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Other Learning Opportunities

Some Road Safety activities from Dorset Police

Health and Wellbeing Resources from Dorset Council

Wellbeing for children

A resource for children to focus on their wellbeing in this tricky time


Learning activities from the World Wildlife Foundation 

Wellbeing Wednesdays

Wellbeing lessons for primary to secondary aged children every Wednesday

Blue Peter Badges

What better opportunity could your children have to try to earn a Blue Peter badge?! If you're anything like us it'll be a fantastic opportunity to have your children do something that we all wanted to do as a kid! If they earn one we absolutely insist that you not only tell us, but also that they wear it on the first day back at school. 


The news can be scary at the moment, but some kids (like most of us) still like to know what's going on in the world. The Newsround website has news bulletins, and also lots of games, quizzes, message boards etc. to allow your children to engage in an age appropriate way.  

Scouts - The Great Indoors

The Scouts have created a fantastic collection of activities for children (and teens) to try out inside. 

Royal Institution Lectures

The Royal Institution have shared their back catalogue of Christmas Lectures. Don't be put off by the name, if you haven't watched these with your child before please give them a try. They're aimed at kids and are education and fun. Your kids will love them! 


Children in KS2 use Scratch to practice their computer programming skills, and are lots of step by step tutorials. Children like to have an account so that they can save their creations but it isn't necessary to have one. Keep any eye if they play games created by other users as some of these aren't suitable for Primary aged children. 

Virtual School Trips

This site is full of places you and your child can visit without ever leaving your house, as well as some suggested learning activities to go with them.