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Week commencing 01/03/2021


Hold a sentence, write a sentence 3











Handwriting ea, oi, a-e, i-e, o-e 











Tricky words: above, mother, love, father, other









Set 3 Lesson 1- ea 






Set 3 Lesson 2- oi 








Set 3 Lesson 3- a-e 









Set 3 Lesson 4- i-e 








Set 3 Lesson 5- o-e 



Week commencing 22/02/2021



Hold a sentence, write a sentence 2








Handwriting air, ir, ou, oy










Red / tricky words

there, here, were, brother


Week commencing 08/02/2021



Hold a sentence, write a sentence







Handwriting ow, oo, ar, or








Tricky words some, come, watch, who, where

Week commencing 18/01/2021




Handwriting r, j, v, w y with Mrs Mitchell







Green words using r, j, v, w, y with Mrs Mitchell









Red/tricky words be, no, so, go, old with Mrs Mitchell










In this video, set 1 sounds: r, j, v, w, & y are revised 








Week commencing 10/01/2021




Tricky words: what, what, her, me, she









This weeks sounds f, e, l, h, sh