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Week 1 (4th - 8th January)

Week 4th to 8th January 2021



For some music this week click on the link and listen to the story of Peter and The Wolf composed by Sergei Prokofiev (a Russian composer). It is a great introduction to various instruments. In this version, Miss Lyndley's son Joe plays the part of the Grandfather  on the bassoon and Mrs Lawson's son Sam is one of the violinists. I hope you enjoy it! Remember to check with your adults that it is ok to follow any web links. Stay safe online.

Do you think the instruments suit the characters? 

French &German

Bonjour! Guten Tag!

If you want to do some French and/or German here is a link to the website you have used with Mr Warren before. Have fun!





In RE this half term we will be looking at Hinduism.

Here are some links to videos to get you started. Watch a couple (or all of you want) then make a poster of what you know about Hinduism.

We will be looking at Moksha - what do you know about Moksha from watching the videos?





The focus over coming weeks is to create a MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATION on the theme of North or South Pole. You will then save your presentation as a film.


Multimedia means including text, photos and other pictures, diagrams, sound clips and music, animations and video clips. Sound and video could be imported or you may be able to record some yourself.


Ideally, your presentation will have a consistent feel (theme) throughout, and will use slide transitions such as fading between slides or page turn effects.


To get a feel for what you can do with Powerpoint online, first watch the video clip or


This week, just have a play. Log into your Office365 account using the username and password you were given for Teams last term*. Find the Powerpoint button in the apps list on the left hand of your Office 365 account homepage.


Choose a template and explore using the “insert” menu to create textboxes and write within them. Try inserting sounds – can you figure out how to record your own? In the “design” menu, explore different backgrounds to use across all your slides – making sure text is easy to read on the background (CONTRAST!)


Don’t worry about saving your explorative work - before you go any further, you now need to do a bit of research on your theme before you can decide on the sub-topic of each slide, which you will plan next week.


So now it is time to begin to research your topic. Remember a single source may not be reliable, so use a variety!

*Your username should start with 15 (y5) or 14 (y6). So Sam Smith in Y5 would be



To keep yourself physically and mentally fit and healthy, aim to find activities to get yourself active for around half an hour each day. Joe Wicks sessions are ideal; there are also many excellent free yoga/pilates/stretching apps available for iPhone or android devices. Cycling and walking also count! Aim to get out of breath for at least a few minutes daily to keep your heart in tip-top condition.