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Wider curriculum

Wider curriculum 


Again this week we don't wish to overburden you so please use the following ideas and suggestions as fits in with your family commitments. 



Staying physically fit during this time will be important. 

Join in the Joe Wicks live PE lesson together  

Go for a daily walk, can you spot numerals anywhere? 

Try a Boogie Beebies dance CBeebies - Boogie Beebies, Pirate Gang ( 


Funky Finger / dough gym time

Playdough – Funky Finger time 

You need a die, cutlery and your dough – perfect for funky fingers! 






Watch Maddie Find out about how the hull of a ship is shaped to float on water. 




Make a boat with foil, can you make it strong enough to hold some coins/marbles?  


How many coins can you put it it before it sinks? 


Does changing the boat shape make a difference?

Religious Education  


We are looking at ‘Celebrating a New Year’. 


The New Year begins at midnight when 31st December ends and 1st January begins. It is a time when people say goodbye to the past year and welcome in the New Year. 


Watch Sesame Street’s New Year’s celebration song. 








Watch Sesame Street’s  New Year's countdown 






People celebrate in different ways and sometimes make a New Year’s resolution.


This means they choose to change something or do something new. 


Share ‘Squirrel’s New Year’s resolution’ together.






Squirrel finally found out what his resolution would be with the help of his friends. 

What would your resolution be? 

It might be helping around the house, tiding your bedroom, doing your homework or by getting dressed by yourself in the mornings. 


 Listen to this funny poem by Kenn Nesbitt if you need a little more inspiration in choosing. In the poem Kenn chooses to be of lots different things. You might like to close your eyes as you listen.





Can you make your own New Year’s resolution? 

What have you chosen? 

Can you draw and label your chosen suggestion? 

You can have your own New Year’s celebration at home or in the garden. 

Make name labels for your guests, which could be your toys. You can even make some party hats. 

Share your pictures on Tapestry.