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Easter holidays - 6th to 17th April


We are taking a break for the Easter holidays and will be back posting ideas and sharing your learning journeys on Monday 20th April.


In the meantime, we hope you have fun playing, reading books together and enjoying quality family time.


Click on the storytime link at the top of the page to see some video reads.  You can also get free audio books online from Amazon Audible or Libraries West (there a few younger children’s books so worth a browse through). 


Please take some time to explore the other tabs at the top of the page too.  We are regularly adding new ideas to the "fun activity" tab.


I will be checking my emails periodically, so should you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch. 


​​​​Mrs Saunders 

A few other ideas to keep you busy:

Picture 1

W/C Monday 30th March

Nursery Rhyme of the week....

Nursery Rhyme of the week.... 1

Humpty Dumpty Activities

  • Act out the Nursery Rhyme, teach the actions to your whole family.
  • Build a wall with blocks/Lego/cardboard boxes – which way was strongest?  How tall/wide can you make it? How many blocks did you use?
  • Position your teddies on/around the wall – introduce prepositions, can you put teddy behind/in front/next to the wall?  Where did you put teddy this time?
  • Put together one of your jigsaws.
  • Cook some eggs – which is your favourite?  Talk about how they change whilst cooking, discuss texture/colour, what do they taste like?
  • Paint some eggs with different patterns for Easter – Use cotton buds to develop fine motor skills.  Talk about the patterns and describe the differences.  Use boiled eggs or print-out some egg templates (see link below).
  • Hide the eggs you made around the house or in the garden and go on an Easter Egg hunt - how many did you find? 
  • Put numbers on egg templates – what number is this?  Can you put them in order?  If you’re still learning to recognise numbers, then try matching two the same – I have an egg with the number 2 can you find one that matches?
  • Do some marching and galloping just like the King’s men and horses.  Can you roll like an egg too?
  • Make a stick puppet Humpty Dumpty scene.
  • Watch the Cbeebies Easter story (link below) – can you make some sand art?  If you don’t have sand you could use flour/cornflour/oats/shaving foam/salt.
  • Make an Easter card to post to a family member/friend/care home.
  • Learn about different types of egg by watching the Come Outside episode below.

Weekly phonics challenge - How many things can you find that start with the following sounds?

r    j    v


We’re not going to let the tiny, little detail of not being in school stop the children from having a showcase!    Have a scroll through the learning journey posts (on the main Early Years page)and share your child’s enjoyment of recalling their fun memories of Pre-School this half-term.

Our favourite story this half-term was “The Little Red Hen”.  I have scanned the book (see below) so you can share it at home too – your child can probably read it to you they know it so well!

We’ve also been singing “Old Macdonald had a Farm” quite a lot – talk about which animals your child likes best and what they learnt about them this half-term, then have a good sing-a-long together.

To end the term with a good laugh watch me get a face full of pie on Friday – provided I’ve received enough photos from you all.  If I get a really good response Mrs Tidy might join in the fun too!

Mrs Saunders' "pie face" challenge

Still image for this video
Thank you for all the amazing pictures below. Here is the video as promised....we hope you enjoy it. Happy Easter everyone!

Thank you for sharing the fantastic activities you've been doing at home this week, here's a few snippets to help inspire others....


"colouring in a full size drawing of herself!"


"Oliver trying an activity we saw some of his friends doing on FB but as you can see Oliver decided to eat the cherrios before succeeding in the challenge!"


"We made a bus indoors and went to the beach, shops and the sealife centre.  Also Daddy built a mud kitchen which is great fun.  I have been practising my sounds playing eye spy and finding things beginning with the sounds.  Here are some of our photos of the mud kitchen and easter bonnet decorating."


"We’ve been trying to work on those motor skills and making the most of the good weather over the weekend - football, chalks (Luke was very proud of his balloon - he also drew a really long line and kept skipping along it, and they both liked hopscotch though we need to work on the hopping on one foot - not just putting one foot in the square lol!), and usual slide, sea saw, tag etc.  Inside we made some basic cakes.  I bought kerplunk and they had a go at pushing the sticks through! They loved it when the marbles fell down.  We had a Peppa pig card game which was versatile - they sorted them into blue and orange piles, then were matching pairs and lining them up. Another time we can turn up (so they can’t see the designs) and play a matching game like that."


