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Wellbeing Wednesday


We hope that you read this in Mrs Patterson's weekly newsletter (29.01.2021)

"Wellbeing Wednesday From next week, we will be running Wednesdays as Wellbeing Wednesdays with a screen free day. The idea will be that although there are lessons and activities for children, these won’t require the use of devices and will be practical or handwritten. Some activities will be planned across the age ranges which will hopefully mean children in different year groups in your family can work on them together!"



We have still placed some Wednesday activities (e.g. maths, phonics) on our webpage as we are aware some families need this structure to their day whilst they manage work commitments etc. 


Please be aware that there is no expectation for the Wednesday work to be completed, encourage your child to be away from the screen when you can.


Our 2.30pm live story will still be available for those families that wish to attend.


Cross age-range activities


Activity One - Birdfeeders


The weather is set to get colder so what better time to make feeders for the birds! There are lots of versions available on the internet but here are two brilliant links to try! 



You could 'make a bird feeder with Mrs Harris'







RSPB apple feeder









Activity Two - Family theatre


Think about a story that is a family favourite, a traditional tale or, a story that your child has done recently for school. Try retelling it being as theatrical as you can. Choose which characters to be, create simple props and let your inner actor out.



Activity Three - Star Count

Once the sun sets how many stars can you see?

Can you identify any constellations?  


There are some helpful apps (that do the work for you) such as 'SkyView', 'Google Sky Map' and plenty of others.


You could collect sticks and stones to create your own constellations on earth.





You might like to join the CPRE'S star count.

'Campaign to Protect Rural England' are holding a National Star Count from 6th – 14th Feb 2021. 

Research shows that light pollution is leaving fewer stars than ever visible to the naked eye, and CPRE need your help to track how light levels are changing.


Click on the link below to sign up and to find out more. 



Reception Wellbeing Wednesday activities



What non-screen activity could you do from this choice of 25?


If you're feeling brave you could randomly select a number and go for it!