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Wednesday 6th January to Friday 8th January


This week we will be revisiting the Year 5 learning objective:


To use a wide range of clause structures, sometimes varying their position within the sentence


- a clause needs to contain a verb

- a simple sentence can also be a main clause in longer sentences

- a compound sentence contains 2 main clauses linked with a FANBOY

- a complex sentence contains a main clause and other clauses - this is what we are aiming to be able to write effectively in Year 5.


The next link contains 5 videos linked to the objective and ideally you should start on lesson 3, however, you may return to lesson 1, if you need to revise what a main clause is and simple sentences:

T1: Sentence level objectives - Oak National Academy (

For WOW work, please look at these websites on polar animals and read some of the texts. Look for a variety of clauses used in different positions:


10 facts about polar bears! | National Geographic Kids (

polar bear | Description, Habitat, & Facts | Britannica

Reading Exercise - Endangered Species | EnglishClub

Arctic Animals - a list of North Polar animals (


Make a list of the most interesting ones you found.

Can you label them as main, subordinate or relative clauses?



Finally, if you want to try going deeper, then practise writing your own sentences about a polar animal, which contain a range of clauses used in different places.


Email your best sentence to your teacher!

The final piece of work for English this week will be for you to use your learning to write a short story about an animal.

We will set it as an assignment on TEAMS.



Log onto Purple Mash and find the activity set based on Spring 1 week 1 spellings


The Look Cover Write Check sheet is below - complete this daily by printing or practising on scrap paper.


Make sure you are NOT looking at the words as you copy them down - you must engage your memory!