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Summer One 2022

Welcome to Summer One in Reception!

Summer One learning overview


Below is a brief idea of some of our learning opportunities within English and maths for this half term, please scroll down to the 'Summer One' tab for weekly updates and ongoing information.


In English our initial Talk for Writing (T4W) story is 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'.  We will thoroughly learn this story using actions before we innovate it and then invent our own versions.  Learning the story well reduces cognitive load when we then come to write it and subsequent version.  This allows us to focus on all the other important parts of writing.  When the story map comes home, please help your child to practise!


Our non-fiction text will be 'All about minibeasts' and we hope to have some exciting visitors so watch out for letters with more information!


In phonics we will continue to recap set one and two graphemes with a focus on using these in our reading and writing.  We will further learn red/tricky words from our strand 2 set. 


In maths we will explore numbers to 20 and beyond. We will explore these numbers in great depth  so your children will be confident in applying them.  Alongside this we will explore areas such as adding/taking away, doubling/sharing and the patterns and relationships. We will spend time within each area on spatial reasoning.  Throughout we will encourage children to talk about their knowledge, explaining what they know and giving reasons for method and answers.


Our RE big question will be “What makes every single person unique and precious?”


Our PSHE topic will be 'Relationships'.


We are looking forward to an exciting half term of learning!


Week beginning 23rd May 2022


A fabulous final week of summer one half term!  We can't believe that it has arrived already!


A highlight has been seeing one of Octopus AND Shrimp class butterflies emerge from the cocoon - the excitement was high! We are waiting to see what will happen next but they may have to be released during half term - we will video it to show the children.  Nature doesn't always work as would like it to!


P says "my best bit of the week was watching the butterfly come out of the cocoon"



We have loved our learning this week and have been writing about the life cycle of the butterfly.


R says "I found out that butterflies do not eat, they drink nectar".


In maths we have been continuing our work on position, shape and orientation. Activities have included taking turns to roll a die, selecting the correct numicon piece and seeing if we can fit them onto the grid, we had to fill the grid with no spaces.





We loved our final tennis session although it had to be indoors due to the weather.


Wednesday proved a huge success and we were lucky to get our scoot in before the weather turned really bad!  Weymouth college students had planned some exciting challenges for the children and we were so proud that they showed our value of respect by listening carefully and our value of responsibility by scootering safely. Thank you Weymouth college!


We wish you all a very lovely half term and hope you enjoy the Platinum Jubilee!  We return to school on Tuesday 7th June 2022.



Week beginning Monday 16th May 2022


A busy penultimate week has been had by all!


We have enjoyed fact finding about butterflies, ask us how they feed! We have been very excited, and engaged, with the moving of the cocoons into the butterfly nets - we have everything crossed that they don't emerge during our half term break.  Our writing has focused on what we know about them and we continue to develop our sentence writing skills and accuracy of letter formation.  Please ask us if you need any support in encouraging your child to write at home.



In maths we have been exploring spatial reasoning. This includes aspects such as position, shape, orientation and positional language (e.g. over, next to, behind etc). Have a game of Simon's Says with language e.g. 'Simon Says put your ted behind the cushion'. It is very powerful for children to both listen and respond (the adult gives the instruction) as well have use the language and have a turn at being the game lead.


School adults have been VERY impressed with Reception children showing our value of responsibility when looking after our school playtime equipment - well done Reception we are proud of you!


We have been busy in lots of different areas and highlights include:


  • Showing our value of respect toward the minibeasts around us, the children worked together to create a big bug hotel 
  • Loving a tricky obstacle course
  • Making butterfly kites
  • Using playdough to create butterflies thinking about wing pattern
  • Practising tricky words with chalk on the playground.




Week beginning Monday 9th May 2022


As always it has been a busy week in Shrimp and Octopus classes!


It has been with great excitement that some of the caterpillars have begun to create their cocoons! It is fascinating to see them wiggle inside and we are counting down the days until they emerge - we have fingers crossed that it isn't during half term 🤞









In Maths we have been exploring the composition of numbers 10-20. We have been counting forward and backwards, playing alternate counting games and looking for numerical patterns such as noticing that 14 is one full ten and 4 ones on two ten frames. Please do make use of the White Rose app that Mr Spokes shared details of in an email (January 2022).


In our T4W we have been innovating the story of The Hungry Caterpillar and explored creatures we could replace the caterpillar with. In our shared version we chose a spider!  When we write we encourage letter accuracy, correct formation needs to become a habit so that children no longer have to think about it when writing.  Make use of your home login for 'letter join' (a copy of the letter is in the letters tab on the reception page) but please do supervise as it is easy for children to learn bad habits.  Ask us if you have any questions!


The weather has been extremely changeable this week with hot sun and torrential rain.  We continue to go out in all types of weather so PLEASE send in raincoats every day and consider a sunhat that can remain at school!


We still enjoyed our tennis coaching despite being confined to the hall, we enjoyed playing some team games and showed increasing control of the ball with the racket and had to push the balls round an obstacle path and use it to bounce the ball into a hoop for our partner.  Practise ball skills at home but throwing and catching, if you don't have a ball use a cushion or rolled up pair of socks!


In PSHE we have been thinking about our friendships and how to be a good friend. The children decided to be a good friend you need to share, to listen, to help pick you up if you fall and to laugh and play together. At home ask your child 'Who was a good friend to you today?  What did they do that was extra special?'


In RE we have been continuing our learning about 'what makes every person special and unique' and this week explored how the Bible shows Christians that Jesus believes everyone is important (Mark 10 v.13-16).  As part of this we watched a video clip about a Christening. It would be great to hear if any of our children have been Christened - do you have any photographs you could email us to share with the class? Talk to your child about what happened, why and where etc!


Thank you for your continuing support and please speak to us if you have any questions or concerns etc.

Week beginning Monday 2nd May 2022


We hope you all enjoyed the bank holiday and we have had another great week in Reception!  


We have been retelling our Hungry Caterpillar story a lot and practising our own sentences thinking about what we would eat if we were a hungry caterpillar!  We have been ensuring our sentences are complete and have been trying to make them more interesting e.g. if we said an apple, what kind of apple? Juicy, crunchy, red?  It is important to give your children opportunities to speak in complete sentences and to write them down.  As the term progresses our expectations are that children complete the group task and that letter formation and writing is accurate!  Please see us if you have any questions or would like some advice.  


In maths we have been building teen numbers.  We use ten frames as a visual representation of this and consider how they change and are the same or different.  Have a go at home, pick a number and see who can make it the quickest!  Pasta, lego or stones are all good equipment to use.





Thank you for supporting our PE change and ensuring we are in the correct clothing!  We enjoyed our second tennis coaching session and we are looking forward to more.


In our RE we found out about the Islam festival of Ramadan and Eid al-fitr. Ask us what we know about it.







Excitingly our caterpillars are on the move and J predicts 'they are going up to the lid so that they will make their cocoons to become beautiful butterflies'.  Great sentence J!











We loved our outdoor junk modelling. The children are asked to plan before they begin and to consider when, how and why their plans may have to be adapted as they create!



Week beginning Tuesday 26th April 2022


Welcome back to our sunny (so far) penultimate half term!


We have had such an exciting first week back.  


We loved seeing how the grass has grown in our shared Easter garden - if you are having success, please put a picture on Tapestry!  







We hope you have heard about our caterpillars!  Ask us how we look after them.  The talk for writing text that we are learning is 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle.  Please help your child practise this when it comes home.  Becoming fluent in telling the story means that when your child comes to write it their cognitive load will be less.




Our maths learning has been a consolidation of skills so far including subitising, counting accurately, composition of numbers and ordering.


We loved our first tennis coaching session on Wednesday with Ryan and we are all looking forward to our next four sessions.  We have also enjoyed our hungry caterpillar obstacle course and we had to think about moving like the caterpillar (or butterfly) whilst navigating obstacles between the food.




We have been lucky to have some new equipment to play with at playtimes, each class has a box and we have been so responsible about playing with our items AND returning them to the correct place!  We have had so much fun!


Within our phonics we will be spending time reviewing set one and two graphemes and learning more strategies about how we utilise these in our writing and reading.




Please send a jumper/coat in with your child still - the weather changes so frequently and our school areas are very windy.



Take a moment to check items are named - we cannot reunite a jumper left on the field if it has no name.


Send in a water bottle every day, especially as it gets warmer




Send in/consider a sun hat that can stay on your child's peg.




Any questions just ask us!