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Please see this weeks letters, sounds and words below. 

We are reviewing all the sounds in set one and two and concentrating on the application of these to word build and blend (green words). 


The 'red words' are all ‘tricky’ as they cannot be sounded out.  These need to be ‘sight read’, see video below with this weeks words on.


Monday 1st February

Sound ‘ng’ i.e. string 

Word 'small’ i.e. The dog is small


Tuesday 2nd February

Sound 'nk' i.e. sink 

Word 'many’ i.e. There are many dogs. 


Set 1 - lesson 7 ‘ng’, ‘nk’      

In this video set 1 sounds: x, ng, nk are revised.




Wednesday 3rd February

Sound 'ay’ i.e. stay 

Word 'any’ i.e. Are there any dogs? 


Set 2 Speed Sound Lesson 1- ay 

In this video ‘ay’ will be revised. 




Thursday 4th February

Sound 'ee' i.e. fee

Word ‘one’ i.e. There is one dog. 


Set 2 Speed Sound Lesson 2 - ee 

In this video ‘ee’ will be revised




Friday 5th February

Sound ‘igh’ i.e. high 

Word 'anyone’ i.e. Can anyone help me? 


Set 2 Speed Sound Lesson 3 - igh 

In this video 'igh' will be revised






Red Tricky word video small, many, any, one, anyone 








Green words using ng, nk, ay, ee, igh with Mrs Mitchell 








Handwriting video ng, nk, ay, ee, igh







You can use the flashcards that have been previously been sent home to support phonics learning too.  These can be used as flashcards but also to build simple words. 


During daily reading, you can also reinforce learnt letters/sounds and red words i.e. 'Can you find today's red word on this page?' 


Online games can be found here to reinforce children's phonics: