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Spring one 2022

Home learning for Friday 18th February 2022 - extreme weather


Please find below some suggestions for home learning.


- Reading Eggs, Num-Bots or White Rose Maths app


- Reading


- Phonics and red word practice


- Thinking about the future, can the children draw and label a picture of what they want to be when they're older


Please upload any evidence to Tapestry.


Stay safe.

Week beginning Monday 7th February


In maths we have spent time learning about length and height.  We have carried out length comparison and found the longest, shortest and ordered them from longest to shortest. We loved making playdough snakes and comparing them!  We looked at items in our class to find what was tallest or shortest.  We had to try and make a cave to fit the troll which was 10 cubes tall! 


In English we have innovated our 'How to trap a troll' story.  In our version the troll likes to eat fruit and vegetable! We've had lots of practise at writing this new story map remembering our innovations!


In PE we loved being woodland animals on the apparatus!  We sat in a tuck position, stood like a star and stretched up tall and straight on tip toes.  Some of challenged ourselves and developed our balance skills by doing these on the bench!


Other activities have seen us design a way to trap a troll, try and throw food to the troll and continue crafting using different tools (shape scissors and decorative hole punches).


grapheme focus


ir (whirl)

ou (shout)

oy (enjoy)


Tricky red word

review of all of strand one (I, no, the, to, go, into, my, by)


Have you got the graphemes or tricky words displayed somewhere a bit different or have a unique way of practising them with your child? 


We would love you to email photographs and your ideas so that we can show and inspire other families! 





Week beginning Monday 31st January 2022


As always it has been another busy week in Reception!


On Monday we received a letter from the animals of Weymouth . This has led us to think about what we know about trolls, we have been drawing them, labelling them and thinking of solutions such as trapping one!  We have started to learn our new Talk for Writing text which is 'How to trap a troll'.  Ask your child to tell it to you at home.








Our maths has focused on pairs and combining two groups.  We had lots of fun when our welly tipped over and we had to pair all the wellies up again!  We have explored combining two groups counting each group and finding the total.  We have found that our subitise skills really help us with this and recognising the total in each separate group before then combining them. 


We played a domino game where we picked a domino, partner one subitised each side i.e. three and four.


Partner two then found the total i.e. seven.




Graphemes this week

ar (car)

or (sort)

air (fair)


tricky red words this week




In phonics we are continually reviewing the graphemes and word/sentence building.  We have to use our phonic knowledge to blend words to read and segment words to write them.  You can practise this at home by breaking down words that you say e.g. please get your c-oa-t.



Week beginning 31st January 2022 in photographs!

Week beginning 24th January 2022


Welcome back this week!  As you look at our weekly entries, please do let us know if there is anything extra you would like to see each week, positive comments are always useful to help us best support you!


We have loved hot seating during our literacy and T4W sessions this week!  This means that one person 'becomes' a character and we have to ask questions to find out more!  Our questions may start with 'who', 'why', 'what', 'how' or 'when'.  We tried this out with Mrs Mitchell being the troll to begin with and then we worked with a partner and took turns to be the troll or 'interviewer'.  Have a try at home with a favourite book character - remember a question needs an answer!


In maths we have been continuing to subitise (instantly recognise a quantity) and represent different quantities.  We loved making Octopus and checking how many tentacles they have! We've also been hunting for minibeast to see how many legs they might have.


In PE we have been developing our hand-ball skills by rolling, throwing and catching.  This is a great thing to practise at home with different sized balls - if you don't have a ball use rolled up socks!  Can you throw and catch it? Can you aim it to a target (e.g. cushion) or to roll and hit a number or grapheme card?


Whilst we don't have a scheduled 'forest school' slot anymore, we do spend LOTS of time learning outdoors, everyday.  This is both as part of our continuous provision and our planned outdoor activities. Please check with your child that their school wellies still fit! 🙂  





Graphemes of the week


ow (blow the snow)


oo (poo at the zoo)


oo (look at a book)


Use the grapheme flashcards to help support your child learning these.  


Tricky words of the week








Grapheme/ reading idea - lay out the grapheme/tricky word cards on the floor, say a phoneme (sound) or word and child throws rolled up socks to the corresponding grapheme or word.  



Please collect and send in clean junk modelling items (no packaging from nuts).  


Don't forget

Use Reading Eggs and Numbots regularly. If you're having trouble getting started please let us know and we can help you. Username and passwords are in your child's reading record.


Hopefully you have seen the recent email from Mr Spokes regarding your child's reading diary.  We change books and look at diaries on Fridays so please support your child by writing their reading in it.


