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Please see this weeks letters, sounds and words below. 

We are reviewing all the sounds in set one, then two, and concentrating on the application of these to word build and blend. 


Red words

The 'red words' are all ‘tricky’ as they cannot be sounded out.  These need to be ‘sight read’. See video with this weeks words on.





It is important to practise handwriting. A little every day will be a great support to your child.  Please see the video that models correct formation.  






Handwriting practise could be using paper and pencil, water painting or writing in a tray of flour.  Some children will need to write in a large style and some children will be able to write using smaller letters.



Hold a sentence, write a sentence

We are using this video to introduce the children to 'hold a sentence, write a sentence'.  It practises the strategies and skills needed to form sentences. 



Some children will be able to complete this fully, some children will require praise for having a go and trying. Please do not worry if your child finds this hard. 




Monday 22nd February 

Training day



Tuesday 23rd February 

Sound ‘air’ i.e. fair 

Word 'there’ i.e. There is a bee. 


Set 2 Speed Sounds Lesson 9- air 





Wednesday 24th February 

Sound ‘ir’ i.e. twir

Word here i.e.  Here is a dog. 


Set 2 speed sounds Lesson 10 - ir 






Thursday 25th February

Sound 'ou’ i.e. shou

Word were i.e.  Were you in the park? 


Set 2 Speed Sound Lesson 11- ou 





Friday 26th February 

Sound 'oy’ i.e. toy 

Word brother i.e.  Is your brother here? 


Set 2 Speed Sounds Lesson 12 - oy 






You can use the flashcards that have been previously been sent home to support phonics learning too.  These can be used as flashcards but also to build simple words. 


During daily reading, you can also reinforce learnt letters/sounds and red words i.e. 'Can you find today's red word on this page?' 


Online games can be found here to reinforce children's phonics: