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Wider Curriculum

Wider curriculum 


Please use the following ideas and suggestions as fits in with your family commitments. 


Fly high 

Pretend you are high in the hot air balloon with Simon the Squirrel. What would you see? 

This could be called an aerial view, or Birdseye view. 

Imagine you fly above your home, what does it look like?

Can you tell it is your home? How? 


You might like to use Google Earth and have a look!   Perhaps try drawing a picture of your home or look at school and draw the view from the hot air balloon.  Tip: if you are looking for school search using the postcode DT3 6AA, if you are looking for your home, ask your grown up for your postcode.





Staying physically fit during this time will be important. 

Join in the Joe Wicks live PE lesson together  

Go for a daily walk, how many things that are... red... can you count?



Try a Cosmic Yoga session 





Funky Finger / dough gym time


Funky Finger / dough gym time 


Join Mrs Mitchell to sing '5 currant buns' using your playdough



Get Creative 

Can you design your own hot air balloon to reach the moon faster. You can then share your designs with your friends and us on Tapestry. 


You could draw, paint, or if you are feeling adventurous (have the time), make a paper mache hot air balloon? Think about how to decorate the balloon with a repeating pattern. Remember we have been using pegs and peg boards at school to make patterns so they could share your skills with your grownup.


We would love you to show us your hotair balloons on Friday in our TEAMS chat!


For helpful tips on making paper mache click here.


Paper mache balloon tutorial







Draw-along hot air balloon



Religious Education  


Hinduism – How do people celebrate? 


Watch: ‘The Hindu Story of Rama and Sita Religions of the World’.




What celebrations do you have with your family?  Talk about it with your grownup, you might be able to find some photographs.


Are they different or the same as Rama’s and Sita’s? Can you explain why? If this is tricky, say one thing that is the same and one thing that is different.


What is special to you, when you celebrate? What do you enjoy the best? 


Can you ask someone else in your family, or maybe phone a relative and ask them ‘what is their best celebration, and why? 


Is it the same as yours? 


We all have different favourite celebrations: this makes us unique. 



Make a puppet family and role-play a special celebration with them. Can

you use the puppets to act out a celebration? Ask a family member to guess what it is?



You can make a puppet in lots of different ways such as from a tube, or lolly stick or paper bag, but if you don’t have a paper bag you can make one out of a sheet of paper and fold it in half!