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Please see this weeks letters, sounds and words below. 


We are continuing to review all the sounds in set one, then two, and concentrating on the application of these to word build and blend. See 'green word' video below.


The 'words' are all ‘tricky’ as they cannot be sounded out.  These need to be ‘sight read’. See 'red/tricky words' video below.


You will also find a video below modelling how to correctly write each sound. Don't worry if your child finds this tricky continue to praise effort.


Monday 18th January 

Sound 'r' i.e. ran 

Word 'be’ i.e. Can you be loud? 


Tuesday 19th January 

Sound 'j' i.e. jam 

Word 'no’ i.e. The Mum said no to the child. 


Wednesday 20th January 

Sound 'v’  i.e. vet 

Word 'so’ i.e. Eat fruit so you stay healthy. 


Thursday 21st January 

Sound 'y' i.e. yet 

Word go i.e. Go in the mud. 


Friday 22nd January 

Sound ‘w’ i.e. wet 

Word 'old’ i.e. The shed was old and fell down. 


In this video, set 1 sounds: r, j, v, w, & y are revised 





Red/tricky words be, no, so, go, old with Mrs Mitchell






Green words using r, j, v, w, y with Mrs Mitchell







Handwriting r, j, v, w y with Mrs Mitchell





You can use the flashcards that have been previously been sent home to support phonics learning too.  These can be used as flashcards but also to build simple words. 


During daily reading, you can also reinforce learnt letters/sounds and red words i.e. 'Can you find today's red word on this page?' 


Online games can be found here to reinforce children's phonics: