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WB 01/02/21

Remote Learning –  

Week Beginning Monday 1st February 2021 



Follow the Powerpoint to hear the story of KIng Midas   
Monday 1st - English - King Midas Powerpoint  

Monday 1st - English - Video Lesson  

No official lesson.  
Read to a grown up! 

Wellbeing Wednesday 

See Below 


Looking at the features of a newspaper - Part 1 
Thursday 4th - English - Video Lesson   
Thursday 4th February - Powerpoint  


Looking at the features of a newspaper – Part 2 

Friday 5th February - Powerpoint 



Equivalent lengths (m and cm) 



Equivalent lengths (mm and cm) 


Wellbeing Wednesday 

See Below 


Year 3: Measure Length 

Year 4: Kilometres 


Year 3: Compare Lengths 

Year 4: Today we would like you to focus on your times tables and spend some time on TTRockstars. 





Use this link to explore some ideas to do this Wellbeing Wednesday 
Wellbeing Wednesday Ideas - 3rd Feb 

You could also go for a walk, do some reading or practice your times tables!  


1) Watch up to 7min 30. 

2) Complete the quiz  


Today, we are going to learn about another Jewish tradition: The mezuzah. 

A mezuzah is a special box with a prayer inside it that is put on door frames. You may want to write your own special prayer inside. 


This week, we are going to start learning more about ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses. 

Go to BBC Bitesize Ancient Greece and click on 'Who were the ancient Greek Gods and heroes?'  

Click on the images of the Gods and Goddesses to find out a bit more about them. 

Draw and write about your favourite ancient Greek God or Goddess. 


French Powerpoint - I like   

You are invited to draw or paint a picture to 'Express Yourself' for Children's Mental Health Week. 

You might want to use your favourite colours or to draw your favourite things. 

You might like to do this with your family helping you and joining in?

Please ask parents/carers to email a photograph of your 'Express Yourself' Art to: so that we can add it to the next online art gallery.