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W/B 22th June 2020

Summer Term second half: Week 4

 w/b 22/06/20


We will be categorising work as MUSTSHOULD and COULD to help you choose the most important tasks first.


  • MUST will generally include English and Maths
  • SHOULD will usually be topic related
  • COULD will sometimes include more more creative and fun tasks or more challenging tasks









The main task this week, creating a poster, will be optionally set on Purple Mash to help simplify the sharing of work. Maths will be moved to "SHOULD" so that if your project poster takes over most of your learning time, you don't have to worry if you don't get all the maths, spelling and reading completed.


A prize for what we consider to be the best poster (see the checklist in the video above) will be posted out next week. If you decide to create a real physical poster, please ensure all text in any photos sent in is clearly readable.



Research! Find answers for some of these questions using the links below. You may wish to make notes on rough paper or an electronic document.

  • What is the Earth made of?
  • What causes earthquakes?
  • Where in the world are earthquakes most likely? Why?
  • How do we measure them?
  • What damage can quakes do?
  • How can you protect yourself and others in an earthquake?
  • How are tsunamis linked to earthquakes?


There are many Youtube videos, including those of recent quakes in Mexico and a clear video from National Geographic, but as destruction and injury may feature, check with your family first.




Try the two quizzes set on Purple Mash 2dos about the Earth's layers and earthquakes. Decide a title for your poster. Think about how many of these features you can include: MAPS, GRAPHS and CHARTS, PHOTOS, DIAGRAMS, FACT BOXES or DID YOU KNOW BOXES, SUBTITLES, LIVELY COLOURS, ARTWORK.... find or make illustrations you could use.



Rewatch the BBC clips on the second link above. Talk to your family if possible about their knowledge or experience of earthquakes.  Start to plan/prepare some of your text and images.



Plan the layout of your poster: How much will be text and how much illustrations and graphics? What font and style will you use for titles? Subtitles? Will you have contrasting lively colours or go for a more subtle and gentle appearance? How will you make it look consistent? How will you make it eyecatching? Start to create and fill your poster areas.



Complete your poster. Edit carefully: spellings, punctuation, titles and subtitles. Complete any final bits of art or decoration. Ask a family member to help you have a second check before you photograph your work or save it on the Purple Mash task.


Under "COULD" below is the option to create a quiz on Purple Mash - it could be made as a test for someone who has read your poster.














Please remember to use  TT Rockstars and Mathletics regularly too.


White Rose TOP TIP

(Thank you to a parent that shared this capability with us!)

If you 'download' the worksheet, but don't have access to a printer, there is 'draw tool' near the top right. Children can complete on screen and then you can save it with their work on. 





White Rose Maths Summer Term – Week 9 (w/c 22nd June)


Maths Year 3

Maths Year 4



Watch the videos online at

(week 9)


Links below for the WRM sheets



Watch the videos online at

(week 9)


Links below for the WRM sheets


Lesson 1

Right angles in shapes

Pounds and pence

Lesson 2

Compare angles

Ordering money

Lesson 3

Horizontal and vertical

Estimating money

Lesson 4

Parallel and perpendicular lines

Four operations

Lesson 5

Maths Challenge

This can be found at the bottom of the White Rose page above, wk 9. Please note that challenges up to no. 4-5 are aimed at Year 4 and below - the questions from 5 onwards are optional and are best done with family support and discussion if possible.

Maths Challenge

This can be found at the bottom of the White Rose page above, wk 9. Please note that challenges up to no. 4-5 are aimed at Year 4 and below - the questions from 6 onwards are optional and are best done with family support and discussion if possible.



Reading: This week we would like you to have at least half an hour of free fiction reading daily. Next week you will be asked to write a book review of the book you most recently completed, or are currently reading.


Spellings: There are three consolidation sheets on Purple Mash and below, as well as a paper assessment.


RE (available to download below)


Our big question for RE is based on Christianity What kind of world did Jesus want? 


This week we are thinking about how Christians try to show love to all, including how members of the clergy follow Jesus’ teaching.


Think about a church leader you know, this could be Rev’d Tim West who leads worship at our school or you may know someone else.


Get prepared!  Rev'd Tim West has made a video for us and he has talked about the questions below.  As you watch, make notes of the key points for each question. You may find it easier to watch it once, listen carefully, then watch it again making your notes, or, watch it and pause it after he has answered each question giving yourself time to write notes.


-Why did you want to become a minister?

-How does your day to day reflect following Jesus' teachings?

-How do church leaders follow Jesus, fish for people or try to be like Jesus?

-What attributes should a church leader have?


Now watch the video of Rev’d West. 


In the previous two weeks we have thought about the actions and values that ‘fishers of people’ may show and about how these could be shown in modern times. Did Rev’d West talk about any actions and values that you hadn’t thought about?


Now create a ‘wanted’ poster for the best church leader ever.  Think carefully about what is needed for the best church leader ever. 

You can choose how to present your work but please ask your grown up to send a photograph of it.

Rev'd Tim West

Still image for this video




Continue to explore the Charanga Yumu online learning platform.

You could write your own song about Volcanoes.

Do you know any songs about volcanoes?



Daily sessions with Joe Wicks on YouTube Channel at 9am.

Have you tried an Oti Mabuse dance tutorial or Just Dance session (also on YouTube)? CosmicYoga and GoNoodle are good fun too!




Use 2quiz on Purple Mash (set as a 2do) to create a quiz for a family member or friend to try.