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Wider Curriculum

Wider curriculum


Please use the following ideas and suggestions as fits in with your family commitments. 




Staying physically fit during this time will be important. 


Join in the Joe Wicks live PE lesson together  



Funky Finger Time


Funky Finger / dough gym time 


You need your dough and your fingers (and scissors and a straw if you have them)!






Religious Education


We have been looking at different religious celebrations and how these are celebrated.

In our first week we thought about celebrations that are special to us.

Can you remember what you said your best celebration is?  You might have made puppets or acted it out?

  • What was if for?
  • Where was it held?
  • Did you wear special clothes?
  • Did you decorate their homes?


Easter celebrations

For Christians, Easter is the most important festival of the year and lasts a lot longer than just one day. The Easter period is not only full of traditional services and processions, but also big Christian conferences: for example, Spring Harvest and Easter Messy church activities for children. 


It is a mixture of sorrow, reflection, joy and hope.


Watch the attached clip to learn a little more








Over the next few weeks we will be looking at Easter celebrates in greater detail.

In the video ‘new life’ was talked about, this was seen through, eggs, flowers and baby animals.


Can you make your own baby chick?

You can make one of your own or use one of these designs.