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Week 2 (11th - 15th January)

11th - 15th January 2021

ART Lesson 1


Lesson for printing


Odd one out


Whilst you are learning from home, you can access Charanga by clicking on the link below and enter your login details. Your login details have been emailed to your parents. Please email your teacher if you have not received or no longer know your login.



French &German

Bonjour! Guten Tag!

Pick a new section of the site below to learn - think about which sections would be most useful to you if you had a French visitor or travelled (in the future!) to a French speaking country. Stick with the same section until you are confident with the vocab.



Get active for at least half an hour daily. This is vital for tiptop physical AND mental health. Ideally, part of your exercise routine should get you out of breath.


Either join a Joe Wicks session daily, or choose from these suggestions as well:

  • "Scoutwalk" for around half an hour. Scoutwalk involves running 100 paces, walking 100 paces alternately - an effective speed travelling method used by troops through history before the invention of steam engines.
  • Yoga: We all need to stretch regularly to get our lymph moving and our muscles conditioned. Ask your family to help find a good youtube video, or download an app such as Downdog; set yourself increasingly challenging targets.
  • Work!!!! Ask your family if they have any physical chores you could help with - moving logs etc, gardening, cleaning the car..... these kind of chores are good for wellbeing as your exercise is combined with completing useful tasks.
  • Walk the dog/cat/stick insect if you have one (alright, maybe just the first one).




Hopefully you had an opportunity to play with Powerpoint online last week.

This week rewatch the video link on TEAMS to learn more inserting text, wordart, pictures and sound.


Next you need to plan the order of your slides. As you will be making a film from your presentation, it needs to be sequenced appropriately starting with a title slide followed by a general intro slide. You should also have a summary or conclusion slide which might include the sources of your information.


Spend some time researching the Arctic of Antarctic then create your first slide. You may choose to duplicate it to make the other slides with the same theme.


Some suggested sections

  • Title
  • Introduction - general information about the two poles, explaining which one you will focus on
  • Geography - size, population, information you would find in an atlas. Map.
  • Biology/ wildlife (you might have subslides for different animals and their adaptations)
  • Day and night (you may know that the sun never rises in the winter or sets in the summer in some parts)
  • Changing climate - effects of global warming
  • People (explorers, drilling, hunting)

Remember this project is not due til mid-February, so take your time and enjoy your learning!



This task has been set on Teams so you can upload your work if you like; please tick to show completed if you do not upload.

How many routes do you know from Dorchester to Weymouth?

They all have the same end goal.

Does it matter which pathway you take to achieve your goal (to get to Weymouth? )

Maybe it does if you are in a hurry!


If the journey represents being united with God  - for Hindus, MOKSHA - all routes are OK.

The pathway you take does not matter.

The only person wasting time is the one who runs around the mountain telling everyone his or her path is wrong.


Imagine you have to get from your the hall in school to the outdoor classroom.

Describe or draw the best routes:

  • If it was raining
  • If you were in a wheelchair
  • If it was an emergency (fastest route)
  • If you wanted to see lots of wildlife
  • If you had a whole day to travel the route!

This task has been set on Teams so you can upload your work if you like; please tick to show completed if you do not upload.