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W/B 8th June 2020

Summer Term second half: Week 2

 w/b 08/06/20


We will be categorising work as MUSTSHOULD and COULD to help you choose the most important tasks first.


MUST will generally include English and Maths

SHOULD will usually be topic related

COULD will sometimes include more creative and fun tasks or more challenging tasks


Online event: Friday 12th June with the Natural History Museum


Thank you to Zach's mum for letting us know about this! 


This Friday from 10.30am to 11.15am 

Meet Museum researcher Gerallt Hughes to find out what it is like to study and explore a volcano.


Here is the link:


I look forward to this. Hope you all enjoy it too. 

There is another one on the 30th June. Here's the link for that one:





 Maths: The White Rose Maths materials are being delivered in line with the BBC bitesize maths.


Lessons for Monday – Friday (challenge) have been posted and revisit the WRM website for the challenge on Friday! 


Please remember to use  TT Rockstars and Mathletics regularly too.



White Rose Maths Summer Term – Week 7 (w/c 8th June)


Maths Year 3

Maths Year 4



Watch the videos online at

Download the WRM sheets below



Watch the videos online at 

Download the WRM sheets below


Lesson 1

Equivalent fractions (1)


Tenths as decimals

Lesson 2

Equivalent fractions (2)

Dividing 2 digits by 10

Lesson 3

Equivalent fractions (3)

Hundredths as decimals

Lesson 4

Compare fractions

Dividing 1 and 2 digits by a hundred

Lesson 5

Maths Challenge

Get the activity from the website

Maths Challenge

Get the activity from the website

English Year 3 & 4




Read chapter 2 of The Firework-Maker’s daughter.

If there are any words you do not know the meaning of make sure you look them up in  a dictionary to help you understand what you are reading.

At the start of this chapter, Lila writes a letter to her father. Imagine you are Lila and write a more detailed version of the letter. Explain carefully where you have gone and why, as well as how you feel.




Why does Chulak offer to rescue Lila?


Write a letter from Chulak to Lila begging her to return safely. Include how you think he is feeling. Explain to Lila why Chulak thinks that she needs to come home.




 What do you think of the pirates? Do you think they are real pirates? Explain what you think about them.

What does the word dialogue mean?

Look at the powerpoint below about dialogue and how to punctuate it.

There are some other documents to help you with writing dialogue.

Then have a go at writing some speech on the worksheets attached below.





Look at the powerpoint about speech again to remind yourself about dialogue and how to punctuate it.

Write some dialogue between Lila and the pirates.

If you were Lila what would you want to say to the pirates?

How would you persuade them to take you across the water?

What would they say back to you?



Read chapter 3

Practise your skills in writing dialogue – if you met the Water Goddess, what would you say to her?

What would she say back to you?

Write it out in speech.

Extra challenge: only use the word ‘said’ once. What other words for said can you use in your dialogue writing?


See Purple Mash and follow the link for the spellings for your year group, Summer 2 Week 2

There are two quizzes set on Purple Mash, one for each year group. You may choose just to do the one for your year group, or you could do both.

Look cover write check sheets are linked below and are also on Mash.





(wider curriculum)




Look at the rocks you collected last week, or look at the first picture on the slides attached below for science. 

How would you describe the rocks? How could you group them? Can you think of more than one criteria for grouping them? How could you record the groupings of the different rocks?

Now read through the slides.

Do you think the rocks have been sorted correctly on the Venn diagram? Why do you think that?

Look at the Carroll diagram. Can you spot the rock in the wrong place?

Why do you think it's important to be able to group rocks according to their characteristics? Why would scientists need to be able to do this?


Look at your rocks and at the picture cards. Choose one of the worksheets and put the rocks into categories according to the worksheet. 

Do you think everyone would agree with where you have put the rocks? Why might people not all agree of which categories the rocks should go in?


Extra challenge: Think of a different way to categorise the rocks and make your own Caroll diagram to record this.


Remind yourselves about rocks by watching the BBC Bitesize clip again.


Note: The slides and worksheets for science are below the maths and RE resources at the bottom go this page. Scroll down to find them. 




RE    (also available to download/print below)


What kind of world did Jesus want? 



Do you remember how to find ‘Gospels’ in the ‘New Testament’ of the Bible?

Last week we read Matthew: 4:18-19. Who was it about? What did they have to do?



If you have a Bible find Matthew 4:20-22, if you don’t the passage is below.


Read Matthew 4:20-22, this time the focus is on James and John. 


Matthew 4:20-22 20At once they left their nets and followed him. 21Going on from there, he saw two other brothers, James son of Zebedee and his brother John. They were in a boat with their father Zebedee, preparing their nets. Jesus called them, 22and immediately they left the boat and their father and followed him.


What did James and John leave behind? Was this similar or different to Peter and Andrew?


What special new jobs did the disciples gain once they followed Jesus? 


We have sung songs at school about ‘fisher of people’ but what does it mean?  


Fishers of Men song


Following Jesus and being “fishers of people” are about the actions that Jesus wanted people do and demonstrate to others.


Make a poster explaining what a ‘fisher of people’ might do.


You can choose the style of your poster and could use purple mash, paper and pens or another medium – it’s up to you!



  • Consider what Jesus wanted the Disciples to do in order to be ‘fishers of people’.
  • Think about the personal values that ‘fishers of people’ need to have.
  • Do our schools values link to this? How?
  • What actions demonstrate these values?
  • Consider both big and small actions that demonstrate this.
  • Peter fishes for men




Log into Purple Mash. you should see a coding task set for you. If you are finding it tricky, use the video links in the top right corner for help.



Continue to explore the Charanga Yumu online learning platform.



Daily sessions with Joe Wicks on YouTube Channel at 9am.

Have you tried an Oti Mabuse dance tutorial or Just Dance session (also on YouTube)? CosmicYoga and GoNoodle are good fun too!



Pupils: Please do not go online unless you have permission from your parents and make sure your parents are able to supervise you. Online safety is important.


Thank you! 😊

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