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RWI for Pre-School

Practicing phonics at home


In the Spring term before children move to Reception class, we work on recognising and naming the set 1 phonics pictures and sounds.  You can help your children to practise these at home too. 


In addition to learning the pictures, it is important for children to understand how the sounds relate to objects or words.  Games such as a sound hunt (e.g. can you find things that start with a “b” sound?) or grouping objects by initial sound are the best way to support this.


To support correct pronunciation of the sounds please watch the video on the RWI website.

You can also hear the pronunciation of the sounds we are learning here:

RWI sounds - m a s.mp3

RWI sounds - d t i.mp3

RWI sounds - n p g.mp3

RWI sounds - o c k.mp3

RWI sounds - u b f.mp3

RWI sounds - e l h.mp3

RWI sounds - r j v.mp3

RWI sounds - y w z.mp3

RWI sounds - x.mp3