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Wellbeing Wednesday

Look through the suggestions and plan your day.

You do not have to do them all.


If you have siblings at the school, retell the tale of The Three Little Pigs through drama using a home theatre. This could be in miniature, using a model theatre and puppets or life size!


If you do not have siblings - retell your own version of the tale with a twist e.g. The Three Wolves and the Cunning Pig.



Take time to reread your favourite picture books from when you were younger.

Read them to your siblings or another family member and give the characters distinctive voices when you are reading.

Can you make one of your own?



Find a pack of cards and play games. Which one is your favourite and why?

Now, make one up of your own!


Alternatively, if you make the bird feeders below, conduct a survey which will tell you which is the best feeder and why or just conduct a bird survey in a location of your choice..

Go on a spring hunt, use these sheets or make your own

Make your own bird feeders