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Week 5

Week 5: Week Beginning 1st February


LI: To understand the meaning of words in context

What is a glossary?

Take a look at the glossary from Shackleton's Journey (attatched at the bottom of this page). Read the words the author had identified and their definitions. 


Challenge: Look back through the book, choose a page or pages that you like and create your own glossary for children younger than you. What words do you think they will need definitions for?

Wow: Can you include a range of technical vocabulary?


LI: To use dialogue to advance the action

Read the Dialogue PowerPoint to recap dialogue. 

Have a look at the 'Setting Sail' page. What might these charater's be saying to each other?


Challenge: Look at the picture on page 24 (attached below). Write a piece of dialogue between these characters making sure you advanced the action.

Wow: Can you include any parenthesis or relative clauses?

Wednesday Wellbeing Wednesday 


LI: To infer characters’ thoughts and feelings

What does the word isolation mean?

Read the 'Isolation' chapter again. 

What can we see? What does this chapter tell us? How do you think they were feeling?


Challenge: mindmap thoughts and feelings of the characters in the isolation chapter.

Wow: Use PEE to evidence and explain your thoughts.



In today's SPAG lesson, you will be exploring the use of ellipsis. Click on the following link to access two videos and three activities:

Using an ellipsis - Year 6 - P7 - English - Catch Up Lessons - Home Learning with BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize