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Summer 1 20/04/20

Summer 1: WB 20/04/20


Reading: On Purple Mash, there is a text called ‘The Sleeping Volcano’. This week, we will be setting Chapter 1 as a 2do along with the multiple choice quiz. There are other comprehension activities available linked to that chapter that you can complete this week if you wish. We expect daily reading so this should be completed alongside other texts across the week. This could include books you already have at home, free books online or reading online articles, for example on newsround. 


WB 20/04/20




Mathletics  Year 3-Money. Year 4- Decimals. Scroll down to read the story starter. Can you continue the story and try to include expanded noun phrases and conjunction? Email your story to me as I would love to read it and share on our class page. 



White Rose Home Learning


Research a famous mountain. Make and record notes ready to write up tomorrow. 


White Rose Home Learning  


Complete Mountain Factfile on Purple Mash using your notes about your chosen mountain. 


I have 4 coins in my purse. They are all different.

What is the most amount of money I could have? What is the least?

How many different possibilties can you find?

Can you write these as decimals and as pence? e.g £1.25 or 125p


Make and write a card for Captain Tom Moore 100th birthday. If you would like to post it, the address is: C/O Post Office Limited, 67 Bedford Road, Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire, MK43 0LA


Mathletics/ TTRockstars Look at the mysterious picture of the giant, robot visitor. Scroll down to the sentence challenge. Can you use a variety of prepositions in your sentences?







Our new topic is Mighty Mountains. What do you already know about mountains? Can you show this on a poster?

Our new topic is living things and their habitats.

How many living things can you think of?

Can you sort these living things into groups?

Revise and recap numbers using the following website


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