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Making a difference; for good, with each other, everyone, in our community

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Wellbeing Wednesday


We hope that you read this in Mrs Patterson's weekly newsletter (29.01.2021)

"Wellbeing Wednesday From next week, we will be running Wednesdays as Wellbeing Wednesdays with a screen free day. The idea will be that although there are lessons and activities for children, these won’t require the use of devices and will be practical or handwritten. Some activities will be planned across the age ranges which will hopefully mean children in different year groups in your family can work on them together!"



We have still placed some Wednesday activities (e.g. maths, phonics) on our webpage as we are aware some families need this structure to their day whilst they manage work commitments etc. 


Please be aware that there is no expectation for the Wednesday work to be completed, encourage your child to be away from the screen when you can.


Our 2.30pm live story will still be available for those families that wish to attend.



Cross age-range activities


Activity one - Texture hunt



Texture hunt with Mrs Harris









Watch Mrs Harris explain what to do.








What different textures can you find on a walk?

If you can’t get outside you can still find different textures round your house.


How would you describe the textures that you find?













Activity two - #makeadifference


How can you make a difference to someone?  This could be drawing a picture for an isolated neighbour or making a video call to a family member.



Perhaps you could decorate a pebble with a heart or special message and leave it for someone to find?


How might finding a pebble make a difference to someone?







 These are just some ideas of what you could do to make a difference. If you really want to challenge yourself you could use our vision to help you. 

Make a difference for good.

Make a difference with each other.

Make a difference for everyone. 

Make a difference in our community. 





Activity three  - Create a family board game


What is your families favourite board game?

Can you make your own family version?


It could be a simple track game with challenge/task cards or as complicated as possible!





Consider what your game will be based on. It could be based on a favourite story book, number skills or letters. 


What has to happen in  your game?  How do you win? Are there challenges to do? How can you make these suitable for all the family?


How can you make your game?  What can you use that you already have? What could make good character pieces?  


Have fun creating and playing!



Reception Wellbeing Wednesday activities



What number will you choose to do?