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Week 1 23/03/20

Below are the suggestions for learning each day. On Purple mash, we will be able to track progress and see the completed work. We will also be able to monitor TTRockstars and Mathletics usage. 

WB 23/03/20




Fractions games on Purple mash

Write a persuasive letter to Richard Drax about sea pollution. (The children should have completed some research in school, last week, and they have looked at the features of a letter.)


White Rose lesson

Purple Mash – 2create a story


White Rose lesson

Purple Mash – 2create a story


TTRockstars or


Write a letter to a family member or elderly neighbour.


Create fractions at home (e.g. you could draw them, cut them using paper or food). Can you add your fractions? Can you take them away? If possible, you can email these to me so I can see your marvellous creations. 

Handwriting/Spelling practice – Choose 10 words from the year 3/4 spelling list



Reading for at least 20 minutes

Exercise/PE – Daily mile or see The Body Coach on Youtube, who will be running a free live 30min PE lesson each morning at 9am. 

Choose an extra-curricular challenge- see below for ideas