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Week 4

Week 4: Week Beginning 25th January 



LI: To read a book structured in a different way and summarise events

Read Shackleton's Journey. Did you like the book? Why?

How was it different to books we have previously read?


Have a look at some story map examples - see below.


Challenge: Create a story map of Shackleton's Journey. 

Wow: Can you add time adverbial phrases to your pictures for cohesion?


LI: To describe a character

'The Crew' - read this chapter again.

Who can you see? What were their jobs?


Challenge: Choose a chracter and write a description about their appearance.

Wow: Can you infer what this character's personality might be like? Have a go at describing it.


LI: To describe a setting

'Endurance' - read this chapter again.

What adjectives could we use to describe the ship?


Challenge: Write a description of the ship.

Wow: Can you include parenthesis to define technical vocabulary?


LI: To describe a setting

'Setting Sail' - read P16 - p27 again.

What settings did we come across? What adjectives could we use to describe the setting?


Challenge: Write a setting description of a chosen part of Shackleton's Journey.

Wow: Can you include a range of Year 6 grammatical features?




In today's SPAG lesson, you will be exploring the use of commas for clarity. Click on the following link to access two videos and three activities:

Using commas for clarity - Year 6 - P7 - English - Catch Up Lessons - Home learning with BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize