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Week commencing 22/02/2021

This is for week commencing Monday 22nd February 2021


We hope you had a lovely relaxing half term break.


Welcome back to Spring Two. 

Our topic this half term is 'Why don't snakes have legs?'


Reptiles are wild and wonderful creatures. Why don’t snakes have legs? Why do chameleons change colour? We’ll find out the answers to some of these questions and more in this fascinating project about reptiles. What do you already know about reptiles?  What would you like to find out?  Let us know! 


If you have any reptile pets, skills or knowledge that could support this topic (e.g. you have a pet reptile, or work in a reptile house) please do let us know and we can come up with a 'remote learning' experience to enhance our children's learning!


Start each day with one of our daily worships.



Our Tapestry activity this week links to our planned CRAZY HAIR day on Friday 26th February.



Join us for a day of Crazy Hair!!!


Friday 26th February


Style your hair as crazy as you can and share your pictures with us!

Whether you are in school or learning from home, everyone can join in.


We are raising money for additional resources for St Andrew's School.