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Graphemes/phonemes (letters and sounds) taught so far


January 2022

We now continue to revise all set one and set two graphemes.  Please support your child by continuing to use the flash cards to identify and then word building.  Say a word and ask your child to move the cards to make the word.


WB 13.12.21


ar (car), oo (zoo), oo (book) 


oo can be said in different ways. This is known as an alternative pronunciation. If you find it in a word you can try both sounds and see which creates a word.


'red words' 

 what        they      to


WB 06.12.21


Set two

ay, ee,  igh,  ow  (blow the snow) 



'red words' 

 said      was        are    of      want



WB 29.11.21

Completed set one  ng    nk

Reviewing split digraphs sh    ch 


'red words' 

 I      the        you    your.


WB 22.11.21

 z,   ch,   qu,   x


WB 15.11.21

sh,    y,   w,  th

Two letters that make one sound is called a digraph.  We use the term digraph and 'special friends' with the children.


WB 8.11.21

h,    r,   j,   v


WB 1.11.21

b,    f,   e,   l (light)


WB 18.10.21

o,    c,     k,     u


WB 11.10.2021

t,   i,    n,     p


WB 04.10.2021

m,   a,    s,     d