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Please see letters, sounds and words to be learnt this week:


Tuesday 5th:

Sound 'c' i.e. cat

Word 'I' i.e. I went to the shop.


Wednesday 6th:

Sound 'k' i.e. kit

Word 'the' i.e. The cat sat on the mat.


Thursday 7th: 

Sound 'u' i.e. mug

Word 'you' i.e. I went with you.


Friday 8th: 

Sound 'b' i.e. bat

Word 'your' i.e. Get your jumper


Online games can be found here to reinforce children's phonics:


RWI videos are also available online via YouTube. Link can be found on first page.


You can use the flashcards that have been previously been sent home to support phonics learning too.


During daily reading, you can also reinforce learnt letters/sounds and red words i.e. 'Can you find today's red word on this page?'