The week in Photographs!

Week beginning Monday 17th January 2022


Welcome back to our webpage this week!

We've loved maths this week and have been measuring including weighing and capacity. We have been weighing and comparing objects and including items in the classroom to mud pies in the mud kitchen!  We have used both our hands to gauge differences between objects, and, balance scales.   We've loved learning about capacity and exploring which containers have the greatest capacity.


Have a go at home!


-Make some balance scales at home using this link for ideas.







-Explore capacity in the bath using different containers. Can you predict which item has the greatest capacity?  How can you test your prediction? 







In our Talk for Writing we have been 'innovating'. Ask your child what we changed the goats to (snorty pigs) in our class version.  All the children have had a go at innovating their own story. Some hugged our class version and chose pigs and others thought of their own characters such as snakes and dogs!  We've spent time making new character puppets and retelling the story using props.



Our focus graphemes this week have been: ay    ee     igh


We are reviewing all the graphemes with a focus on identifying these within words and then blending the words to read.











Our tricky word focus: no     I     go


Please stick these up round the house and ask your child to read them or run to what you say.  They can be written on pebbles, duplo bricks, post-it notes etc.  









During our outdoor learning time in the woods we took part in a sound hunt. We found lots of m - mud and p - puddles!  Have a go when you're out and about.



Don't forget to keep an eye on Tapestry and PLEASE upload what you get up to at home for us to see.

  It all helps create a broader picture of your child smiley

If you need any help - just ask!

Week beginning 17th January 2022 in PHOTOGRAPHS!

Week beginning 10th January 2022


Another lovely week in Reception!


This week we have really begun to learn our new Billy Goats Gruff talk for writing story and a copy was sent home to practise!  Please help your child with this and great familiarity supports greater writing skills and development.


Graphemes, we have finished our 'first look' at Set 2 and will continue to work with these graphemes in different ways.  This week we sent home copies of our graphemes.  Please cut them out and practise EVERY day.  We cannot repeat enough how vital this ongoing home practise is to your child's success as a future reader and writer.










In your child's reading record we have stuck usernames and passwords for two interactive sites that school subscribes to, reading eggs and numbots.  They are terrific and, once your device has remembered usernames and passwords, they are so easy for your child to use independently.


Parent guides are below (and in the 'weblink' section) and please take a moment to read them so you are familiar with what your child is doing.  Links to both are in the 'weblink' section of our main reception page.  


During our time in our wooded area this week we had a very squelchy/muddy time and used different items to build bridges!  See if you can make one together when you next go out.


In maths we have been continuing to 'subitise' (recognise a quantity without counting) and 'compose' numbers (we can arrange quantities in different ways and it is still the same quantity).





Our new school values have been announced and each POD has created artwork for one.  Watch out for their launch later!


Week beginning 10th January 2022 in PHOTOGRAPHS!

Week beginning Wednesday 5th January 2022


Welcome back to school, we hope you had a restful and fun Christmas break even if your holidays wasn't able to be as planned.  It is lovely to see the children returning to school with big smiles, although tired smiles from the earlier starts!


We have really manage to pack a lot into three days!


Our graphemes this week are: or (fork), air (fair), ir (dirt).


Hopefully your children have come home excited about the amazing bridge that appeared in our outdoor space!  This was used to spark imagination ready for our next 'talk for writing' text of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'.  If you have this story at home, read it over the weekend and as you go out and about have a look for bridges you may see, walk or drive over!  Talk about how they are constructed.


We have loved having a go at building bridges with all sorts of different materials.


In maths we have spent time exploring the number 0 and how important this numeral is!  See if you can spot 'zero' in your local environment, does it appear in similar places? e.g. a horizontal number line on a ruler, or a vertical number line on a measuring jug or thermometer.


Please do send your child in with extra layers as the temperature drops, you will see in the email Mr Spokes sent  (05.01.22) that we are continuing to keep the rooms ventilated and it can get extremely cold.  Children can wear their coats but they then need extra layers when they go out to play!


In RE we will be looking at how we can help others, over the half term we will explore stories about people who help others in both the Christian and Sikh faiths.


It is time at school for us to have our values review.  Currently our values are love, trust and perseverance but as times change, we like to ensure these are still relevant to the children and experiences we are in!


This week in worship Mrs Harris introduced the values of:










We have spent time thinking what these mean and there will be a vote in class at the end of this week. You will receive information about this as we gather the thoughts from everyone involved in the school community. Please keep your eyes open for it as opinions are being be gathered within a short time space.

Week beginning 5th January 2022 in photographs!