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Positivity Page: Information on 'Wellbeing & Good Mental Health'.

Welcome to St. Andrew's CE Primary School's 'Positivity Page' for Parents.


Health & Happiness including Mental Health & Wellbeing are important to us at St. Andrew's  CE Primary School. We wanted to create a page that is useful to parents. We have tried to include a range of information, top tips, help and support,  as well as possible days out/ ideas. We hope that having this list here readily available will be helpful to you.                              


Coronavirus Pandemic. 

One word can change your mindset:

"You're not stuck at home, you're safe at home."

Timber Hawkeye.


In light of the current situation, some extra website links and information have been added to try to offer further support for families during the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

A new page specifically for Covid 19 information has also been set up on this website. 


Please let us know if there is anything else you would like us to add to this page that may help you or other parents within our community.

St. Andrew's CE Primary School's Pastoral Lead: Mrs Amy Belcher.



Food and Essentials.


If you find yourself in desperate need of food or essentials during the Coronavirus Pandemic then help is at hand. 


If anyone needs essential goods or groceries they can visit Littlemoor Community Centre on Canberra Road, between 5-7pm any night of the week. they are open 7 nights a week for pick up and delivery.


If a delivery is needed please ring Cllr. Louie O'Leary on 07809905412 to arrange it.


We are so grateful for the kind and caring volunteers who #makeadifference in our local community.


  • Please always follow the latest Government Guidance.
  • Please always follow social distancing guidance and self-isolation rules at all times to help stop the spread of Coronavirus.

Supporting Children During The Coronavirus Pandemic.

Thank you! Today we took another big box of food donations along to the Weymouth Food Bank. Food donations #makeadifference 11.2.20

Thurs 6th Feb 2020. Today is 'Time to Talk' Day. Note: This information is intended for parents (not children):

#HelloYellow Day - Thursday 10th October 2019.

Information on the following organisations/ places can be found by clicking on the external website links below (as well as much, much more) please scroll down:

Exercise and family fun...
Food Bank...
Citizens Advice...
Dorset For You...
Housing Advice & Homelessness...
Mental Health & Wellbeing websites...
Police & Crime Prevention in the community...
Beach Safety...
Fire Safety..
NHS Services...
Ideas for places to visit...
The Samaritans.

Why reading with your child is so important.

Number of minutes spent reading and vocabulary.
Dr. Seuss.