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Week 2 - 1st March to 5th March 2021

Welcome Spring


As we have had some wonderful weather lately - go on a signs of Spring walk. How many signs of spring can you spot? 

Record these signs in a chart or graph. What type of chart or graph will you use and why? 

Thinking of science skills, how might you categorize these signs?

For something art - you could draw, paint or collage the signs you saw into a lovely bright Spring poster. 



Book related activities


Activity one


As a whole school we are making potato book characters!


Start to plan and create your story character potato.  What character might you choose?  What craft items could you use to decorate your potato?


Activity two


Create a story with story dice.  If you haven't seen them before they are great!  The dice have a different setting, character or prop on each side and as you roll them you incorporate it into your story.  There are some available below to download. You can take turns to roll and develop the story or create your own stories each.


There are different styles



A dice net that can be made. This has images on or there is blank one to create your own.




A mat where a picture corresponds to a dice array.






Here are many non screen ideas linked to books: