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Week 3


Tuesday onwards


Call of the Wild 

Author - Jack London


Our next book is an exciting book called Call of the Wild. It links in with our topic of Frozen Kingdom and is the recommended book to accompany this topic.

It starts off very dramatically for Buck. 


It has a lot of complex vocabulary so, in order for you to get the most out of the book, I suggest you make yourself a vocabulary book. You could do this with a document on your device (where possible) or you could get some paper and make it into a book. You may even have a notebook at home you could use. Ask your adults. 

In your vocab book, make a note of any unknown words, look up the definition and then write a quick definition in your own words to help you understand and remember them. Let us know what words you have been learning from it.


Each day we will post a section from the book along with a recording of it (with which part to listen to). It is up to you whether you want to listen to the recording or just read the book to yourself. If you find some of the language tricky, the recording may help you understand as the reader puts expression into his reading. If you choose to listen to the recording, read along with it so you can see the words too. 


Tuesday 19th January

Read and listen to the first half of chapter 1.

The pages are attached below and in the recording you should listen up to 14 minutes and 30 seconds. 

LI: to predict. Using what you know about the book so far, predict what the story will be about. Use evidence from the text to justify your prediction.

Here is the link to the recording:





Tuesday reading


Once you have written your prediction - and only AFTER you have written your prediction watch the following video which may be like watching the blurb (it's a trailer). If you do not want any spoilers or any information on the rest of the book do not watch it.

Wednesday 20th February 

Do the written task before the reading today

LI: to explain vocabulary.

Take some time before you read to go through this vocabulary and make sure you understand each of the words. Put it in the vocabulary book you made yesterday (or make one now if you didn't have time yesterday). Add any other unfamiliar words when you are reading so you can check them. Understanding the words you read will give you a deeper understanding and enjoyment of the story. 

Write a definition of the words you find the hardest:

endured, ferocity, shrewd, mercilessly, involuntarily, revelation, docile, wheedling, uncouth, weazened, treacherous, morose,

What does it mean to laugh uproariously 


Read and listen to the second half of chapter 1 of Call of the Wild


Here is the link for the recording. Start at 14 minutes and 30 seconds and listen to the end. the pages are attached below for you to read.

Wednesday reading

Thursday 21st February 

LI: to explain the author's choice of words.




p 15 primordial  - means at the beginning of time

        antagonist - means is 'a foe' - hostile to - starts a fight


p 17 perpetual (stare) - means never-ending

        malignant (eye) - means evil

        prowess  - means skill or bravery 


appeasingly/appeasment - look up what to 'appease' means and decide what these words mean and how they are used


p 18 forlorn - sad   arduous  - very hard


Choose up to 3 of these words which interest you and put them in the vocabulary book you have made. Either record the definition or part of the sentence where they are used in the text. Try to use them in your writing. 


Now, listen to or read Chapter 2: The Law of Club and Fang. 

The text is below.


Here is the link for the recording. Finish it at 12:16 minutes today. 

(156) The Call of the Wild by Jack London - Chapter 2: The Law of Club and Fang - YouTube


TASK: Which section was the most interesting or exciting part for you? Explain why. 

WOW: Explain why you think the author chose the title: The Law of Club and Fang for this chapter.


Friday 22nd January


Vocabulary check: 

scholar,     linger,     enforce,     administer,     ravenous,

     fastidious,     cadence


Today you will read the rest of  chapter 2 – The Law and Club of Fang.

The pages are attached below and here is the link to listen along. You will need to start at 12 minutes and 14 seconds into the video for this section of the chapter.


LI: to retrieve information from a text

Answer these questions about the section you have just read. Remember to answer them in full sentences – we do not start a sentence with the word because.

  1. How many dogs in total are there now?
  2. How have the dogs Dave and Sol-leks changed?
  3. What is Buck’s position when pulling the sled and why was he placed there?
  4. Describe the day’s run.
  5. Explain how the dogs sleep at night and how it is possible to keep warm doing this.
  6. Why does Buck have to eat as fast as he can?
  7. How does Southland differ to Northland?
  8. List some of the changes in Buck,


  1. Describe how you think Buck’s feelings have changed since he first landed in this snowy land and describe how you think Buck is feeling about his new life now. Use some information from the text to justify your opinion.


Second half of chapter 2 - The Law of Club and Fang

Monday 18th January 2021


NATIVE AMERICAN TALES retold by Saviour Pirotta 



Vocabulary check:

You will hear the words below.

Explore them and try and guess what they mean from the look of them.

Then, listen out for them. 


Does your meaning fit the context? 

If not, find out the meaning.


      departed                          faithful                                                            

                      companion                             rapids (rapid)                          


Task: to summarise:

Listen to the story again if you need to recap what happened then write a summary of what the story was about.

Include what happened in the story and how Wahu felt.  


Wow: Summarise the purpose of the whole book in just three sentences.


Extra wow (optional): What was your opinion of the book? What did you like/dislike - why? Would you recommend the book and if so who to?