 "Wade made cakes & did some painting to make a lobster"


"Albys fun 😊 threading hunny nut loops onto a shoe lace, paint and pasta creation, yoga, painting the fence with water"


"Bodie is excited by the end of term challenge.  He has been learning more red words and has been working hard with his cvc words.  Bodie has been enjoying maths, building planes and kites to play out in the wind.  Bodie has also been busy in the garden helping make new vegetable planters ready to sow our seeds."


"...willow painting her plant pot. We have some sunflower seeds that we are going to plant in a few days and she is going to plant some in there before we put them into a bigger pot in the garden. She is very excited."


"Last week on Finley’s bus he went to school! He was the driver and his teddy’s were the passengers. He took them to school and dropped them off with their teachers, then he told them he’d be back soon, picked them up and took them home to their Mummies. He played this for a very long time!  Finley said the rhyming words in oi dog are “frog and frog”.....he’s getting there with the concept.  This week we’ve been colouring Easter eggs, baking and weighing ingredients, practising recognising his name (which I think he’s cracked now!!) and lots of playing!!"


"Evan went on a phonics hunt this week, he found 'h' for hills, 'p' for puddles and 's' for stones.  Evan has also been watching and enjoying the phonics sessions each morning and has been making lots of marks in his mar making book. This morning he also drew an elephant and had a good go at writing the word too!  There's a picture of Evan's great attempt at the word picture jigsaw which he did with his dad.  Today Evan has started decorating some easter egg shapes with different patterns that we are going to make into some bunting to decorate our house!"


"Evie is doing great very engaging in “school work ...she’s been painting and we have been reading quite a lot I read to her then she tells me the story back"


"really starting to miss people and last night was asking lots of questions about why we can’t go out properly to see them 😔  So I decided to help her make a book about all her favourite people-and describe what she likes about them.  It made her happy drawing all of them and talking about all of them 💕 I hope it helps a little bit."


"We've made good use of the suggestions sheet and had an egg themed day today- Rosa has built a wall for Humpty Dumpty, coloured in eggs, gone for a walk (and insisted on taking Humpty with her!) and had an egg hunt in the garden. She's missing school but has enjoyed seeing photos of her friends."


"Leo has actually been really engaging when we try to include maths or phonics as part of the play. We have been doing indoor and outdoor treasure hunts for items beginning with particular letters. Today we did some maths with teddy bears coming and leaving their picnic!  We've also made Leo's nanny a birthday card.  We have also set up obstacle courses in the back garden which he enjoys and he's been practising a lot on his balance bike.  We have looked at the web-page and find the nursery rhyme themes particularly helpful. I think this is because we are also trying to keep an 8 month old happy and nursery rhymes are something they can both enjoy.  Leo has story time with his grandparents throughout the day too"


"Jasmine is loving the time at home with her siblings. We are trying to do some activities in the morning and a long walk or picnic in the field next to us in the afternoon. We’ve done a few forest walks and you know what a magpie she is- she loved collecting treasures to sketch or just hoard at home!  We have done some phonics work and I have a lot of wipe clean and sticker based handwriting books to practice her letters and sounds. We’ve also enjoyed some crafts and cooking, just simple fun together, and she is very happy. I have been able to access your pages and Jasmine has enjoyed your messages and the pics."


"We have a squirrel, a woodpecker and a pigeon that like to visit.  I have planted some pumpkins, I need to grow some carrots and tomatoes as well.  I have been singing all the fun songs we sing with our friends. Mummy has also showed me the Topic Showcase on the school page with a Squash and a squeeze.  This week I have been working on my counting, building dens, building a zoo, playing football, baking cakes & dressing up as a super hero."


"Beach walk - they gathered stones and said they were making a campfire. I asked who taught them that and they said Mulberry Bush.  Luke made Santa from play doh and was making him walk along.  Luke enjoyed watching a squash and a squeeze song.  They both enjoyed watching your bedtime story.  Easter cake making - Rice Krispie cakes with decorations! (Breaking the choc was tricky but they persisted)."


W/C Monday 23rd March

Nursery Rhyme of the Week....

Nursery Rhyme of the Week.... 1

The Wheels on the Bus Activities

  • Make your own bus using chairs/cushions – use your imagination!
  • Talk about where you could go on the bus – the beach, London, Peppa Pig world.  Pretend you are visiting these places – make a beach using blue/yellow material, pretend to go on fairground rides….Look at pictures and videos online of different places, talk about what you see.
  • Make bus tickets – model writing letters and numbers.  Use real money to buy tickets – counting out correct number of coins, ordering coins by size/colour.
  • Have a look at some bus timetables, what numbers can you see?
  • Set up some bus stops around the house/garden – can you walk/jump/hop/tiptoe/side-step to the next stop?
  • Junk modelling – reuse your recycling to make you own bus/bus stops/other vehicles/attractions such as Big Ben…
  • Make some snacks for the journey – cut up fruit and vegetables, bake some biscuits or cakes, talk about healthy food, measuring ingredients, counting out the correct number of snacks for the passengers.

Weekly phonics challenge - How many things can you find that start with the following sounds?

e    l    h

Thank you for sharing the fantastic activities you've been doing at home this week, here's a few snippets to help inspire others....


"He’s been busy practising his mark making and using pincer grip"


"Being a butterfly 🦋 looking for insects  ðŸ› 🦋 🐝 (we only found a beetle and 5p 🙄)

And a nature picture (but last week we made a family tree out of leaves from the garden) 

This afternoon we are going to make nature biscuits from all the things we saw yesterday 🤪 (apart form the 5p 😂) 

Trying to make the most of the garden in the sunshine ☀️ "


"Bodie has been practising his red words ready for school"


"“Cheerio challenge” which was something I saw on Facebook - it was far too easy for them but when I said put one hand behind your back that made it a little more difficult. Harry especially enjoyed it and wanted to do again.
Playdough (some of the tips off they sheet you provided) - they were making “pancakes” (making them flat), and I said Harry’s looked like a snake (as how he’d put it) and he said it also looked like a caterpillar :)
Puzzle - which I found Luke was quite good at seeing where the pieces went - I could see his mind working problem solving.
Phonics! The read write inc website is great - I’ve ordered the flash cards as well so I can do with them. When I said we were going to watch a phonics lesson they said “it might be a a Apple” and they were telling me about Maisie mountain. Then when it was on she had a few up and they were telling me the sounds."


"We've loved the wheels on the bus so far this week, so thank you for the focus!! 

So far Evan has enjoyed singing the wheels on the bus on his sofa bus.  We travelled to swanage and back with us and his teddies!

He's also enjoyed the number blocks, counting how many it takes to make his name, the square 'planets' and their moons, and how many he can carry in his mobilo truck.

In 'art' Evan has been mixing lots of bright colours and glitter to see what he can create!" 


"She made a dinosaur garden, made a book, did some phonics and painting."


"We’ve been having lots of fun this week!
Here’s just a few pictures of making a bus, which turned into a school bus and Fin was the driver, painting and making a camp outside with all of his important things!"


"painted car out of a cardboard box, done daily yoga with Cosmic Kids, played in the garden lots, built with her Lego and looked at lots of books"


"The boys really enjoyed this - harry had so many passengers I suggested he make some more carriages.  They put fuel in (Luke with a syringe and harry with a volcano). We have tickets to the passengers - luke then collected them up into his sealife pass wallet.  Harry said he could see trees and houses outside the bus.  They both liked singing it"


"We made a bus indoors and went to the beach, shops and the sealife centre. 

Also Daddy built a mud kitchen which is great fun. 

I have been practicing my sounds playing eye spy and finding things beginning with the sounds."

A message for our Mulberry Bush families:


I would like to make you aware of what we are doing at Mulberry Bush to support you and your children whilst schools are closed. I will not be providing specific tasks for the Pre-School children as we would normally work in a free-play environment, developing activities as interests and needs arise. I have already sent home some activity sheets to help inspire you and copies of these are on the website. We have encouraged the children to pick a selection of books from our library. Each week I will post some additional activity suggestions on the website which will link to a specific "Nursery Rhyme of the week". I will also add other suggestions/links as much as possible to help keep you inspired.


One thing I would like to do is maintain our learning journey on the website by adding photos of what the children have been doing each week. I feel this will help the children to still feel part of Mulberry and a little less isolated if they can see what their friends are up to. This will also be a way to support each other by sharing ideas to help keep the children occupied. I need you help to make this work, so please send me your photos and tell me what you have been doing each week.


Please take this opportunity to enjoy some quality time with your children. Just playing and having fun together will be a huge benefit to your children's mental well-being, personal and social development and language enrichment. So enjoy time making cakes, doing the gardening, playing hide and seek, reading books together or watching a movie as a family....the possibilities are endless!


I am available, via e-mail, during school hours and term-time, should you have any questions/concerns or would just like signposting to some activity ideas.


Wishing your family all the best during these uncertain times.


Nicki Saunders

Pre-School Leader