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πŸ“šπŸ“–World Book Day πŸ“šπŸ“–

There will be no Live Teams Session on this day. 



Here are a range of activities you can complete within the day:


Take part in 'Who's behind the book?'. Guess which St Andrew's staff member is behind their favourite book. 


Watch the prerecorded 'Pass the Story on' video of St Andrew's staff reading Zog and the Flying Doctors.


Join the live TEAM book readings, from a range of St Andrew's teachers: 10am Mrs Mitchell, 11am Mrs Saunders, 1pm Mrs Patterson and 2pm Mrs Harris.


Dress up as your favourite book character and send us some of your wonderful pictures. 


Write a character description for the character you have dressed up as. 


Read your favourite book in an unusual place and get somebody to take a photo of yourself.


Watch a live story at 10.30am on the World Book Day Website


Write a book review about your favourite book. 


Write a letter to the author of your favourite book letting them know why you love it so much. 


Could you create a new book cover for your book? Or could you write the next book in the series?