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Week 4

Friday 29th January


Today's task is a comprehension online. 


Click this link to access the story.


First read the story fully and carefully, remembering as much detail as you can.

Afterwards you may want to hear the story read - click the play icon near the top.


Now carefully choose the answers, looking back at the text to make sure they are right. DO NOT JUST GUESS!


Repeat until you get them all right, then click the TEAMS "hand in" to confirm you have completed the task.

Monday 25th to Thursday 29th January 2021

 Call of the Wild by Jack London (continued)


Thursday 28th January

Chapter 4: The New Leader part 2

Listen to the second part of chapter 4 below after you have completed the vocabulary check.


sun-kissed, snow-covered - these hyphenated words combine 2 words to create adjectives.

If something is sun-kissed, what would it look like?

If something is snow-covered, what could it be?

dim - faint - now think of another synonym for dim

grief - very deep sadness 

ceased - stopped - now think of another synonym for ceased

Remember to add the unfamiliar ones to your vocabulary book.


TASK: to retrieve information

Recount what happened to Dave.

How did it make you feel?


WOW: What can you learn from this event?

Chapter 4 part 2: The New Leader

Still image for this video

Wednesday 27th January

Chapter 4: The New Leader

Listen to the first part of chapter 4 below.


TASK: to retrieve information


Who are: Sol-leks, Dave and Billee?

What do you know about them? How do you know this (give some evidence from the text)?


WOW: What is the most powerful thing you have learnt about Buck in the story so far? Why?

Chapter 4: The New Leader

Still image for this video

Tuesday 26th January

Chapter 3: The Dominant Primordial Beast


To summarise: there is a battle of leadership between Buck and Spitz, with Buck finding ways to undermine Spitz's leadership by causing trouble and quarrels with the other dogs. Perrault and Francoise can sense this antagonism between them and know it is only a matter of time before they will fight to the death. After a long journey, they have reached a big camp at the mouth of a river on their way to the Yukon.


As you did so much vocabulary work yesterday, we will just listen to (or read) the story from p 33 to the end of the chapter and find out what happened between Buck and Spitz. 


See if you can follow what happens and what causes them to fight.


Here is a link to the recording for chapter 3:

Listen from 21 minutes to the end. 


TASK: to retrieve information


What happened to the rabbit the dogs were chasing?

Why was Buck labelled the dominant primordial beast?


WOW: Who do you think will make a better leader of the dog team, Buck or Spitz? Why?






Tuesday Chapter Reading

Monday 25th January

Chapter 3: The Dominant Primordial Beast

Read pages 24 to the end of the first sentence on page 31 using the link above to the book.


Here is a link to the recording for chapter 3:

Listen up to 15 minutes and 56 seconds. 


Task: Vocabulary

Make sure you understand the meaning of these words and use each one in a sentence of your own. 











Handwrite your sentences, making sure you are using your neatest handwriting - forming your letters correctly and joining the letters within words. 


You may not have time to do all these words and that is ok! Quality over quantity! Choose the words which interest you the most. If you have noticed other vocabulary within today's section of the book that you need to check and which interests you more than the above words then do feel free to use those words. 

Put the words into your vocabulary book.