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Week 3 (18th - 22nd January)

Week 3 - Monday 18th to Friday 22nd January 2021


Whilst you are learning from home, you can access Charanga by clicking on the link below and enter your login details. Please email your teacher if you do not know your login.



French &German

Bonjour! Guten Tag!

If you want to do some French and/or German here is a link to the website you have used with Mr Warren before. Have fun!

Choose a new section of the site each week which you think would be most useful if you were holidaying in France at some time in the future.



Get active for at least half an hour daily. This is vital for tiptop physical AND mental health. Ideally, part of your exercise routine should get you out of breath.


Either join a Joe Wicks session daily, or choose from these suggestions as well:

  • "Scoutwalk" for around half an hour. Scoutwalk involves running 100 paces, walking 100 paces alternately - an effective speed travelling method used by troops through history before the invention of steam engines.
  • Yoga: We all need to stretch regularly to get our lymph moving and our muscles conditioned. Ask your family to help find a good youtube video, or download an app such as Downdog; set yourself increasingly challenging targets.
  • Work!!!! Ask your family if they have any physical chores you could help with - moving logs etc, gardening, cleaning the car..... these kind of chores are good for wellbeing as your exercise is combined with completing useful tasks.
  • Walk the dog/cat/stick insect if you have one (alright, maybe just the first one).


Follow this link and have a look at these pictures

Give yourself about 10 minutes (longer if you want) and think about the following questions for each picture you look at:

What can we tell and what can we ask about the picture?

For example, for the first picture we could ask: What can you see? Who do you think is most important in the chariot? What are the two people doing? Where do you think they are going? then you could think about what the answer might be.

The image is actually of a terrible dilemma. What do you think it could be? 

Does this image help you see what the dilemma might be?

The two men are going into battle. Prince Arjuna is riding in the chariot. He is preparing to fight for justice, along with loyal members of his family, against people who have cheated them out of their inheritance. It is difficult because some of his relatives are on the other side. He does not want to fight but the family’s future is at stake. The charioteer is about to give him some advice.



1) Choose appropriate ‘feelings faces’ / words to describe how you think Arjuna feels. Then ask: What do you think the men are saying to each other? What would you like to ask? Write more questions about this new picture if wished.


2) What are the arguments for and against fighting? What advice would you give to Prince Arjuna?


3)Who is the charioteer? What did he say?

 Arjuna is a noble prince but the charioteer is greater. His name is Krishna. Before the battle, both sides wanted Krishna on their side. He offered either himself alone or his whole army. Arjuna chose Krishna, saying ‘Your counsel is more valuable to me than an entire army’. On the day of the battle, driving to the battle lines, Arjuna decides he cannot fight. He throws down his weapons. Time seems to ‘freeze’ as Krishna turns to give some advice / counsel.

4)Do you agree that life is like a battle sometimes? How and when? 


Here is a video for you to watch to further understand Prince Arjuna's dilemma (Remember to always check with your adults whether it is ok for you to watch videos)





Continue researching your chosen Pole and creating slides with titles and text for the subheadings.


If you would like to record sound effects or narrate alongside your slides, try visiting - once you have enabled your microphone, simply click the record button and then download the recording - it will appear as an MP3 in your downloads folder.


Remember you can scan or photograph your own artwork to add images to your presentation.