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St Andrew's CE Primary School

Making a difference; for good, with each other, everyone, in our community

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Year 2 - Stingray class

Week beginning Tuesday 4th June 2019


We hope you all had a wonderful half term break and are looking forward to an exciting fun filled term. This week the children have been focussing on our schools’ vision.


Our vision is that we work to be;


Making a difference for good, with each other, everyone, in our community.


The KS1 pod have been focussing on making a difference with each other and have created some wonderful art pieces that represent our vision.


On Thursday Stingray class had a wonderful day in the sunshine at Lulworth Castle. Here are some pictures from our fantastic day.


The St Andrew's Way - 1, 2, 3 star

Stingray Class September 2018 ! 

Welcome to the Stingray Class page! This year Stingray Class will be taught by Miss Roberts and Mrs Messenger, who will teach us on a Thursday morning. Mrs Lack, Mrs Rose and Mrs Francis are the other adults who will be supporting the learning within our class.


Please feel free to email me at if you have any queries or questions and I will reply as soon as possible.

Stingray Class will have outdoor PE on a Friday and indoor PE on a Wednesday. Please can all children have their PE kits in school on these days.

Summer Two - Beachcombers





This half term our topic is going to Beachcombing!  We will be finding out about coastal plants and creatures, things we will find at the beach. We’ll read a range of seaside stories and use the coast as a setting for our writing.  We will use our local area to explore geographical features and compare some of our local beaches.  We will be exploring pollution of our sea and beaches and how we must look after it.  We will use items found on the beach to create our own art works.  This topic will finish with a celebration visit to one our local beaches!

Help your child prepare for their project Beaches are fascinating places. Why not visit a beach and go on a rock pooling expedition of your own? Alternatively, you could visit a local pet shop to see a wide variety of fish, crustaceans and aquatic plants. You could also create drawings, paintings or models of sea creatures using online images for inspiration.  Please share these with us!





  Beachcomber book list: if you have any of these books, and we can borrow it, please let us know!


 Home learning ideas: If you are able to do any of these ideas please share them with us!

Summer One: Towers, Tunnels and Turrets


Climbing the battlements or tunnelling in the ground, there’s a whole world of adventure and fun to be found!  This term, we will be learning all about the different parts of a castle and describe how they have changed over time. Our impact activity is making shields so please bring in suitable card on the first day back!

Using a wide range of materials, we’ll build models of castles and test the strength of our structures. We’ll learn and hear stories featuring castles and towers! Maps and photographs will help us learn about the tallest buildings and the longest tunnels in the world. We will be writing letters and narratives and we’ll find out about the amazing Victorian engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, and improve our PE skills by playing attacking and defending games.  As an amazing finale to a very busy half term we will be visiting Lulworth Castle. 

Help your child prepare for their project Towers, tunnels and turrets are everywhere! Why not visit a castle or tower? Look at the materials the structure is made of to decide why the materials were chosen. You could also use blocks or stones to create tall towers. How high can you go? Alternatively, play Jenga together and see if you can work out how to make the tower stay strong, even when you have removed some of the blocks!  


 Book list (if you have any on the list please bring them in to show us!)






 Home learning Ideas

Phonics Homework

As of this Friday (21/09/18), we will be issuing a phonics activity for the children to complete for homework. This is in addition to the homework expectations outlined at our recent parent meetings.


The children can return their homework once it has been completed. The homework will be issued each Friday. Some children will require adult support to complete the activities.




Below are the Year 1 and 2 common exception word lists. These are a list of words that the children need to be able to spell by the end of year 1 and 2. Each child will be coming home with a copy of these spellings for you to refer to at home and each week the children will be tested on a select few of the year 2 words. Please ensure that your children are confident in being able to spell all of the expected year 1 words.  

Stingray WOW of the week is


Well done!


In Friday Worship one child is selected from each class as our WOW child. During the week this child has demonstrated something that has WOWED their teachers.

Handwriting Help

Please follow the link below to watch a short video on Growth Mindset.