our predictions...

W/C Monday 29th April


We had an exciting week of learning. We kicked off the week with a look at a pig's organs and we were surprised at how squishy they felt and how they were connected. We then found out about our digestive system and the function of each organ. In literacy, we drafted and published our letters to PC Plank to persuade him to arrest the wicked dentist, Miss Root. In maths, we continued our learning about telling the time which included comparing and ordering times.



We also found some shocking results to our science investigation. Orange juice had the biggest effect on the egg shell making it turn soft and decay. Below are the photos of our results: 1 - Orange juice, 2 - Fanta, 3 - Zero sugar Coca Cola, 4 - water and 5 - Milk. 


Our Digestive System T-Shirts

W/C Monday 22nd April:

In English, we have started reading the fantastic book by David Walliams, Demon Dentist. The children have described Miss Root using expanded noun phrases. We have looked at features of a persuasive letter and will be writing one to PC Plank to persuade him to arrest the cruel, wicked dentist. In topic, we had a look at our teeth and learnt their different names; incisors, molars, canines, premolars and wisdom. We have also started an investigation to find out how different drinks can affect your teeth. In maths this week, we have been learning about time including converting between analogue and digital time with both 12 hour and 24 hour clocks. 


Science Investigation: In each cup, we poured a different drink and placed part of an eggshell (to act as the enamel on our teeth). We are watching closely over the next week to see what happens. 


W/C Monday 1st April 2019


What a wonderful week we have had!


Talent Show.

Well done to Seal Class and to Dolphin Class who won the Talent Show last week!

All of the classes performed brilliantly. Every single pupil in Seal, Penguin, Dolphin and Whale classes were a credit to themselves, their class and to their teachers. We all enjoyed watching you share your singing and dancing skills. 


Easter Egg Hunt. 

Today, Friday, the children have been on an Easter Egg Hunt and have won various goodies after finding ten hidden eggs around the school building.  We hope that they enjoy their treats. 


Playlist Topic Showcase Afternoon. 

Thank you to all of the families who came along and supported our Playlist Topic Showcase afternoon. 

The children all sang their talent show song entries and shared their Playlist Topic books that were filled with all their learning from this term. Some of their learning has included:

- Music-inspired artwork that they created after studying work by Kandinksy and Klee. 

- Science work on 'Sound' and the science behind how we hear things. 

- Leaflets about their favourite singers and pop stars.

- English work on 'The Bear and the Piano' as well as many more lessons...


We would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter Holiday. 

From the Year 3/4 Pod smiley

W/C Monday 25th March 2019

On Monday Year 3 & 4 started thinking about their favourite popstars or pop groups. Then they did some further research in their IT lessons and made notes so that they could spend the rest of the week planning and drafting their own information leaflets on their favourite musicians.


On Wednesday afternoon we all had a wonderful time throughout the school. We all mixed classes to decorate crosses for an RE project being run by local churches. The children were kind and caring to one another and helped each other and shared resources. It was a lovely afternoon filled with creativity and friendship between the classes.


Finally, on Friday the Year 3 & 4 Pod are looking forward to the eagerly anticipated Talent Show that is taking place at 10am! The children have been creating their own class songs with their own individual lyrics to perform to the lucky Orca Class! The children have all worked hard on this and we’ll have to wait and see which class will become the lucky winners of this competition.


After school the children will be having a fantastic disco kindly arranged by our school’s PTA. We are all very grateful to the volunteers who put so much time and effort into providing wonderful opportunities for the children in our school.

Enjoy your weekend!


Next Week:

  • Friday 2pm – Topic Showcase - a chance for you to come in and see what your child has been learning about this half term.