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Monday 8th February

Digging Deeper

Tuesday 9th February


Practise your short division method with the fluency questions or try the reasoning and digging deeper questions about division.


Thursday 11th February


Next week, we are starting fractions.


Make an elicitation poster which answers these questions:


1. What do you know about these fractions:  2    and     ?

                                                                            4              8


2. What is the link between fractions and division?


3. What would you like to learn about fractions?





Friday 12th February


Complete and hand in your fractions poster.


Catch up with Mathletics assignments. 


If you have completed all set Mathletics, find other activities in the Fractions section of Mathletics (under Number) 


OR See if you can improve your Purple Mash maths games scores.