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🌈Wellbeing Wednesday🌈

Every Wednesday, the whole school will be having a day focussing on our wellbeing. The activities will be related to their topics and will not require any technology. Each week you will have 3 different activities that can be done as a family.


We will see you on Teams at 9am for a quick story and some fun!


Activity 1 - Make some puppets to re-tell the story of 'Sayeeda the Pirate Princess'. You can think about all of the different characters and make up your own story using your puppets. 


Activity 2 - Go on a walk with your family and see if you can find any unusual treasure that you may keep in your treasure box. You will need your imagination! You may find a precious leaf, a shiny stone, a beautiful glistening shell or a colourful flower. 


Activity 3 - Can you create a treasure map to help Sayeeda find the buried treasure? Here is a link that might help give you some ideas. 

Remember, X marks the spot!!