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Get active for at least half an hour daily. This is vital for tiptop physical AND mental health. Ideally, part of your exercise routine should get you out of breath.


Either join a Joe Wicks session daily, or choose from these suggestions as well:

  • Have a look at he poster below and do some spellings exercise.
  • "Scoutwalk" for around half an hour. Scoutwalk involves running 100 paces, walking 100 paces alternately - an effective speed travelling method used by troops through history before the invention of steam engines.
  • Yoga: We all need to stretch regularly to get our lymph moving and our muscles conditioned. Ask your family to help find a good youtube video, or download an app such as Downdog; set yourself increasingly challenging targets.
  • Work!!!! Ask your family if they have any physical chores you could help with - moving logs etc, gardening, cleaning the car..... these kind of chores are good for wellbeing as your exercise is combined with completing useful tasks.
  • Walk the dog/cat/stick insect if you have one (alright, maybe just the first one).
  • Put on your favourite music and dance to it


Joe Wicks:


Cosmic Yoga: