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Spring Two 2022

Week beginning 4th April 2022


We have had a lovely end to the Spring term this week!


We loved our Easter egg hunt on Wednesday (we also snuck in an extra one on Friday as well) and searched for the eggs with letters on them.


In maths we have been exploring money and looking at coins and their values. In society we are increasingly becoming cashless but if possible try and get a pot of coins that your child can play with exploring the colours, size, shape and printing on them. We linked coins to numicon to represent the value and used these in our till in our roleplay.  If you have time create a 'shop' at home labelling items from 1-10/20p, children love being both customer and shop keeper and it is great to think about totalling two simple amounts.



In English we have focused on the Easter story and retelling it. Our Easter gardens were a success so thank you to those that were able to contribute items toward it. When it comes home please place it on a tray and lightly water it.  We hope the grass should soon start to grow and hope that you will send us /upload photos on Tapestry when they do!



We were all disappointed that our walk to St Andrew's Church for our Easter Service had to be cancelled.  We did have a lovely whole school worship in the hall - a first for reception!  The children sang so beautifully and made us proud. 


These are the songs we sang - play them with your child! We did actions with 'We have a King' - ask your child to teach you)

Remember - we cannot control content on youtube links.

We have a King who rides a donkey

Lord of the Dance (chorus)


We would like to remind our families that school ends at 3pm.  We understand that occasional lateness is unavoidable and if this happens then please contact the office to make us aware.  Staff have meeting commitments straight after school and are frequently unable to supervise  children being collected late.  Our afterschool care club does take reception children so please speak to the office if this could be a solution for you. Thank you for your support with this.



Next term we are excited to be looking at minibeasts wth our key talk for writing text being 'Hungry Caterpillar'. As part of this we hope to have some visitors in so look out for the letter. More information about next half term will be put onto our main reception page before term starts again. 


We wish you a very happy Easter break and look forward to seeing you back again for your child's last term in reception!

Week beginning 28th March 2022


Another busy week in Reception classes!


In English we have innovating our talk for writing text of 'Great Gingerbread Friends'. This means we change elements of it whilst hugging the original.  We changed the ginger bread man to something different - ask us what it was!


In maths our focus has been patterns and building complexity of pattern.  We started with simple ABB patterns moving onto patterns such as AABBB.  We talked about the importance of repeating the pattern 3 times or more and how if we use letters to indicate our pattern then we can create it with anything. e.g. ABB could be made with two types of lego bricks, clothing, natural objects or drawn pictures etc.  We have seen the children create different patterns within many areas of their learning this week and their use of complex patterns has been impressive!


In phonics we have continued to review set one and set two graphemes and word build with these. We continue to revise strand one and two of our red/tricky words.


Strand one words: I, no, the, to, go, into, my, by 


Strand two words: he, we, me, she, be, you, are, her, was, all, they, your, of, said, so, there


Other highlights of the week include:

Loving having lunch time play on our glorious field

Enjoying our writing den outdoors

Creating gingerbread patterns


Next week we hope to make our Easter gardens, thank you to those that have been able to bring items in.  If you have spare it would be helpful!

We need  

-suitable shallow tray/tubs

-yogurt pots


If you have any soil or grass seed you can donate we would appreciate it.




A letter went home on Wednesday about a whole school trip to St Andrew's Church for an Easter service.  Please return the attached slip so your child can attend with us! 


Your child will need a coat on Friday! 










Week beginning Monday 21st March 2022


What a lovely week we have had in school with lovely weather! 


As it gets warmer please remember water bottles, we have cups, but not many.  We are happy to have named sunhats left in school and consider getting an all-day sun lotion ready for when the sun gets hotter.



We have begun to review set 2 graphemes and word and sentence build with these.  Have a go at hold a sentence at home. Think of a simple sentence and practise saying it in different ways.  Then have a go at writing it down remembering capital letter at the start, finger spaces and a full stop at the end.


In maths we have been exploring 2-D and 3-D shape.  We have been reviewing their names, identifying them and then looking at their properties e.g. how many sides or faces they have.  We have been thinking about questions such as 


Can you find them in our classroom spaces?

What 3-D shapes is like a tissue box?

What shape can roll?

What shapes can we stack?



We have also spent time sorting them. We took turns to sort them into two group and had to consider how they had been sorted (e.g. roll and would not roll, curved faces, flat faces). 


In English we have been learning a new, persuasive text of 'Great Gingerbread friends'.  We have enjoyed learning this and thinking about how we can describe the gingerbread friends, who might like them and how we can persuade them to have one!


Other learning highlights (ask your child about them) include:


  • Goldilocks and the three bears PE (moving in different ways to different parts of the story)
  • Sunny 'storm breaks' (a favourite was copy cat)
  • Using the writing den outdoors
  • Tasting hot cross buns (ask us what the shape and cross shows for Christians)


Please check emails for a recent one regarding collecting items for an Easter garden. We hope to make these individually so please bring in a tray/tub, yogurt pot and a pebble (if you have spare we would also appreciate these). If you have spare soil and grass seed we would also appreciate any donations. 


Week beginning Monday 14th March 2022



Another busy week in reception and we have done lots of learning in both lovely sunshine and torrential rain!  We are very proud of the children this week as they have managed lots of 'whoops a daisy moments' such as meeting new adults and changes to how we have worked due to absences - they are all superstars!  


In English we have been 'inventing'. For us in reception we still 'hug' (follow the structure) the gingerbread man story tightly and we have chosen our own new characters and ending place. Within our class version we chose a crocodile, pony and rattlesnake and the ending was placed in a castle! We have then done our own story maps and writing, some children have used our shared ideas and others have invented their own, drawing on their imagination and experience of stories. We have loved retelling our journey stories using different resources such as the farm set, the train set and even using a hoop as a steering wheel!


We have been looking at bonds to 10 in maths and have used lots of practical activities. We've used counters and ten frames, buses with passengers (10), car parks (10 spaces) with cars and our numicon to create ten.  The children continue to wow us with their understanding, so ask them 'do you know any bonds to ten?'  A stem sentence we have used in maths is 'one part is.... the other part is... the whole is ten'.


Phonics - we continue to review set one and two sounds and word build with these.  Encourage your child to write at home, maybe a postcard that can actually be posted to a family member. Real life context for writing helps build enthusiasm!


We enjoyed using our 'knowledge and understanding' and physical skills to mix some new playdough together - this one had ginger included! We've been having fun with it all week.





In RE we are starting our unit of 'why do Christians put a cross in an Easter garden'?  We were very interested in a selection of objects and pictures that were in a discovery bag and we put it together to retell the Easter story.

The week in photographs

Week beginning Monday 7th March 2022


Welcome back to the webpage this week.  We have had a lovely week and been industrious in everything we have done!



In PE the children experimented with different body balances such as straddle, tuck, straight and pike. We challenged ourselves by performing the balances on the gym table.














We loved innovating our Gingerbread Man story, We had to change the characters and some repetitive language. Instead of 'run, run as fast as you can', the gingerbread man had to 'skip, skip as fast as you can...'  Ask us what new characters we introduced!


In maths we have been comparing two quantities by subitising different representations, we enjoyed writing our names and other names we know, subitising how many letters there are and then comparing them. Have a go with your family member names and other words you know.  Who can come up with the word with most or least letters?



We have been fortunate to have some new resources, one of them being some paint dispensers that the children can use independently! R says "I have enjoyed the new paint dispensers, I painted a flower with a person next to it" .






On Friday we had a values day with a focus on kindness.  We had to pick a secret 'act of kindness' card and try and do it during the school day.  Ask us what we had and if we managed it!  All the children took home an 'act of kindness card' to do at home as a surprise.  You may need to remind them! Other kindness activities included making postcards for the 'Packed with hope' appeal and sorting kind and unkind images.




Week beginning 28th February 2022


Welcome back to the second part of Spring term and here we are in March!


We've had a brilliant first week back.  We hope that you heard all about our making of gingerbread men!  We had to look carefully at the recipe, measure ingredients, mix it all, shape it, bake it and of course, taste test them! Baking is a terrific activity to do at home and supports so many learning areas such as reading, maths, science, motor skills, speaking and listening skills to name a few!  If you bake at home we would love to see the activity uploaded to Tapestry.


We have also enjoyed pancakes as part of our learning about Shrove Tuesday.


In phonics we continue to review set 1 and set 2 graphemes and develop our skills at blending and building words/sentences with them. This week has had a focus on: m  a   s   d   t   i   n   p 


It is so important to continue to support your child in reading the graphemes and using the cards to build a word with you.  Please speak to us for further ideas and support.


We of course loved World Book Day and seeing everyone's characters.  We shared LOTS of stories, had a character hunt to find them in different books, listened to Mr Cain and Miss Moreton share a story with us in the teacher swop!  



In our T4W story, the gingerbread man doesn't want to go in the river. We wondered what would happen to the gingerbread man if he did!  As part of our science work we are investigating what happens when a gingerbread is immersed in different things!











It has been very rainy so please check with your child that their wellies still fit as we continue to use them regularly!


We are looking forward to next week when we will spend more time learning, and then innovating, our new T4W story of the Ginger Bread Man.

The week in photographs