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Year 1 - Seahorses class

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In our Seahorse Class team we have:


Mrs Rose who teaches us on alternate Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Mrs Mitchell who teaches us on alternate Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Mrs Coventry who supports teaching and learning in our classroom every day.


If you have any concerns please speak to us. We are often available after school, contact the office for an appointment or if easier please email us (please email us both).

Seahorse WOW of the week is


Well done!


In Friday Worship one child is selected from each class as our WOW child. During the week this child has demonstrated something that has WOWED their teachers!

                       Summer Two - Beachcombers





This half term our topic is going to Beachcombing!  We will be finding out about coastal plants and creatures, things we will find at the beach. We’ll read a range of seaside stories and use the coast as a setting for our writing.  We will use our local area to explore geographical features and compare some of our local beaches.  We will be exploring pollution of our sea and beaches and how we must look after it.  We will use items found on the beach to create our own art works.  This topic will finish with a celebration visit to one our local beaches!

Help your child prepare for their project Beaches are fascinating places. Why not visit a beach and go on a rock pooling expedition of your own? Alternatively, you could visit a local pet shop to see a wide variety of fish, crustaceans and aquatic plants. You could also create drawings, paintings or models of sea creatures using online images for inspiration.  Please share these with us!








  Beachcomber book list: if you have any of these books, and we can borrow it, please let us know!


 Home learning ideas: If you are able to do any of these ideas please share them with us!



Did you know we have active Facebook and Twitter pages? Click on the link to have a look!


Week beginning 15th July 2019


What a brilliant week!  We have loved our design and technology project of pizza!  We have been taste testing, carrying out market research, designing, making our own pizza and making the packaging (plastic free)!  At the Showcase today families helped to taste test the pizza and evaluate it for favourite toppings and any changes that could be made. Thank you to all that came!


We were very sad that we had to cancel our beach trip.  We are however, very fortunate because Miss Taylor (a TA in school) is also a children's entertainer and she offered to give us a show!  Not quite the beach but an exciting alternative!  We have had our beach lollies in class and having our lunch as a picnic in the classroom (with the sound of waves crashing on the beach!)


Have a look below at all the photographs!

Week beginning 8th July 2019


Another hot week with lots packed in! Thank you for sending your children in with lotion, hats and water bottles!  In Literacy we read more of Billy's Bucket to the point that it was gone!  We then wrote about what could have happened to it!  Some of our ideas were even better than the real version. If you haven't come across the story, share it together with this link:


In maths we have been exploring the properties of 2D and 3D shape, try this game at home:


We had some volunteers read us a story!




Please send a shopping bag in with your child next week so we can ensure all belongings are gather together!  We are also participating in a food based DT project; please speak to us if you have any concerns.


This week in PSHE, we have been learning about the human body and the differences between males and females. Please see the image below to see what vocabulary we have been using.

PSHE Body Parts Vocabulary

Week beginning 1st July 2019


How are we into the month of July?!  We have had a terrific week and whilst it has been hot we have been finding ways to take our learning outdoors! A math focus has been capacity this week, as one of our tasks we challenged Turtle and Stingray classes to a capacity relay race.  We filled trays with water and took turns to carry it up and down to a cone. At the end we measured the liquid that was left to see which class had kept the most in the tray!


Seahorse Class managed to keep exactly 1000ml in our tray!  See below to see how much Stingray and Turtles managed to keep in the tray! There are more photographs of our relay in the photo gallery below.



In English we have been sharing a brilliant story called Billy's Bucket!  It is all about a boy that requests a bucket for his birthday!  We have written birthday lists with unusual items on and explored the rather unusual things that Billy can see in the bottom of the bucket.  Ask your child what Billy saw!


We are very sad that it is Miss Ramsey's last day with us.  We are excited that she has secured a teaching job in a year five class at Conifers - we know she will be brilliant!  She is returning before lunch on Monday for a small farewell party!  Thank you for all you have done with us Miss Ramsey!



We have listened to this song a few times to help us remember key vocabulary:


Don't forget to keep using the links that have been pasted previously!

Week beginning 24th June 2019


What a hot end to the week! The children have been busy carrying out assessments with the children including writing, grammar, reading, spelling and maths.  On Thursday we had great fun exploring the Book Bus, this is a new experience for us and we loved it! See photograph gallery below for pictures!


We have set up an experiment to see what happens to items that end up in the sea. We predicted what would happen then placed the items into salt water.  We now need to wait and observe...


The items included: croissant, wooden lolly stick, plastic bag and orange peel.


Ask your child what the predicted would happen.







On Friday we were extremely lucky to have beautiful weather for our Sports Day: it was brilliant to see so many supporters there!  There are lots of photographs below!




Week beginning 17th June 2019


We have loved exploring poetry this week and looked at poems to research key features such as alliteration, onomatopoeia, rhyme, repetition, personification and similes.  


Samples of the poems we used. Which poem do you like and why?



We worked together to recall and recite a poem ‘off by heart’, we created memory prompts to help us.


Can you work as a family to learn it?


In maths we have been solving problems using the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


Thank you for signing your child's reading record. Miss Ramsey has given out some certificates today and those pompoms are mounting up for the children! Please make sure you continue to sign the record when they have read to you (a school book or home book!)




Mathletics week!


In your child's bookbag should be a letter explaining about Mathletics week along with their username and password.  Please make sure you read it and if possible enable your child to access it from home. There is a direct link on our main school webpage or near the bottom of our Seahorse page.


Don't forget your PE kit in school, we need it Tuesday and Friday! Don't forget that Friday is our Sports Day and it starts at 1:30pm. The children will come back into school at 2:40pm to get ready for home time.


Next week the children will be participating in Assessment Week. The children will be taking tests to gauge their understanding in Maths, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar and Reading.  




Week beginning 10th June 2019


Thank you for continuing to remember to sign your children's reading records - lots of pom-poms are being put into the children's test tubes and Miss Ramsey is designing certificates!  Daily reading at home is vital and building it into the daily routine works wonders for your child's ability and confidence levels!


In English the children have been learning about non-fiction texts and identifying the features that can be found in information books such as labels, captions and sub-headings.


In maths we have explored place value, using our knowledge of tens and ones to solve problems, count forwards and backward in tens and relate this to multiplication.


Our big question for RE this half term is 'What do Christians believe God is like?


What do you think?  Discuss this question as a family.


We explored this picture as our introduction to the Parable of the Lost Son.  We used a scale of 1-6 to decide whether the picture was happy or sad, simple or complex, old or new and clear or mysterious.  


We will continue to use this parable to explore our big question.



Next week in English we are reading/sharing and writing poems. If you can over the weekend, read some rhymes or poetry together. What do you notice? What do you like? Are there any features that stand out to you?

Week beginning 4th June 2019

The children may have had a four day school week but we have been BUSY!


We all loved our trip to Lulworth Castle to complete our last half term topic. Enjoy the photographs below and please use them to prompt questions and discussion with your child. Try open ended questions such as 'Why was that there?',  'What did you find out about ...?'  In school we wrote recounts of our trip using sequencing words (e.g. first, next, after that).


In maths we measured with grams. What better way to do this than to make cakes!  The children had to measure accurately and read the dial carefully to ensure all the ingredients were correct.  If you bake at home remember to use 'grams' and the children are very good at reading the scales so encourage them to help.


Much of our time this week has been spent exploring our school vision. Our vision is that we all work to be "Making a difference for good, with each other, everyone, in our community".  As a school community we have spent a lot of time on this and our vision is rooted in four excerpts from biblical texts. 


KS1 this week has been exploring the element of 'with each other' using Proverbs 3:27-28 'Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it. Do not say to your neighbour, 'Go and come again; tomorrow I will give it to you' - when you have it with you.' 


Discuss this proverb with your family.  What does it mean to you? Do you have different ideas of what this could mean? How do you show it?  How do you experience it? Can you explain it with simpler words?


We have explored 'with each other', discussing how it could be shown and we have used the story of the Good Samaritan to help us understand it further. We enjoyed this animated version of the story:  We decided there were four characters within the story and wrote a speech bubble explaining our choices.  We then worked out which character we had written as. Can you work it out.


The concept of making a difference threads through every aspect of our school life and we also use the 'Starfish story' to illustrate it. Ask your child to tell it to you (parent prompt: 'what happens when the child and parent are walking on the beach? What do they see? How does it make them feel? How do they make a difference?)


Let us know any good discussions you have and any fabulous quotes from your child!



Summer One

Summer One: Towers, Tunnels and Turrets


Climbing the battlements or tunnelling in the ground, there’s a whole world of adventure and fun to be found!  This term, we will be learning all about the different parts of a castle and describe how they have changed over time. Our impact activity is making shields so please bring in suitable card on the first day back!

Using a wide range of materials, we’ll build models of castles and test the strength of our structures. We’ll learn and hear stories featuring castles and towers! Maps and photographs will help us learn about the tallest buildings and the longest tunnels in the world. We will be writing letters and narratives and we’ll find out about the amazing Victorian engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, and improve our PE skills by playing attacking and defending games.  As an amazing finale to a very busy half term we will be visiting Lulworth Castle. 

Help your child prepare for their project Towers, tunnels and turrets are everywhere! Why not visit a castle or tower? Look at the materials the structure is made of to decide why the materials were chosen. You could also use blocks or stones to create tall towers. How high can you go? Alternatively, play Jenga together and see if you can work out how to make the tower stay strong, even when you have removed some of the blocks!  


 Book list (if you have any on the list please bring them in to show us!)






 Home learning Ideas

Week beginning 20th May 2019


What a busy week to end this half term!  In maths we have been practicing addition, subtraction, place value, number words and halving/quartering quantities - phew! In our English we wrote back to the Dragon (from last weeks story) telling him how he could be a hero in our stories.  We've also written our invites to you, our families, inviting you to our showcase, written about our shield designs (we are very excited to show these to you!) and found out about using the suffix -er and -est. We found out that sometimes we have to change the root word to add a suffix e.g. big needs an extra consonant before adding est: biggest.  We enjoyed learning about Elizabeth Tower - ask us if we remember any facts!


On Thursday it was 'outdoor classroom' day and you will see from the photographs below that we all loved this and were lucky that the sun shone!


Holiday home learning so please check bookbags.





Also check your child's book bag for letters, especially Miss Ramsey's reading letter! Please sign your child's reading record: if you can't find it, we can supply a new one.



Have a great half term break and hopefully the sun will shine on us all!


Enjoy the photographs below!

Week beginning 13th May 2019


We have had a fun week packed with role-play and drama!  This week in English we have been exploring 'There is no dragon in this story'. This has involved exploring dragon characteristics and seeing things from a dragon's perspective. You can ask your child 'How the dragon feels about NOT being a hero'.  




Can you spot the similarities between our freeze-frame of this illustration!



This week in maths we have been looking at numbers bonds and using this knowledge in addition and subtraction.  We have begun our shield design in preparation for our showcase (Friday 24th at 2pm) check out the school newsletter for further information. 


Phonic and spelling work:


Week beginning 6th May 2019


We have had such a fun week!  The children were captivated as to what had happened to the boy in 'The Tunnel' to make him turn to stone, so to complete our work on this great story, we wrote our own versions to tell his story. You can have a look at them at the next Showcase on our 'Wonderful Writer' board.  Some ideas were a 'rock storm', 'the wolf from the picture banged his cane on the floor' and a 'freeze gun'!  On Friday we explored 'oi frog' and considered adding s/es to words to make them plural.


As part of our tunnel work we got given a design brief of 'make a tunnel that Cinders can crawl through'! This was terrific and please look at some pictures below! We also crawled through a tunnel ourselves to experience what it is like!


In Maths we have explored place value, addition and subtraction; we used the strategy of counting on/back on a number line.


Phonics and spellings/handwriting for the week.




We have just begun to use Topmarks 'Daily 10 Mental math challenge'. This is a great resource to develop mental math and speed. We have used it with whiteboards where we jot down the answer before the next question; at the end we mark ourselves. Have a go with your child at home (click on the picture) with a whiteboard and pen or scrap paper and pencil! Click on level one, the skill (e.g. addition: up to 10) and then the duration between questions (so far we have done 15/20 seconds)!


Fortunately it didn't rain for our outdoor PE session so we were able to use velcro waist tags to develop our dodging and evasion skills (photographs below). In computing we concentrated on accessing and utilising the mouse and keyboard to develop these skills. The children could either challenge ourselves with the Daily 10 or use 'revelation natural art' (photographs below).

Week beginning 29th April 2019


As usual we have had a busy week packed with learning and fun.  In Literacy this week we have been reading 'The Tunnel' by Anthony Browne. The children have been using role-play to explore the character's personalities and emotions to further their understanding of the plot. Next week they will write an alternative ending to the story. 


    'The Tunnel' by Anthony Browne 


This is a terrific story that we are loving. Take time to share it as a family (click on the link) and make sure you pause it on the wood illustrations - they are magical!  We have spent time considering adjectives that we would use to describe certain features.


In maths we have continued to learn about measurement, specifically with money and capacity. The children have been adding coins to find the total and seeing how many different ways they could make the same total.  Have a go with capacity at home - How many yogurt pots does it take to fill the jug?  What happens if you use a different jug?


The Reading Eggs and Mathletics logins will be coming home again as they are easy to lose (it is the same login for both sites). They are fantastic resources that can be accessed via mobile phones, tablets and PC's. 


Check bookbags on Friday for homework and a letter about our big trip to Lulworth Castle!




In RE our key question is 

'Does going to a mosque give Muslims a sense of belonging?'

We spent time looking at features of a Mosque and considering what we could see and what questions we wanted to ask.  We took a virtual tour of Blue Mosque in Turkey.




We love circle time with Cinders!


Week beginning 22nd April 2019


Welcome back after a glorious Easter break!  The weather is currently being very changeable so please ensure sun hats as well as rain coats are being brought in.

Image result for sun and rain cloud


Our first day back was St George's Day. Mr West led a great outdoor collective worship for Reception and KS1. Ask us about it.



