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Week 3

Home Learning



Please make sure that you are reading every day and recording in your reading record at least 3 times ready to show me on Friday 1st October.



Learn the following 10 Year5/6 curriculum spellings ready to be tested on Friday 1st October:

  1. aggressive
  2. apparent
  3. desperate
  4. identity
  5. immediately
  6. lightning
  7. muscle
  8. necessary
  9. occupy
  10. sacrifice


Practise writing these words in sentences linked to Zelda Claw.


Extra Challenge: create a mnemonic to help you remember them. E.g. for because - big elephants can always understand small elephants.




Practise your times-tables using TT Rockstars:


Log into Mathletics ( and complete the two tasks linked to Place Value.

This Week's Learning



This week we have started to learn the tale of fear story Zelda Claw. We started by 'story mapping' the story and learnt actions to help us recall the text. Can you practise recalling the story using the story map below:


Also this week, we learnt how to use commas to separate clauses, in lists, in expanded noun phrases and after fronted adverbials. We also learnt how to use speech to show character's thoughts whilst learning how to punctuate speech correctly. Furthermore, we learnt how to add more detail to nouns using ambitious vocabulary in expanded noun phrases.


Teaching of Reading

In our Teaching of Reading lessons, we read more of the book 'There's A Boy In The Girls' Bathroom'. We explored the impact of language and discussed how author's use particular words or phrases to have an impact on the reader. We also explored character's motives and inferred their reasons for their actions.



In maths this week, we continued to learn more about place value and focused our learning on rounding and negative numbers.

Can you try and solve the complex negative problem that we found difficult this week?

We finished the week by revisiting our Place Value elicitation task to show how our learning progressed, and completed another elicitation task on the four operations.