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W/B 13 July 2020

Week beginning 13th July 2020



Make a list of all the things that make you happy and do something from your list every day.


Turn it into a poster and decorate it.


Put it somewhere where you will see it to remind you to do something from it every day.  







Make a rainbow!

Rainbows have become a symbol of lockdown and we have seen them in windows, in the media and all over the place! 

Have a go at making your own.  Look at the ‘Make a rainbow’ sheet below. There are four different ways to make a rainbow. Which one will you try? Which one was most successful at making a rainbow?



On separate pieces of paper, draw each member of your family, including pets. Together as a family, surround each picture with positive words about that family member. Start with the picture of yourself.





Read for 30 minutes in an unusual (but safe) place!









 Visit Cosmic Yoga and practise specific yoga poses.

Which one do you prefer?  

Ask family members to do it with you, what poses do they prefer?


(Click on the picture or Cosmic Yoga writing)


Monday resources




Gratitude poster 

Make a poster of things you have been thankful for while being at home. Have a look at Miss Lyndley’s (below) for some ideas if needed. 








When it is a sunny day make a sundial outdoors and track the suns movement.


Instructions are below!





Read for 30 minutes to a pet/sibling or plant. 







Create a 20 minute work out for you and your family (or longer if you want).


Include a warm up and a cool down. 

Tuesday resources



Nature art


Collect items on your walk or from  your garden and make a picture.


Can you rearrange them to make a completely different work of art.




Look at the '25 mindfulness acts' below.


Choose one or more mindful exercises from the list.

Can you do one or two every day?







Write a positive poem about  lockdown or the easing of lockdown.

Watch these videos; what positive aspects have the authors shown?


Check with your parents when using links 





Build a den you can sit in.  Use duvet/blankets propped up on chairs.

Read for 30 minutes in a den or under covers!

Mindfulness activities (to access any links, hold down ctrl and then click on the link)




Send a gmail to a friend including three things you appreciate about them or what you have missed about hanging out with them. You can log into gmail using three letters of your first name and surname, followed by So for example John Smith would be Your password will be your TTrockstars password repeated three times - so if yours was qwe, you would input qweqweqwe. To mail a classmate, use the same format to write their email address. 


REMEMBER all emails should be positive and thoughtful; a copy of all pupil emails is sent to an e-safety account which is only opened if concerns are raised about cyber bullying or other inappropriate use.


You can these accounts to log into chromebooks in school next term, so feel free to explore your account with your family!





Origami – make an origami animal.  

Have a look at this website for loads of ideas! 




Create an obstacle course in your garden (or in your house if you don’t have a garden) and complete it – challenge your family to complete it as well. 






Design and make a healthy picnic lunch. 

What does it need to include?

How can you present the food?

If you can't eat outdoors have a carpet picnic! 

Make sure your adult helps with sharp knives etc.





Read for 30 minutes while eating a snack (if you won't make the book mucky!) 









Bake an eat treat for you and your family!

Choose your own recipe or use one below.


Miss Lyndley’ has shared a delicious chocolate cake recipe and Mrs Mitchell has shared her family ginger biscuit recipe.


Both are REALLY easy (they must be for us to bake them) BUT remember to ask an adult to help with the hot bits!



Look at the positive messages in the power point below.

Design an illustration for one or write your own and illustrate it.

Don't forget to share it with us!







Take a sensory walk round your house/garden in bare feet - how many different surfaces do you walk on – explain to a family member how each one feels - try whole foot, on tiptoes, on heel. 

Redo your walk - how many different textures and temperatures can you feel with your hands? At end of walk sit down and be still and quiet – what can you hear, see, smell, feel, taste? What is the loudest noise? What is the quietest?  




Read your book aloud to family. 

How dramatically can you read it? 

Can a family member do it better?

Positive Thinking Power point (if watching in slide show mode, click for next slide each time until the end)

Friday treat recipe ideas