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Our church school status

We asked members of the school community what makes our school distinctive as a church school. Here are some of their thoughts and replies! 
We think the Christian values throughout the school environment have been readily absorbed by our child and celebrated by us as a family. A great impact. Thank you.

Poppy: We learn about Christianity in RE and we pray.

Isla: We have daily worship and worship God through payers. Our school's name also tells us: St Andrew's CE Primary School. 

Freddie: We learn about Jesus and God in our worships.

Finley: We went to church quite a bit before COVID!

Through our values, our worships, our respect for each other and the world and because our RE studies are almost all Christian based.
Strong links to St Andrew's church through visits and clergy visiting us. Daily Worship. Christian values embedded in school vision and lessons
As we have Worship everyday, also have visits when possible to church and the vicar is one of the governors too.
We work closely with the staff at St. Andrews Church, our school flag, values, different signs/posters around school, worship, staff members
The St Andrew’s Way is connected to being a church school because church is linked to being kind and sweet and the St Andrew’s way is about being nice to each other as well – Rebecca
It's name! worship, DSAT links, church links, content of email messages, information on website, policies...

We have worship – Lily

It says so on the school website – Sam

We have been to church quite a few times with school – Rebecca

We are connected to St Andrew’s Church – Rosie

It is in the school name – St Andrew’s Church of England Primary School – Szymon

It is in the name, in our associations with the church, the Academy, the Diocese and the ethos of the school.
Through collective worships, key symbols/objects around the school eg. worship tables, religious artwork in the hall, conversations with the children about our values and vision.
In school children talk about religion and teaches children how to be guided by the Christian ways.
We have a daily act of Worship and a weekly lesson of RE. We have worship councillors and in normal times, regular meetings. We have visible signs of Christianity around the school, classrooms and grounds. We visit local churches and people from the local churches visit us and lead worship. Our christian values of love, trust and perseverance underpin all that we do at school.
I think our school works really hard to ensure that is feels like a church school, from the work on our values and vision, to worships, links to St. Andrew's church, to the communications between staff and the way everyone works together and supports one another. Canon Tim West, worships including Open the Book, school displays, important school calendar events held in church. Even when working from home, the website, emails, bulletins etc. frequently demonstrate that we are a church school and proud of it.
Daily worships and prayers at the beginning of the day, before lunch and at the end of the day. All the religious themed artwork and references to religion throughout the school.
I can see it is a church school in the name of it, in the Christian Values of our school and also in the daily worship we do.
Morning worship, daily prayers, regular visits to the church (pre COVID)
In the name and the worships. In the headings and the DSAT communications and policies.
I feel it is all encompassing throughout the people that make the school (actions choices, values, behaviour), as well as the building (physical representations)..
Daily worship, Values and Vision linking to bible stories, Links to the church, part of DSAT
It’s clear in all aspects of the day, from worships to the adults expectations
The vision is in the heart of everything that people do here at St Andrews. There is a community feel where everyone is working to a greater good of supporting one another and ensuring that we are making a difference to the lives of everyone in our care. The school environment reflect this too.
It is part of the Diocese of Salisbury Academy Trust. The Schools Motto is from the words of John 10:10 this shows the school is a church school
We are an academy in Diocese of Salisbury Academy Trust. Ethos, value and vision of the school