In English we were surprised to find a letter to us from a Knight!  He needed help to replace his shield so we have spent time considering the size, shape and what to put on it.  The values the Knight wanted to represent caused lots of discussion. What do the values mean to you and what animal would you choose to represent it? Next week we will be writing our reply to him with our findings.



In maths we have been investigation measurement. Some of focused on reviewing o'clock and half past times and some of us extended our learning to learn about 1/4 past and to.



We also had great fun measuring with rulers and finding out how to estimate and measure accurately (such as starting at 0).

Do some measuring at home; children love using a tape measure! Remember to measure in centimetres NOT inches!


Phonics and spellings/handwriting: please remember the spellings we send out are taken from the statutory list for year one and it is expected that all yr1 children should know how to spell these by the end of the year.










Spring Two

  Spring 2 topic: Bounce!


Can you run like a cheetah, leap like a frog or bounce like a kangaroo?


This half term, we will be finding out if we can hop, skip, run, jump and bounce! During this topic we will be involved in a variety of writing styles such as recount, stories and instruction.  We’ll take part in a variety of sporting activities and see if practice makes perfect.


Film clips, photographs and information books will help us to investigate how animals move, and we’ll find out how exercise can affect our bodies. Our maths skills will help us to discover how far we can throw and how quickly we can run. Sporting heroes will provide us with plenty of inspiration as we work together in teams and rely on each other to score points and win games.
At the end of the project, we’ll share what we have learnt with you.



Book list

If you have any of these books at home please bring them in to share with us!








Home learning ideas for you and your family.

Week beginning 1st April 2019


We have had a terrific end to our final week of Spring term!  We have welcomed Miss Ramsey into Seahorse Class. Miss Ramsey is a PGCE trainee teacher at Bath Spa and is completing her final placement with us!  In Literacy we have been writing instructions in preparation for our showcase on Friday.  We considered the equipment that we would need for each circuit and wrote the task that YOU will have to complete with the equipment!


In Maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We considered their names and properties (such as number and shape of faces, vertices and edges etc).  With our 2D shapes we found the lines of symmetry.  


We wish you a very restful and happy Easter break!


Please see below for some snapshots of our work this week (and Cinders!)


Sadly the weather is against us for the outdoor part of our showcase.  Below are photographs of our planned circuits. The children designed these tasks for you. If you have any of the equipment at home please have a go over the holidays with your child teaching and demonstrating these to you! Send us a photo of you all being active and we'll add it to our page!

You are invited to...

Week beginning 25th March 2019


What a lovely sunny week at school! If it continues please bring sunhats etc for playtimes.


In Literacy we have been busy thinking about our own character and setting to replace the frog and pond for our own versions of 'The Frog and the Princess'.  We had brilliant suggestions of birds in nests, hedgehogs in hedges, dinosaurs in volcanoes and everything in-between!  We planned our stories using both a story string method and a more formal 'beginning, middle, problem and end' format and on Friday spent time writing our own versions. Ask us about it!  You will be able to have a look at them if you are able to attend the showcase next Friday (5th April) at 2pm: an invite will come home on Monday!


In Maths our focus has been position and direction and we have been using the words, quarter/half/three quarter turn, forward, backward, left and right. Have a go at directing each other using those words, or, use a toy and give instructions to a certain destination!


Spellings and phonic work



On Wednesday we mixed up with year six and made crosses as part of a Weymouth project. We loved it and had great fun talking about why the cross is important to Christians; It was terrific working with a different group of children.  The crosses are being displayed outside St Mary's in Weymouth during April so pop down and take a look!


Cinder's continues to grow big!



A MASSIVE thank you to our wonderful PTFA for hosting a brilliant disco!

Week beginning 18th March 2019


Another great week!  In Literacy we have spent time looking at a version of the story 'The Frog Princess' (Princess and the Golden Ball). We have studied the text looking for punctuation, adjectives etc and we have written character and setting descriptions working out what the best adjectives may be.  Ask us to retell you the story.


Our focus in maths has been division. We practised different strategies to solve a division problem such as sharing circles or repeated subtraction.  Ask us to show you how we could work out 20÷5=__!  Don't forget to check the answer by counting in 5's!


We did a particularly fun investigation called 'ball drop' where we had to measure how high ball bounced!


On Wednesday 27th March we are making lolly stick crosses. This is part of a Weymouth schools, churches and community groups and the crosses will be displayed during April outside St Mary’s Church, Town Centre.  We desperately need items to make them more interesting!  Please send in any wool, ribbon, pipecleaners, buttons, foam stickers, gems etc. Anything waterproof!  If you have anything you can donate please send it in. Thank you!






During our recent class worships we have had great fun learning "Praise Ye The Lord Hallelujah": we have even sung it in two groups. See if your child can show you how!








Spellings and phonic work




The starfish have arrived.... get the irons at the ready!



Our new Learning Ambassadors!


Week beginning 11th March 2019


Red nose day FRIDAY!


Non-uniform - suggested donation of £1

Have your nose painted red (all money to Comic Relief and no plastic!) bring 50p in an envelope

Colouring competition 20p



On Tuesday we discovered a mysterious golden ball in our classroom!

Ask us about it! 



















We asked questions using question words like these.


What question would you ask?

















Phonic work and spellings







Go wild for reading!

Go wild for reading!  To see all the entries click on the 'children' tab and then 'gallery'.  Thank you to those of you that sent a photo in!

Week beginning 4th March 2019


What a great week! We have spent time considering the skills we need for a recount about our Impact day. These will be going up on our 'Wonderful Writer' wall soon.  You will be impressed how far we have all come in our writing!


In RE we are considering 'Why does Easter to Christians?'  We began this today by thinking about the signs of spring and going out for a walk to spot some. Unfortunately we got caught in one of the heavy rain showers and had to come in early!


In science we thought about how we might sort different kinds of animals: have a look! How would you sort them?

Week beginning 26th February 2019


Welcome back to Spring two, where has the time gone? Thank you for sending your child in with their PE kits on the first day; as you will see in the photographs below we had a great Impact event and the sun shone on us! This event has led us in our writing to consider verbs and how we change these to past tense (ask your child about 'Uncle Ed'). We have also thought about how we can join two sentences together using a conjunction.






I was given a challenge: Find the verb written in past tense with -ed in... can you spot it?  Thank you Emmett! 








On Thursday we became 'Dementia Friends' when Mrs Lombard led a session about Dementia and how we can be considerate of those with it.




In maths we have been investigating fractions and finding half of a shape and quantity.  See if you can find half of items at home in real life (sharing cakes etc).


Phonics and spellings



Spring One

                 Spring 1 topic: Street Detectives!


Grab a magnifying glass, put on your deerstalker and change your name to Sherlock because we’re going to become street detectives!  This half term, we’ll follow a route around our local streets and look at the buildings, businesses and plants we can see. Talking to local families about the area will help us understand how the local community could be improved. We’ll learn nursery rhymes, write poetry and create persuasive adverts. Looking at photographs will help us to spot any similarities and differences between the houses and shops of today and the past. We’ll find out about the history of our school and plan talk to former pupils about their experiences. We’ll also study and draw maps and create a model of a local building.

We need your help!

If you or a family member used to go to St Andrew's especially the old building) then please let us know; we would love to be able to ask them questions!  If you have any old photographs of the local area/school then please let us see them! 




If you have any old maps (of anywhere) that you can donate for us to have to look at/cut up etc please bring them in!






Topic book list

     Click on the picture and see the list of topic books. If you have any that we could borrow please let us know!



Home learning ideas: 'Street Detectives'

Week beginning 11th February 2019


We have had great fun this week planning Seahorse City!  We have brought all the learning from the half term together to plan, design and then build our City.  We considered all the things that a city should have such as hospital/fire/police, homes, shops, schools, leisure facilities and places to worship.  We hope that you enjoyed seeing it if you were able to come to our showcase; if not see below video tour!


In maths we have been investigating half past times. Over the holidays have a go at telling o'clock and half past times. Can you read any other times on the clock?




Spellings and phonics



Letter about book day 




Check in later in the week to find out about our next topic!  Have a great half term! 

Finishing touches to Seahorse City (and Cinders is in the City!)

Take a tour round Seahorse City!

Still image for this video

Week beginning 4th February 2019


Another busy week in Seahorse class. We have spent time writing diary entries about what we see on our way to school and how this makes us feel. Today we imagined crazy ideas of what we could have seen. “On the way to school I saw…”, we saw elephants on bikes and slugs driving cars!


In maths we have been learning about time. We have timed how long it takes us to do a job, recited months and found out about seconds, minutes and hours.  We spent a lot of time learning about o’clock time. We found out about the minute hand, hour hand and how the position and length of these is very important.


We enjoyed learning these songs! Click on the picture to open them.





Spellings and phonic work





We would like to invite you to ...


  Our Showcase: Street Detective


  Friday 15th February




  Seahorse Classroom!










Click for a taster from our worship!

Still image for this video

Week beginning 21st January 2019


This week we have been carrying out lots of assessment tasks including reading, maths, grammar and phonics; it has been keeping us all busy!  We are ending the week by carrying out a big write to go on our 'Wonderful Writer' board.  We have been sharing the Oliver Jeffers story 'The Day the Crayons Quit' (click the link to see and hear the story).  We then had to put on our actor hats and pretend to be a crayon, deciding the colour we were going to be, what we liked, disliked and our problem. We planned this out ready to write a letter to Duncan!


Talk about what colour you would be and what you would write a letter to Duncan about!






In RE we are learning about Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest.  There are lots of clips on BBC if you want to find out more.  Ask your child what happens at Shabbat.




Spellings and phonic work:



We had many more children reach the bronze starfish (50) mark. Well done!  Please iron these onto jumpers/cardigans as we love seeing what all the children in our school have achieved and asking individuals how they got their 50 starfish! It creates such a positive feeling within our whole school community and also our visitors to class have asked us what they are for.  We are very proud when we tell them!  

Week beginning 14th January 2019


Welcome back to another busy week!  Thank you so much for your support in implementing our new behaviour system. If you could take the time to talk again with your child about the St Andrew's Way, 1, 2, 3 Star that would be great.  We have been looking at lots of features of poetry this week such as alliteration and onomatopoeia and we have finished the week learning more about contractions (e.g. do not = don't).  In maths we have been practising our number bonds and using this skill to help us with our addition.   


  Try setting up a little shop and see what you could buy for 10p or 20p.  What is the most two items could cost? Or the least?  What coins could you use to pay for it exactly?









Phonics and spellings for this week:



We are delighted that we had the first Seahorse members earn 50 starfish and in Worship today they received their bronze starfish badges. These are simply ironed onto the uniform!  We have more children creeping up to 50 so get those irons ready at home!



For the first time we had Cinders out in her exercise ball. I am not sure whether the children or Cinders loved it most!


Week beginning 7th January 2019


Welcome to 2019!  We hope you all had a healthy and happy break away.  It has been a busy start to Spring term; we are all getting to grips with a new morning routine and are finding the children are coming into school calmer and ready to learn.  As always we welcome constructive feedback on how things can be improved even further!  We have started our topic of 'Street Detectives' off with a bang!  Thank you to those that could help on our local area walk. We have begun learning how to use the app 'PicCollage' and worked in groups to make posters of the things we saw on our walk. This is a great (free) app that can be downloaded onto mobile devices. 



As you will have seen from our newsletters we have a focus on behaviour and have spent time discussing and practising the behaviours that we expect to see.  In maths our focus has been place value and how we can represent numbers (numeral, word, with diennes etc); see if you can make a poster at home with lots of ways!


You may have seen the photographs of CInder's! We are all excited to welcome her into class and will take turns to care and look after her.  We have a sign up sheet for weekends, if you are able to have her visit for a weekend then please sign up (please talk to us if you would like further information)!


Homework for this week.

We welcomed Cinders to class!

Welcome to Cinders, Seahorse Class Hamster!

Welcome to Cinders, Seahorse Class Hamster! 1
We are very excited to welcome Cinders the hamster to our class, we are hoping she will be used to handling soon in the new year. We're not sure if Miss Goodwin or the children are more excited! There will be a sign up calendar in the classroom, if you are able, you can take a turn at having Cinders for the weekend or holiday. If you can't get into class to sign up please just email us!

Autumn Two

Autumn Two Learning


When we return after half term we’re taking a trip to the past to discover what life was like at the time when we were born. We’ll find out how babies change and grow over time. Thinking about our childhoods, we’ll use photos from the past to help us remember special times including weddings and christenings. We’ll talk about our families and share happy memories of people or pets who are no longer alive (please talk to us if your child may be particularly sensitive to this at the moment).


Help your child prepare for their project by looking back on the past  which can be funny, poignant and interesting! 




A note came home requesting a photograph and object be brought in to support the start of this topic 

(see homework picture above for further information).


Below you will find a book list. If you get the opportunity to enjoy some of these books at home that would be brilliant. Also, if you have a copy at home then please do bring it into school for us to share.

Merry Christmas from Seahorse Class!

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Cinders is having a lovely time this Christmas!

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Week beginning 17th December 2018


WOW! We are having a brilliant end to the term! If you came to see your child in our Christmas Worship I'm sure you will agree they did a great job! We had lots of new songs to learn and sing and we performed without too much 'stage fright'!




We have been exploring money this week; what value coins have, ordering them and seeing how many different ways we can find to make 10p.  Over the holiday get some change together and play shops. Price up some toys/kitchen items up to 20p and see if you can buy them exactly with coins you have. Children can find it tricky to remember that we don't have 3p, 4p coins etc.

Week beginning 3rd December 2018


The children have been superstars this week despite there being so many coughs and colds around. We have been reminding children of good hand hygiene and to 'catch their cough' in their arm or hand!


In maths we have been investigating all kinds of measures such as capacity, length, height and mass.


Ideas to support this at home are:

  • Collect a variety of containers (yogurt pots, spoon, jug etc), which is largest? How do you know? What will happen if you pour from one to another? How many 'spoons' will fit into a larger container?  This is great for the bath, outdoors or washing up bowl (put down a large towel!)
  • Mass: get baking but remember to use grams!  Or just get out the scales (dial scales are best for the children to 'read').  What toy is the heaviest/lightest?  Put a selection of objects in weight order.
  • Children love a tape measure or ruler (beware of metal ones), record the length of each member of the families shoes, which is longest/shortest? Also measure the height of objects, which is the tallest/shortest? 


Nothing beats practical experience in measures but there are a few games on this website: 


We hope you enjoyed the showcase: every child had someone come and see their half term's work and the classroom was full to bursting!


Don't forget to bring in 'costumes' this week ready for our first performance on Wednesday!  See us if you need a reminder of what you need to bring in!


Week beginning 26th November 2018


Well done Seahorse Class for a terrific week at school!  We have written stories about Jack and the Beanstalk, we have completed our fraction work and begun to learn about measuring in cm and.... we went to St Andrew's Church for our St Andrew's Day service! Thank you to the adult volunteers - we could not go with out you!


Check your child's bag as there are several important letters.


Showcase invite


Letter about Christmas costume requirements




As always if you have any queries please speak to us and we will try to resolve them.


Math learning

 Week beginning 12th November 2018


This week has been another busy one! In maths we have been learning about fractions and have found out about how to split shapes and quantities in half and quarters. We have discovered how important it is for these to be 'equal'.  In English we spent time focusing on memory and recall skills. We played 'I went to the supermarket and bought...' and we recited rhymes that help us remember important things like: 30 days hath September, April, June and November.

All the rest have 31, except February alone, which has 28 days clear and 29 in each leap year. We found discovered more suffixes this week and focused on -ing and how this changes a root word.


We had a smashing time watching  pantomime of Jack in the Beanstalk, oh yes we did! And to end a terrific week we raised money for Children in Need. We do enjoy a dressing up day!



In geography we used Google Earth to look at our school. Click on the world to have a look at your home or school (DT3 6AA). It's amazing!


KS1 (year one and two) will be hosting our Christmas Worship for parent's on Wednesday 12th December at 1.45pm in the school hall and Thursday 13th December at 9.15am in the school hall (dates are on this weeks newsletter). We are performing it twice so we can fit in all the parents of three classes!




    Come along to see our performance of 'Humph the Camel'!


Get ready for Christmas and support St Andrew's!


You will be having an envelope home from "My School Art" inviting you to look on their website and order personalised Christmas cards and other items. We loved painting out hands and creating our Angels! You don't have to wait for the envelope to have a look: follow the link!  


  "My School Art"



Week beginning 5th November 2018


This week we have been busy writing. We have written about fireworks, our weekly routine and our trip last week. We have tried to use capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and sentence openers (e.g. first, next). We also found out about verbs (action/doing words) and how we can change these by adding the suffix -ed.  We used 'Uncle Ed' to remind us; Uncle Ed always likes to remember the past! We would add -ed to the root word to change the tense e.g. cook becomes cooked.


In maths we continued to count in 2's, 5's and 10's.

We also looked at arrays and started to record these as repeated addition. Look at home to see where you can find different array! If you have a collage app on a device, take photographs and make a poster to show us!




                   5+5+5+5+5+5=30                                        2+2+2+2+2+2+2+2=16


Next week we have the panto so if you haven't returned the form and £1, please do!


This weeks homework


Week beginning 30th October 2018


We may only have had a four school day week but we have packed a lot in!  Thank you for all the 'memory items' that have been brought in. We have taken photographs and returned them; if you haven't yet sent something in please do, or, email a photograph of your child holding it to us.  In writing we have written about our favourite memories, the differences of people in each life stage (e.g. baby, toddler, adult, older person) and thought about Weymouth in the present and past.... phew, what a lot we have done!  In maths our focus has been counting in 2's, 5's and 10's. There are some great songs on youtube that help us remember these so have a look! 


This week's homework

Autumn One

Autumn Term Learning


When we return in September, our first topic is called 'Land Ahoy'. We will be writing stories, poetry, information books and postcards. We will be learning map skills and developing our location knowledge. We will be learning about significant historical figures like Captain James Cook. We will be learning about everyday materials and their properties. 


In Maths, we will be developing our understanding of Place value and Addition and Subtraction.


Please find a book list below. If you get the opportunity to enjoy some of these books at home that would be brilliant. Also, if you have a copy at home then please do bring it into school for us to share.

Week beginning 15th October 2018


Welcome back to Seahorse page, please read on as we have a lot to say, lots of photographs and have given information about our new topic!


What a brilliant end of our half term topic of 'Land Ahoy'. We have been busy designing and making our pirate ships and were so pleased that every child had a family member come to take a look at their work. It was hot, busy and noisy but I hope that you all enjoyed seeing what your children have been doing!  Look below for the photograph display!




Thank you for all the junk modelling items that you provided and the extra embellishments were a wonderful treat!


On Wednesday we had a 'First Responder' lead a 'Restart a Heart' workshop with us and we loved it. A couple of members of Seahorse class now want to be paramedics!


Read on and enjoy the half term rest! 

Picture 1

Restart a Heart!

Week beginning 8th October 2018


Another busy week in Seahorse Class! If you didn't get the text; please collect old boxes/tubes etc as we are making pirate ships that we have designed! If you have any balls of string/tubes/straws/lolly sticks/ends of masking or sticky tape that would also be appreciated!  Please make sure no 'nut' boxes or packaging (e.g. cereal box that contained nuts) are brought in.


Image result for junk modelling pirate ship  Image result for junk modelling pirate ship  Image result for junk modelling pirate ship


In English we used all our knowledge that we gathered through our research and have independently written about pirates.  This work is now up on our 'Look at our Wonderful Writer' display board!


Picture 1
Picture 1

Week beginning 1st October 2018


The highlight of our week as got to be baking bread on Friday. This was part of our RE topic on Creation/Harvest and considering the things that God has given us.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Week beginning 24th September 2018


Another week gone! This week we have been spending time remembering and practicing how to work quietly and line up in silence; it has been tricky for Seahorses this week.  Next week we are looking forward to earning lots of pompoms to earn another class reward!


In maths we have been learning our number bonds to 10 (e.g. 0+10=10, 1+9=10). It is vital that children have a mental knowledge and can know these quickly.  There are some great youtube songs that help us (try these two links)!





Picture 1
Picture 2

Week beginning 17th September 2018

Another busy week of learning!  We had a visit from the NSPCC: see information below.  In maths we have been continuing our work on place value and using the symbols < (less than)  and > (more than).

Ask your child about Charlie Croc and we enjoyed this song (click on the picture): 


In science we enjoyed investigating waterproof materials.  Mrs Rose made a coat and umbrella with paper! Do you think they would work?



Phonics homework will start to be sent home weekly so please support your child in this (see below for further details).


Next week in English we will be exploring Pirate non-fiction books so if you have any please bring them in!

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Phonics Homework

As of this Friday (21/09/18), we will be issuing a phonics activity for the children to complete for homework. This is in addition to the homework expectations outlined at our recent parent meetings.


The children can return their homework once it has been completed. The homework will be issued each Friday and your child may need support to complete the task.

Week beginning 10th September 2018

What a busy week!  We are really getting into the rhythm of Year One now!  We continue to practise lining up in register order, managing our own resources and working independently!  We have used diennes equipment to learn about tens and ones and had an extremely exciting discovery in English (see below)!  We have been describing pirate ships, writing questions about where the bottle may have come from and this is all building up to us replying to the message in a bottle next week! 


We are finding in PE that some children are struggling to get themselves changed, please help your child to be independent at home when getting dressed and teach the skills of returning clothes to the right way out!


Thank you to those that attended our information workshops, we hope it was useful to you.

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Week beginning 5th September 2018


What a terrific first week back we have had! We are extremely proud of how well the children have come into the classroom and settled into a new routine.   We have sent home reading records, books and comprehension bookmarks so check bags!  It is essential to re-read books and extend the children's comprehension and understanding and we suggest books are changed no more than 2 or 3 times a week.


PE will generally be on a Wednesday and Friday so please ensure correct PE kit is kept in class.


You should have received a letter about our parent information meeting this coming week. Please return the form ASAP, if you can't find it we can supply you with another copy - just ask!


We are looking forward to Pirate Day on Monday... Ahaaaar!

We have been busy!

We have been busy! 1
We have been busy! 2
We have been busy! 3
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Websites for home-learning opportunities.


A reminder to all parents/carers/pupils about these website links:

· Please only use the internet and log onto these websites with parent/carer supervision.

· Use the internet safely and sensibly at all times.

·  If you are unsure about anything please talk to your parent/carer straight away.

·  We hope you enjoy learning more about and revising curriculum areas that we have been covering in class.



  Top Marks maths games                                          Reading Eggs




    Mathletics                                                           YouTube Math songs



    Mathmagicians: Countdown game                        Christmas Games


   Hit the button



We have begun to explore coding on the computer.

Spelling: National Curriculum Requirements



The National Curriculum for Year 1 states that pupils should be taught to:

· Spell words containing each of the 40+ phonemes already taught

· Spell common exception words (such as the and was)

· Spell the days of the week

· Name the letters of the alphabet

· Add some prefixes (such as un–) and suffixes (such as –ing and –ed) to words


Parent Documents

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