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Wellbeing Wednesday AND World Book Day

Wellbeing Wednesday and World Book Day ideas are below.




We hope that you read this in Mrs Patterson's weekly newsletter (29.01.2021)

"Wellbeing Wednesday From next week, we will be running Wednesdays as Wellbeing Wednesdays with a screen free day. The idea will be that although there are lessons and activities for children, these won’t require the use of devices and will be practical or handwritten. Some activities will be planned across the age ranges which will hopefully mean children in different year groups in your family can work on them together!"


We have still placed some Wednesday activities (e.g. maths, phonics) on our webpage as we are aware some families need this structure to their day whilst they manage work commitments etc. 


Please be aware that there is no expectation for the Wednesday work to be completed, encourage your child to be away from the screen when you can.


Our 2.30pm live story will still be available for those families that wish to attend.



Cross age-range activities


Activity one

As a whole school we are making potato book characters!


Start to plan and create your story character potato.  What character might you choose?  What craft items could you use to decorate your potato?




Activity two


Create a story with story dice.  If you haven't seen them before they are great!  The dice have a different setting, character or prop on each side and as you roll them you incorporate it into your story.  There are some available below to download. You can take turns to roll and develop the story or create your own stories each.


There are different styles


A dice net that can be made. This has images on or there is blank one to create your own.







A mat where a picture corresponds to a dice array.







Extra activity! - sorry it involves a screen


Join in with our 'Who's behind the book?' challenge!  Look at the photographs on our social media pages (you don't have to be registered to view) and try and guess who it is. You can let us know your guesses, or just play as a family at home!



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St Andrew's Primary School, Weymouth (@StAndrewsWeyPri) / Twitter


Answers will be revealed on World Book Day!



Reception Wellbeing Wednesday activities





What number will you choose to do?


Available to download below.



Complete your story character potato!


Don't forget to send us a picture!











Join in with the live story sessions that are being held at 10am,11am, 12pm, 1pm and 2pm. More details below of who is reading when.

You should have received details and the join codes in an email.  Mrs Mitchell is reading at 10am!



Join in with our 'Who's behind the book?' challenge

The staff members will be revealed today on our social media pages (you don't have to be registered to view)


St Andrew's CE Primary School, Weymouth - Home | Facebook

St Andrew's Primary School, Weymouth (@StAndrewsWeyPri) / Twitter




Watch our 'pass the story' of Zog and the Flying Doctor.  










Use the story dice if you didn't have a go yesterday.

(see above) 






Timetable of live story sessions





Mrs Mitchell reading a story live on Teams




10:30 suitable for 4yrs+




Mrs Saunders reading a story live on Teams




The reveal of Who’s behind the book?

This will be revealed on our social media pages – did you get any right?



Mrs Patterson reading a story live on Teams




Mrs Harris reading story live on Teams

Also revealing who has won prizes for the reading variety competition and anything else!




You might like to make a story prop bag.  Gather items from around the house, can your family guess what story it is? Can you then retell the story using the props?  

What story do these props belong to?  

Make a bookmark! Use the template or create your own. What would you choose to put on it?