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🌈Wellbeing Wednesday🌈

Every Wednesday, the whole school will be having a day focussing on our wellbeing. The activities will be related to their topics and will not require any technology. Each week you will have 3 different activities that can be done as a family.


We will see you on Teams at 9am for a quick story and some fun!


Activity 1 - Bird Feeders

Can you create a bird feeder using a range of resources you have at home? You could hang it up in your garden or you may want to hang it up somewhere on your daily walk.  We would love to see your bird feeders, especially if you have any feathery guests appear. There are some ideas at the bottom of the page.


Activity 2 - Star count

Star count is an opportunity to take part in a national star count and turn into a 'Citizen Scientist' for the evening. You can find all of the information on the following website below, just copy and paste the link.

Here is an app you can download on apple or android to see all of the different constellations - Sky view.


Activity 3- Family Theatre

Little Red Riding Hood? Three Little Pigs? Jack and the Beanstalk? 

What is your favourite fairytale? 

We would like you to recreate your favourite fairytale using drama. You may want to use  costumes, props, scenery or masks? We would love to see some of your adults getting involved and joining in with all the fun. Remember to video your stories and send it to your class teacher or Miss Goodwin to put it on the Facebook page. 


Have a wonderful day! 




Activity 3 - Family theatre